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Tired Today: Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

Gosh, I'm TIRED right now! I can only imagine how tired Marilyn must be!

Before I get off on other things, we're both really enjoying the new car -- and our new phones (especially me!!!). We never take things like this for granted.

Well, I can hear Henry howling downstairs. Maybe he's rope-a-doping right now... I was worried, so I had to GO LOOK. All is well down in the family room. Marilyn is half asleep on the sofa (half-watching TV), Henry has pulled his rope from her bedroom into the hallway, and is now playing with a hair tie (a rope replacement), and Colin is lying on the treadmill (not bothering Henry, as he did a couple of times already today). So I'm back upstairs trying to finish blogging...

I'm half-asleep, trying to blog. After eating dinner, I went to lie down with my Kindle. I finished reading "The Lost Painting>," by Jonathan Harr. Really a fascinating read about a true story. I've also been reading "Fire From Heaven," by Mary Renault (part of the The Novels of Alexander the Great: Fire from Heaven, The Persian Boy, and Funeral Games, Kindle Edition that I recently bought). Mary Renault is a favorite author of mine. To be CLEAR, I've read all three of those books in paperback many, MANY times in my life.

For those who may not know, Alexander the Great was king of the ancient kingdom of Macedon (though often referred to as being a Greek). He was born in Pella in 356 BC and succeeded his father (Philip II) to the throne at the tender age of twenty. Alexander founded some twenty cities that bore his name, most notably Alexandria in Egypt. He became legendary as a classical hero (in the mold of Achilles), and he features prominently in the history and mythic traditions of both Greek and non-Greek cultures. He's often ranked among the most influential people in human history (along with his teacher, Aristotle).

Marilyn and I are both fascinated by Alexander the Great. We were crazy about the 2004 film "Alexander," that featured Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great. Supposedly the movie wasn't based on the Renault novels, but it certainly followed much of what was included in them...

"Fire From Heaven" isn't my favorite of the three books. I LOVE "The Persian Boy," which would be one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE novels. (You can read a good review of the book HERE.)

I'm almost ALWAYS reading at least five or six books at once. I'm also in the middle of a book on Lord Byron (quite a well-researched and written historical novel) and several other books. I do love historical novels, I admit (when they're well done, that is!). And I should go into detail about the Blanche White series by Barbara Neely -- how I wish she'd write another book!!! I was quite sad to finish the last of these novels.

I stayed home from work today and tried to spend as much time as I could either walking around the house (I managed to get my 4,000 steps for a change), OR lying flat on my back with my feet propped up.

I'm dealing with heavily swollen feet and ankles, probably as a result of too much sitting in front of the computer for so many hours a day, every single day last week. (And for the last couple of weeks, really.) It's almost scary how big my left foot is right now.

Marilyn has this problem a lot, too, as she'll either be sitting in meetings or in front of her computer.

It's easy for people to say 'walk more' or 'take breaks during the day' -- when they have no idea what our schedules are like this time of year. (It's like the vet acting like we're CRAZY when we tell him we work seven days a week and a minimum of ten hours a day -- because he can't fathom that we're not exaggerating.)

Anyway, my feet HURT. Marilyn wonders if I've dropped something on the left foot (I'm always doing that -- just like I'm constantly stubbing one or the other big toe all the time). I swear it's as swollen as my right foot was back in 2010 when it was injured in San Antonio (and I had to wear that weird boot around for ages).

Marilyn also wonders if this is tied to my flare-ups of my joints, which could be. I have issues with my ankles, just like I do with my knees, wrists, hips and fingers. I don't get what's going on with the flare-ups this year! I normally am well OVER it by now! But my psoriasis is terrible and my joints on both hands really painful (along with wrists, ankles and hips). I keep scratching that left hand until it bleeds all the damn time. WTF??? Oh well. As Marilyn says, it's always something. Look, I'm doing better than lots of people.

Oh! I did read that diabetic medications can cause swelling of the feet and ankles, so that doesn't help, does it? Hahaha.

I did a lot LESS sitting at my computer today, I can tell you that! No, I'm not going into long detail about all the work I actually did -- imagine that! Hahaha.

Talked more than once with Donn about the new employee. We're giving her TWO Profiles on two different computers. Long story short: She needs one dedicated computer to Remote into. Plus she needs to be able to physically work on the second computer in the finance office. (And, yeah, I know my job, so that's how it's going to be. Just saying.) Donn has to work both tomorrow (Tuesday) and on Wednesday, anyway.

Marilyn came home before 6:30 tonight (!!!), which seems very early to me! I'd been thinking about making a casserole, but hadn't started it -- I didn't think she'd be home so soon! We ended up having refried bean tacos -- and I mixed quinoa into the refried beans. We both love the flavor, plus the way the quinoa thickens the beans. The mixture is so good that after we'd eaten up all the tacos (used all the shells), we ate just the beans in bowls. (smile) We call it 'beanoa.' Hahaha.

I need to chat about the 1968 film "Wild in the Streets" which is currently playing on cable. Do any of you (older) people recall this movie? It made a HUGE impression on Marilyn and me (and several of our close friends) back in the late 60's. I can't believe Christopher Jones has passed away! He was just an icon to us...

Henry's doing well (seems to be, anyway!) -- but is very needy. He follows me around and howls if I don't pay him enough attention. And Colin is almost equally needy because Henry's getting so much attention. Hahaha. I'm trying hard to give them a lot of attention and love, because soon there won't be TIME for that.

Sister Sue and I had a long chat early today (nearly an hour!). That was lovely. I miss my sister so much these days.

I guess I'd better head to bed now! It's really, really late.
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