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Warning: Too Much Information Entry

Be WARNED: This is a TMI (too much information) entry.
Because of lifelong issues with my bowels, I have frequent constipation. Yes, nobody wants to hear about THAT. Hahaha. I get it. But today was all tied up with what I refer to as a 'pooping day.'

When I haven't pooped in a couple of days, then I'll end up having a day when that's about all I do. And when I happen to be at work, it can be very inconvenient. And that's how it was today, I'm afraid.

But I did go to the office with Marilyn and I did get to hear Frank (our president) reading four books in the Reading Corner down at CityFair! He was WONDERFUL!!! The kids just loved him.

And Marilyn, Christine and I all got corn dogs (pronto pups) for lunch -- our first carnival food of the season. Hahaha.

I got some work done at the office, too.

We started our day going out to CANCEL the Planet Fitness membership, which went fine (as far as we know now, anyway).

Bad News: The low tire light came on while we were doing this. So we found a Les Schwab out there (way across town) and had it checked. We could SEE the nail in the tire! The guy was nice, but told us he couldn't fix it. He said we should go in to the dealership to get a new tire, as they'd be more likely to have the matching tire. Then he filled the tire with air.

So now Marilyn has to get the car in -- and (obviously) we're in the middle of the festival. So that's not at all convenient. (Aside from the cost involved in replacing the tire.)

I guess it's always something. We refuse to let it get us down. But I can't seem to stop worrying about it, though...

We went directly to work after that. And we checked in and got our packets for the Point One Run tomorrow! We're really excited about that.

Marilyn very kindly took me home so I'd be comfortable. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. But I also spent time lying down with my feet up for the swelling.

I did talk to sister Sue at one point. We hadn't spoken recently, so that was nice.

I have some issues to deal with about FTPing. Your IP address can change (unless you pay for it to be static). And apparently that's happened here at home. (sigh) So I'll need to send the new one to Atmosera so they can get me back to being able to FTP to the website from here. Annoying right now, but again, stuff happens...

Marilyn's feet and hands were terribly swollen when she finally got home late tonight (after the Sir Mix concert that I missed). He's a great performer (we had him last year, too). Anyway, Jeff insisted Marilyn and Adeena get their pictures with him. Very cool!

Time to head to bed. Tomorrow is another big day.
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