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EXTREMELY BUSY Tuesday (Festival Work, Home Office)

You know, I'd swear I started a blog entry early on today (and I use today loosely, as it's early Wednesday morning now, not Tuesday).

Anyway, this will be brief, as it's nearly 4:00 a.m.

I had to get up around 2:30 so I could wash and dry my hair for tomorrow. I really had a time dragging myself up, no doubt about it.

Today (Tuesday!) was a BRUTAL work day. I was busy nearly every second. I'm NOT kidding. Donn was working in the festival office and we chatted several times. We had yet another computer go out on us today! No spares on the shelf (!!!), so he had to take the Graphics computer and put it on the floor for Tashae (no, I don't know how to pronounce it). She'll be sitting between Angel and Adeena -- but will mostly be on site for CityFair, I think... (And she has a SECOND Profile set up on Tanya's computer in the Finance Office. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Tanya and Kathy already share the second finance computer. But sometimes Tashae will need to work in there, too. The rest of the time she'll need her OWN computer to Remote into.)

And I wanted to use the OLD Profile set up for the Staff Accountant position (which is Tanya's current role), as it already has access to the finance drives and so on.

I'm just not going into all this now. Too tired.

I did a ton of both IT-related work and website work today.

But I also forced myself to WALK around the house (I got my 4,000 steps, somehow). I didn't spend nearly enough time lying down with my feet up. That left foot is scary swollen and so is the ankle and leg, for that matter. (Plus it hurts. Just saying.) Oh well! Now I know what poor Marilyn goes through! (And sister Sue and my friend June!!!)

More refried beans with quinoa for dinner, along with green beans. Simple to make and a healthy dinner. My blood sugar this morning was 118 -- much better than it has been lately!!!

Henry seems to be doing well. I can barely get any drops into his eye he struggles so! I'm back to wrapping him in a towel to do it.

Nicole had to come by TWICE for wristbands for the rides Friday night! I only gave her 20 the first time -- and Sue had asked for 30. (No, I have no idea how I got that screwed up...)

Marilyn and I might be going to her graduation. The timing just might work for us (even though it's during the festival).

Talked to sister Sue several times. Wrote emails to Larry (Sue's friend) twice (!!!).

Rob and Jeff might change their dinner plans for Ken's birthday so that we can go along. They had been going to do it Saturday night (after GFP) -- the night of the parade, in other words. But may change that to Sunday, instead. We'll see how it goes.

I could go into GREAT DETAIL about all the work today, but will just skip it until later (or never). I'd love to rant about Rose Cup at some point, anyway. Hahaha.

Time for bed!

Training Tashae tomorrow. Hopefully that Profile is mostly done. Donn will be in again tomorrow, thankfully. I've got loads of work for him...
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