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Busy Day -- PA Meeting

The last day of May!

Marilyn had judging early this morning (yes, again). So she left me HOME and planned to stop by to get me on her way over to the office.

That gave me time to WASH MY HAIR (which really needed it). And do some work from here at home. I'm so lucky to have my wonderful home office...

Sister Sue and I chatted more than once this morning, which was nice. It must drive her crazy to be shut in all the time. She's a very social person, normally.

Hot weather right now! Rich and I were working on the story for this coming weekend, and we needed to focus on heat abatement as one of our topics. Dry hot weather isn't quite as bad for the festival as pouring rain and cold, but it's not good, believe me. We're looking for a happy medium, really. The forecast is for weather in the 90's on Saturday (Starlight Parade day).

CityFair is READY for the hot weather, let me tell you! We'll have Refill Stations available, where someone can bring their empty bottles to fill with water. (No, we don't allow full bottles in the park for obvious security reasons, but we're going to let people bring in empty containers that they can fill for free.) The park runs along the river, which makes it naturally cooler, plus it's tree-lined, which is very nice! We'll have misters where people can go (I love those when it's hot, myself). And we have a lot of covered seating areas the length of the venue -- again, nice in the heat.

And thankfully the parade is a night event. So it will be warm when people arrive, but cool down as it gets darker and darker...

I was in the office and working on the usual things by mid-day. Then Marilyn and I took a drive at lunch time (very nice) and also picked up some things to eat for lunch.

The PA Meeting was moved from the normal 4:30 to 4:00 p.m. this year. Marissa and Ashley had a bunch of stuff ready to go to which I added my things. And I took along Team Pins to hand out, plus I had mechanical pencils for anybody who didn't bring along a pen or pencil.

Rich and I worked on that News item in the afternoon together. We'll tweak it out in the morning and plan to do a noon-ish release. I love working on those with Rich! It's a real team effort.

Ashley drove the three of us down to the Gas building down in Old Town where our PA Meeting was held. We actually got street parking with no trouble. We had a new cart to haul stuff in that worked very well. (This is one of the buildings where the festival used to be located, by the way, many years ago.)

Gordon runs the meeting for the parts that are not specifically script related -- and Ashley and I do the script part. I start out the meeting and we do our part first, then we three take off and let Gordon run the rest.

I've known many of these people forever, by the way. (I've been with the festival for more than four decades now.) A lot of our announcers have been doing this for ages.

We got back to the office pretty early (five-ish?). I broke down from my computer and packed up and hung around while Marilyn finished up some things. We left just past 6:00 to come home, if you can believe that!

We stopped for Arby's on the way home. Then had naps immediately after dinner. Our goal was to get some sleep in while we still can...

I'm heading directly back to bed after I write this. Well, I need to do some LAUNDRY first. And I think Marilyn needs to wash her hair.

I was making jokes today at work how it's nice if we all take showers now and then. Hahaha. Maybe that's NOT a joke, when you think about it! Christine was talking about her house being a mess, and I can totally relate. We're not that bad this year, actually. But there have been years where we were much worse! It's hard to find either the time or energy to clean, after all...

Well, tomorrow is another busy day, so back to bed I go! Sleep well, friends.
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