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Point One Run -- Rosie Lunch at Red Robin

This morning was the Point One Run -- which the festival billed as The World’s Shortest Half Marathon!

Adeena, Marilyn and I were all going as Rosie the Riveter, using the outfits we wore last summer when we went to the Rosie Rally in California. (Nancy -- our fourth Rosie -- is in Montana and was unable to join us.)

The Point One Run came from the fact that this year we broke from our previous Half Marathon producers, but still planned to have our annual event (and produce it in-house). The City of Portland wouldn't give us the necessary permits to do this, claiming it was a 'new' event (really???). So we decided to make lemonade from our lemons and create an event that could be held INSIDE CityFair (we already have full access to the park there for the run of the festival).

Most of the Staff signed up to 'run' -- and the public ate it up with a spoon! We actually sold out.

Anyway, it was GREAT FUN! A total 'fun run' event, with mini-medals (really nice ones!), our own tee-shirt and many goodies at the finish line: Chocolate milk, donuts, bottled water and a concert. Plus every participant got free tickets to give to friends for admission to CityFair and there was a beer coupon on our bibs (race numbers), for those old enough to drink.

We were a hit with our Rosie outfits -- I can't even say how many people came up to me and asked to take a photo with me. Hahaha.

After the race was over, Adeena took Marilyn and me to lunch at Red Robin in our Rosie gear. One of the employees was so excited he asked to get his photo taken with us -- then told us how thrilled his wife was to see the photos (and that she wanted to meet us!).

We all love Red Robin so that was a very special treat! I had a bottomless root beer float, and the girls both had alcoholic drinks.

We went back to the office so Marilyn and Adeena could go down to hear Angel and Mayor Harry (David) read at the reading corner in CityFair today. (I was having my same issue from yesterday, so I didn't go along -- good thing!)

Finally Marilyn and I headed for home, making a stop at the grocery store to pick up cat food and a few other items.

We played a little Zuma, then I headed directly to bed. I don't know if Marilyn got ANY sleep, but at least she was lying around resting, watching TV and messing with her iPad.

When I woke up, we watched the 2015 movie "Remember," Starring Christopher Plummer, with Henry Czerny playing his son. I'm surprised that critics didn't care for the end of the film -- I felt it was excellent, personally. I could easily sit through the movie a second time and might even do so (if I have time -- we rented it). As everybody knows, we love Henry Czerny (and have for years and years). So we'll pretty much watch anything he appears in. Christopher Plummer is AMAZING in this role (and we've loved him a long time, too -- since "Sound of Music").

The story opens in a New York nursing home. Elderly Auschwitz concentration camp survivor Max meets dementia patient Zev Guttman (he recognizes him from their days at the camp). After Zev's wife Ruth dies, Max sends Zev on a mission to track down a Nazi. Zev is very forgetful, so he uses a letter from Max to get from place to place, looking for the Nazi who killed their families in the camp.

Marilyn and I highly recommend this movie if you're looking for something interesting to watch. A mystery that smacks of real life.

We had homemade popcorn tonight...

I'm off to bed any minute, but first, a photo share!!!

[click to see the full size versions]

Check my bicep, folks! Hahaha.

Marilyn and I are celebrating with a tiny bottle of champagne!

Marilyn and Adeena are on either side of me -- enjoying the champagne!

Carol took that last photo (Adeena did the other ones). Carol had been eating one of those packages of tiny donuts and set it down to take the picture -- and somebody stole her donuts!!! Seriously? Hahaha.

(Adeena got some wonderful photos of the event. They're HERE.)

Good night friends, and sleep well!
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