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Thursday: The Day Before the Start of the Festival -- Script Editing!

I had sworn I'd felt Henry sleeping on top of me, but when I mentioned it to Marilyn first thing this morning, she told me she hadn't noticed. Hahaha. Not so! Later in the day she kept asking me if I'd looked in the Photo Stream on my iPad -- which I'd been way too busy to do. I look and get very excited, as there are tons of photos of baby geese being herded along DIRECTLY OUTSIDE HER WINDOWS at the office! I was jealous, as I love seeing them every year (!!!). But she'd wanted me to see two photos she took of me sleeping with Henry on top of me! Awww!!! Hahaha.

I got up before she took off this morning and started in almost immediately on the work I needed to do. Rather than start on the Starlight Parade script editing, I worked on the eNewsletter for early next week. I had it done before 10:00. But then I was given tweaks (yet again). I can't seem to get it across that I don't want to make changes after the fact! Is it really impossible to give FINAL COPY to me from the beginning? I was really burned, because I had uploaded it to a folder on our new website.

For whatever reason, the new website is very odd to FTP to. So I keep trying, but can't seem to overwrite the file! Even though I've deleted the original, it apparently caches it and WON'T LET GO. So I finally have to RENAME the new version to get it to work. That's a huge pain. And it takes me ages (well over an hour) to even figure that out for sure.

Then after I've done that and sent the new URL, she wants yet more changes!!! You're freaking KIDDING ME, right? I was so pissed off (there's no nice way to put it), that I just threw up my hands and gave up on eNewsletter entirely.

So I started the script editing.

Meanwhile, I never get to work on any project without a ton of interruptions. That's certainly NOT just me, mind you! You should SEE how that goes for Marilyn on any given day of the entire year -- but especially right now! They never, ever leave her alone. I'm telling you, it makes it very hard to get projects done.

Total Aside: I got up to pee several times in the night last night -- which is NORMAL for me!!! And so my feet (especially the left foot) were better when I got up today! (woo hoo)

That would have been a 'good news' thing, except I spent so much time sitting in front of the computer today that right now my feet are again swollen and killing me (so painful). Oh well...

I work away (with interruptions) on the script. And at exactly 1:00 p.m. we have a really, really short power outage (basically just off and on again) -- and it knocks out EVERYTHING in the house! That includes my computer, where I'm working.

Word should have had my Saves of the document -- and also auto saves regularly. But for whatever reason it TRASHED my entire version of the script. I go in to try and use the Recovery copy and it fails. WTF. You're kidding me, right? All that work -- hours of work -- are shot.

This used to happen all the time in the old days. Marilyn and I went back and forth via email about it. We used to lose the script once or twice in the old days as a matter of course. So I start over again, because what else can you do? And the changes are all fresh in my mind, so what the hell.


You can't say 'From ITEM to ITEM to ITEM to ITEM.' Why don't people get that? If you want to say FROM, then it must be between TWO items! 'From DANCING to EATING.' It just can't go on and on.

You can't say 'I rose a lot of money.' Hey, we're all about the roses (grin), but you have to raise money, not rose it.

It's not 'mean focus,' it's 'main focus.'

Those are a few things that made me chuckle as I did my edits. (Of a script that had already been read over by another person before coming to me, mind you. Supposedly, anyway...) Remember, the first writer is allowed a lot of leeway, because you can easily screw up when writing a script. And you're working from the crazy crap given to you in script forms. But the second person should catch most of this stuff, I'd think. I get that I'm here to clean up the writing, but really obvious stuff should have been changed before I see the script...

Also, GOOD JUDGEMENT about what to include and what not to should be clear, too. We wouldn't allow a non-Native American to write in ways that might be negative about Indians, clearly. And we wouldn't allow a non-Person of Color to make references to People of Color in their script (which happened this year). It's just common sense...

I knew I'd have the script done today, and I did -- even with issues.

One of those issues was trying to contact our Alarm company. We originally had Brinks, which was bought out years and years ago by ADT. But all our equipment and documentation is still under Brinks (you don't rip out the system because of the change). And could I recall the name ADT? Oh hell no. So I'm thinking they must have bought the Brinks phone number and forwarded it to them. Well, no, they didn't. You get on an endless call that tries to sell you phone services and on and on -- but you can't tell it's NOT the Alarm company! So after I give up on that (15 minutes later), I call Marilyn and she helps me track down the ADT phone number. Then it's another ten minutes to reach a human. I ask if there isn't a faster way to actually talk to someone, but he basically could have said, "Oh hell no!" Hahaha. He was polite, but I'd been SHOUTING at the phone (again) by the time I reach him.

I just wanted to be SURE we hadn't had a false alarm -- as has happended in the past with power outages. We can end up with the POLICE turning up, and getting fines when that happens.

It's never a good thing to be shouting at the top of your lungs at your phone, by the way. It tends to put you in ill humor.

Cousin Linda called today about wristbands (which she needed today so she could give them to people). I had them here at home, so I had to beg some from poor Marilyn, who then had to put them at the front desk for Linda. She didn't have the full amount Linda wanted, but I was stupid and brought mine all here... (sigh) I still need to give some to Sandy for her son Jessie. Good grief. These are a lot of trouble!!!

I did have eggs (protein) for breakfast. But didn't eat 'lunch' until around 5:00. Don't even ask.

I also cleaned myself up for the arrival of Nicole to get MORE WRISTBANDS for the family (and friends). Sister Sue had told me in the morning she'd be coming after school. I waited and waited for her to come, then finally phoned Sue back. She had gone to her boyfriend's house and fallen asleep. So I wait some more, because Sue says she's now on her way. Sure she is. She did finally show up, in a bad mood because she was tired (gee, tell me about it). I gave her the wristbands, some pins (each worth $10 if you bought them) and a souvenir program (mine) for Sue, and she quickly took off. Okay then.

Later I tried to phone Sue and ask her if she liked the pins and souvenir program, but couldn't reach her. Oh well.

Marilyn was home around 9:00, I guess. (Time flies when you're having fun.) She had a dinner to attend tonight. She's had to wear her dress uniform a ton this week.

Adeena and I talked for AGES before that (around 6:00 to 7:00 -- longer), before I finally had to get back to the script. We'd both had a bad day and we both tend to cheer each other up. (smile) It's a good thing! Later we talked again, too...

I remember I did the garbage and recycling -- except the cat boxes -- at some point during the day (it's garbage night). And when I got up at 2:30 a.m. I finished up and put everything down on the curb.

Then I came here to blog. Gosh, my feet hurt right now.

Well, I'm tired, so I'm heading back to bed. I did get a nap in there after Marilyn got home. She'd had dinner and I wasn't hungry, so...

Henry Update: He didn't seem that good today. He howled and howled and howled at one point. I even gave him pain medication again, because I wasn't sure he wasn't hurting, poor guy. He did a Lassie thing and guided me from the upstairs office down to Marilyn's bed. He go a few steps, then turn to be sure I was following him. It's very cute. It's a long way there. He wanted me to lie down on the bed and let him get on me, which I did for a few minutes. But I needed to get back to the script, so...


He was squinting with that bad eye part of the day. And he's been fighting all medicine for days, so I have to wrap him in a towel to give him his pill and drops.

Well, we have a VERY EARLY MORNING tomorrow, so I need to get back to bed (it's now nearly 3:30 a.m.). I can't be LATE, as Marilyn has Coronation Judging in the morning and has to go by the office first (to take me in). She can't be late!

All this and I didn't even touch on the craziness that was IT (!!!) today, or all the website stuff, either. Today was a rough day, there's no way around it. The total opposite of yesterday!

Tomorrow is a very, very, very intense and LONG day. Early hours until quite late (ending with fireworks and so on, as it's Opening Day of the festival). Don't worry. I'll still blog tomorrow. Hahaha.

I need to TRAIN a new person tomorrow morning. (Never done before on the first day, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.) Marilyn normally doesn't have judging on the first day, either, so keep her in your prayers, please and thanks!

We have FOUR very busy days in front of us (our first weekend goes through Memorial Day). Wish us well, please. And PRAY for good weather (there's a chance of RAIN!!!). Thanks!

Love you guys!
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