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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Planet Fitness (How They 'Get' You) | Plus Ant Update 
charlie 2012 beige
Quick bitching entry. Hahaha. Look, I haven't done a real rant lately (have I?). So it's okay. Really. Hahaha.

We want to cancel our membership with Planet Fitness (Marilyn and I). So I phone and ask to speak to someone about membership. The very young girl on the phone says SHE can talk to me about it. I tell her I want to cancel my membership. She says we have to come in to do that.

Are you KIDDING me???

Plus, if we do it before June 10, we won't have to pay our ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE (!!!) for another year. Seriously? Marilyn says we'll find time (!!!) to do this.

I was considering we might join again sometime, but now I just don't know... I really hate the way these fitness places GET you with their rules.

In much better news...

Ant Update: This is really amazing news. I should have tried this years ago. Hahaha. So putting that old sugar out to bait the ants? It worked like a charm! I found maybe 10-12 ants still inside the house -- but there are a ton of them outside around that sugar. I put the sugar in a spot where it won't just wash away. (Out back -- which I did months ago -- is still there. They'll be working on that for ages!) I know it's probably stupid to actually FEED them, but it beats getting them in the house!

My friend Donna (in Spain) said they've got them there -- inside the walls! I know EXACTLY what she means, by the way. Ants are more aggressive than ever before, I swear. And we, too, have them in the walls. They apparently come in on the pipes, too! I'm not sure how, exactly, but I end up with them in both of our bathrooms somehow. (sigh) I had to kill one in my bathroom again this morning. Annoying.

I guess I need to get more poison and go after THEM more aggressively. I'm not sure why I like the idea of not needing to kill them. Hey, if they'll stay OUT OF MY HOUSE, I really don't care what they're doing. (And by out of my house, I mean the entire structure -- I don't want them messing inside the walls, with the foundation, in my garage or whatever.) I know they live under the concrete just EVERYWHERE. I'm sure it would be horrible to lift our driveway and see what's under it, for example. I'm sure they're under all the sidewalks, too. Maybe even the streets!

Want to talk about a horror movie!!! Maybe that would be too frightening, as it hits damn close to home for many of us! Hahaha.

On that note, I'm going to have a cup of tea!
May 23, 2016 (Monday) 05:10 pm (UTC)
Get the cancellation in writing for when they keep charging you!
May 23, 2016 (Monday) 08:21 pm (UTC)
The ants even eat through cement!They are that aggressive. We have to take off an electric plate and pour poison inside the walls but we didn't do it this year and ugh....there are more than ever.
May 23, 2016 (Monday) 10:03 pm (UTC)
Glad you've found a way to pay the ants to stay out!
May 24, 2016 (Tuesday) 02:29 pm (UTC)
Sounds to me like THEM! (1954). ;)