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Another Busy Day -- June is Bustin' Out All Over

The first day of June, 2016. Wow, time flies when you're having fun...

It's currently around 2:30 a.m. and I had a very HARD TIME waking up to take my nighttime medicine and blog tonight. I was nodding off in Marilyn's office today at one point. And it's not like I didn't actually sleep pretty well last night.

I started today with a lovely soak in Marilyn's bathtub in epsom salts. She had taken a bath and saved me her water, to which I added more hot water and more salts. It was lovely, but made me far too warm for preparing for work! I was pouring sweat after. Neither Marilyn nor I like bathing or showering in the morning -- we prefer to do that at night.

Speaking of being too warm, when I got up just now the house was really warm. Too warm. It was hot and muggy all day long (a 'white' day -- very overcast). So I turned on the air to give us a blast of cool air. I just looked outside and it's POURING DOWN RAIN. Nooooooooooo!!! That's such a pain in the ass.

Going back to YESTERDAY, I can't believe I didn't discuss one of the main IT tasks I had to face! (I may need to go back and EDIT that day to add this!)

I get a call from Christine that folders are missing. Then she tells me they aren't really missing -- but they've been moved from one spot to another (actually from one YEAR to another YEAR). I tell her not to touch ANYTHING, but to wait for me to move them back where they belong.

Then I get a call from Calisa about the same thing a few minutes later, and I give her the same message. (I was at home as Marilyn had judging -- waiting for her to finish up and come and get me. She'd planned to stay home for a bit and relax, but had to change her plans so I could get right in there to resolve this issue...)

I'm sure this sounds much EASIER to fix than it is. Just move things back, right? W R O N G. First, the folders never want to move after they've been switched around!

Not everything gets switched. Sometimes only PART of the contents of a folder will get shifted -- and the other portion will still be where it was. So you'll have a folder with a bunch of files in one spot that you need to NOT OVERWRITE with the SAME named folder someplace else with DIFFERENT files. It's a big mess! You don't want to lose anything during moving...

And the folder PERMISSIONS change, too -- and you can't always get them to move. And I want to do some renaming and add the YEAR to the folder name. But that wouldn't work, either. Awful.

I had to go from desk to desk to get people OUT OF THOSE FOLDERS, because as long as they were being 'touched' I couldn't fully access them. That didn't work, so I finally had to get each person to do a restart (reboot) in order to make it 'clean' for me to access what I needed to. Such a big mess.

I finally got everything back where it belonged, with all the contents there (I think!!!). But it took ages to do.

And, no, this is NOT the first time this has happened -- but it hasn't happened in a few years, thankfully. I really hate it when it does.

The main thing: This is about User error, not equipment error, or software (application) error. Somebody clicked and dragged this stuff. That's why we have a NO CLICK AND DRAG policy in our office, by the way (which should be true for ALL offices, in my book). People really should NEVER click and drag. I always say RIGHT-CLICK IS YOUR FRIEND (for all the good it does me).

Do you know how difficult it is to change the way people move things on a computer? Do you know how ridiculously STUBBORN people are about even trying to change? Unfortunately, I do!!!!!!!

And then there are the people who clearly state during training (or other times) that they REFUSE to follow the policies we have in place (such as our no-click-and-drag one -- and others). You can only imagine how I love having someone tell me they just aren't going to do what they've been asked to do. Period. End of story.

In the meantime, there are lots of people who weren't trained by ME and don't even know what the policies ARE. You can't follow rules you don't even know about, after all.

As for today, we went for Starbucks in the morning (my treat), and Marilyn joined us late. This was Emma's trip there (even though it's far from her first day), as today was her official day to be trained (finally). We went directly into her training when we got back. She was only in today for that purpose, then was supposed to have the rest of the day off, as the park was dark today (meaning CityFair was closed today). I told her we'd do a quick (down and dirty) version of training, and re-train after parade day. She probably won't be on her computer all that much, really, until after Grand Floral Parade. She'll mostly be working onsite. And we did get her set up for email on her phone...

Marilyn wasn't feeling well today and realized she had a kidney infection (it's happened before). So she phoned and got a doctor's appointment and managed to drop everything at one point to go in TODAY. She was tested and given medication, so she went to pick that up -- plus Henry's drops -- on her way back to work. She took one pill earlier, but I don't know about her second pill (damn it!!!). It was due at midnight. She's on two pills a day for three days -- and I know they can turn infections around very quickly, thank God! She's suffering (backache and just really under the weather) -- and needs to be better fast.

Eventually Marilyn and I went for lunch to the Turkey Place. I got some of their AMAZING chicken soup for lunch and just loved it! It was very thick. They offered to make it thinner, but I love thick soup, so I was good. We actually ate it there and didn't take it back to work to eat. He's nice to get away and have a calm lunch whenever possible.

I did a bunch of WEBSITE work today. Far more than I normally do after festival has actually started!

And I fixed Tanya's phone for email, too.

Tonight Katie gave me the equestrian entries for GFP so I can work on those tomorrow. I'll be staying HOME and concentrating on the Grand Floral script, in other words.

Marilyn has the final Living History performance (with Adeena and Angel, Mayor Harry and Queen Thelma -- meaning David and Candee). Then they're having some kind of special lunch at Angel's house after that. She also has more judging... I think she's only in the office early in the morning, then out the rest of the day.

The park (CityFair) opens again tomorrow. Rain is a pain.

Rich and I worked today on the Press Release/News Item for this weekend, covering Thursday through Sunday. There's a TON going on! Plus we're expecting HEAT for Saturday that could go up to 100' (no!!!!!), so it's all about heat abatement (how to stay cool at CityFair, how to stay cool for the Starlight Run and the Starlight Parade). Terrible heat hurts us almost as back as rain does -- people just won't come out. (sigh)

We got home around 7:00-ish and got Arby's again on the way home for dinner. (Lovely not to need to cook!) We're both 'in love' with the crispy chicken sandwich right now.

We watched some TV, then it was 'nap' time.

We had been watching the news on KPTV channel 12, because they were supposed to be doing a story with Barry (our longtime radio guy). But it never aired! We don't know why...

There was a lot of texting going on with our niece Candy and nephew Larry about tickets for upcoming concerts. I'll have to make sure they both know exactly what I've got tomorrow, so Candy can come and pick up tickets. (Free tickets are one of our Staff benefits -- either to use ourselves or give away.)

Well, it's now 3:00 a.m., so I'm heading back to bed. Sleep is pretty important right now!

Can't think what I'm forgetting (like yesterday!!!). There's so much packed into every single day right now.

Emma was a delight to train, no surprise. She's such a special girl (our 2014 Queen) and so very smart! Steven is loving working with her! She's just a dear girl. She sits right beside Adeena.

I always enjoy days when Adeena is there! She and I love to chat -- and we went out and had Starbucks (again for me!) in the afternoon. She bought (she's always SO GENEROUS), by the way.

Quitting now! Sleep well, everyone.
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