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Funerals and Whatnot...

Another funeral tomorrow.

Our friend Bob died March 14 at the age of 85. I just ordered the flowers (I hope we get something pretty for the $50 spent) and talked again to my friend June about the memorial. (It's actually a memorial. No one seems to hold funerals any more. I wonder what the difference is? Is it whether or not the body is actually present? Hm.)

We went to our friend Leslie's memorial for her mother last Wednesday afternoon. (The flowers from the Association did not make it, I'm afraid!) There was a ton of food served afterwards, just like at her dad's memorial in January. Far more than I think you'd see at the average memorial/funeral of a white person. I think that's a cultural thing. One I enjoy, by the way! The members of our family have always enjoyed having black friends and I think this is partly because we're so comfortable with them. So if loads of food is a cultural tendency, it's one I can happily embrace. (smile)

I easily created the 'PRFA Pictionary' cards that Marilyn mistressmarilyn wanted for tomorrow's staff meeting at work. As a morale builder they're skipping the normal meeting and playing Pictionary instead. Clever! All the words/phrases relate to the festival in some way.

I'd originally planned to put them on blank business cards that I had around. (I must have dumped those, I guess, because I couldn't find them.) Anyway, instead I used sheets of blank name badges to make the top design (the association logo plus 'PRFA Pictionary'), and regular address labels to print out the topics. I put them on 3 x 5 (small) white index cards, which worked out well.

We use loads of index cards for various things at work, including short speeches given by people and so on. Usually we're using the larger size though, 4 x 6. We have stacks of various colors around. I had to get the blank white ones here at home. Yes, I'm an office supply junkie and have tons of supplies in my home! (grin)

We went in to the office yesterday and worked for several hours. And after being out on Thursday (Marilyn didn't feel well), we didn't end up taking Friday off. But that was okay. We did leave earlier than usual, at least!

We need to go in every weekend for a few hours. It just makes sense. It's quiet (no phones or meetings) and there's time to do the things that can't be accomplished during normal work hours.

Just before leaving to go out to dinner (and then to the office to work), we discovered a bird had gotten trapped in our family room (downstairs) fireplace. (Yes, we're lucky to have two fireplaces in the house.)

Outside at Last!

Scarlett had been sitting on my lap earlier in the day and we both heard something in there. But we didn't find anything when we looked, so Marilyn and I figured it was a squirrel or something that had crawled back up and out. Not so!

Outside at Last!

Just before we're heading out I see something inside the fireplace! It looks gray-ish to me, so I'm thinking 'rat'!!! (ugh) But when we flash the beam from a flashlight inside we see a bird! The upswing was a merry chase through the downstairs with boxes, trying to catch a bird that's hopping and half-flying around! (grin) Finally we manage to get it up the stairs and out the front door!

Making My Escape!

We bought the Bruce Willis movie "Tears of the Sun" at Wal-Mart on Saturday and watched it that night.

Tears of the Sun

We both adored the film! We watched almost the entire thing again last night! (Have I ever mentioned that I'm a huge Bruce Willis fan? I haven't? Well, I am!)

The movie is about a team of Navy Seals who go in to Africa to remove American personnel during a dangerous coup. Great military interactions team-wise for those who like that sort of thing like we do, plus wonderful music and scenery. Very savage and bloody, too, though. (Doesn't bother us, but thought I'd mention it for those who don't like that sort of thing.) Bruce Willis was great (as always). His slash interest in this movie is Cole Hauser, who plays Red -- and was the 'bad guy' in the movie "Hart's War," which was Bruce Willis with Colin Farrell as a slash interest!

The 'LT' with Red

What else?... Hm...

Yes, Marilyn and I got pedicures last Saturday, over at the shop at Jantzen Beach. They have eight chairs there, believe it or not! (Those things run around $3,000 per chair, so that's not something you see just everywhere.) We walked in and were taken immediately, without an appointment!

Instead of my normal gold (or copper or bronze), I actually got red this time! (With red glitter on top.) Marilyn got what I'd call a jewel color. (Not sure how to describe it. I need a picture of her toes!)


The local weather forecast on Friday was for sunshine and 60 degrees this week, but it's since been changed. But even so, Marilyn and I wanted to be ready to wear open-toed shoes -- just in case! (grin)

Marilyn's boyfriend Tom left a huge box of Frito Lay products on the front porch today!!! (And I do mean huge!)

I opened it and was pleased to find bags of Baked Cheetos (Crunchy) inside! The baked ones aren't that easy to find, either! How sweet of him!

Baked Cheetos!

Marilyn was pleased, as she can now take these to the 'special' staff meeting as a treat!!! (Good going, Tom!)

I need to run wash my hair!

One last note -- I'm working on a tutorial to explain how to do the 'bouncing text' effect, seen here:
Bouncing Text effect

It's not hard, but it takes a lot of steps to do it! (grin) It's a fun thing, though. (And I suspect it's a popular effect...)

That's it for now! (About time I updated, though...)

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