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Henry's Vet Appointment -- Trip to Costco

Marilyn had her hair appointment this morning with Summer (her hair dresser). She had been saying she was going to get PINK hair, but I guess I didn't really believe her! But she DID IT. She got pink streaks in her hair! And it looks really, really cool. (I'm really envious. I've been wanting pink hair for years now...)

This is her PINK year. She has her amazing neon pink nails and now pink hair. And she had them do the Grand Floral Parade script cover in pink. I have a great photo of her on a pink throne from when she visited the float warehouse (the throne will be on one of the floats this year).

I had to sit right down to my COMPUTER (for a change, huh?) and make another correction to the damn Coronation page. Rich had been in touch with the woman who already contacted him saying there was no ticket in formation on that page -- which there wasn't. It's complicated. The Coronation of the Queen is held DIRECTLY PRIOR TO the Grand Floral Parade, for those viewing inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

To better explain, we've got the only parade in the world that first goes through a major venue (the Coliseum), then past LIVE television and finally on to a 4.2 mile parade route. It's almost like THREE EVENTS in one! For the paying crowd in the Coliseum, they get the added benefit of seeing the Queen crowned, right before the parade takes place. Then the Grand Floral Walk leads off the parade, and the Court and new Queen appear in the parade. Got all that? Hahaha. It's a pretty COOL day, I have to tell you.

So the TICKETS the woman was referring to are actually for GFP (what we call the Grand Floral Parade). There are both PAID indoor AND outdoor tickets -- inside the Coliseum, then directly outside near the television area (right after the parade passes through the Coliseum). Anyway, those tickets get put on the GFP page at the website. So they CAN'T actually go into the real ticket area on another page. So I had to come up with a work-around (what's new) -- which I did. I had both Carol and Rich check that page, by the way...

So Rich contacts the woman (media) who had initially pointed out the error. And now she's asking why we don't list BOTH the $15 and $30 prices on the Coronation page. Good damn question! I should have heard that correction from Carol or Rich, NOT somebody from the media! Anyway, it's fixed now...

Henry Update: Well, another $80 later. (These weekly check-ups are murder on the pocketbook.) Henry was NOT anxious to get into his box to go to the vet. And it was POURING DOWN RAIN when we got there, so I was dashing to the door. Today we saw Dr. David Mallov, who we both liked very much. And he brought Dr. Jennifer Long (from last Saturday) in for a consultation! Henry's weight was back up (he'd lost some weight the previous week from not feeling well), so that was good news. They seem to think the eye is 'regenerating' (that's what Dr. Long said). So I'd take that to mean it's healing.

They weren't unhappy about us not using the cone, thankfully. And we're down to his usual daily pills (forever, basically -- no surprise), plus the Ofloxacin drops that he did this past week. Dr. Mallov wants him to have FOUR drops a day -- which is more than he had this whole past week! As Marilyn says, they all seem to want to treat him just a little bit differently.

Then they want to see him NEXT SATURDAY. Um, WTF????????????

We explained that the festival STARTS on next Friday. Marilyn made a point of saying that we'll be working a minimum of 70 hours a week at that point (hell, she's been doing that for ages, frankly). It's pretty hard for others to get it. I've had people in the past act like I was lying or exaggerating when I told them our hours. Hahaha. Right. Well, that's how it goes...

Marilyn set up an appointment, but we plan to cancel it. Saturday is an event day! There's really no time to deal with taking him in. Dr. Mallov suggested early Saturday morning, but we plan to sleep as late as we can that day! We have a CONCERT event Saturday night -- and we'll have had a very long, long day (and late night) on Friday. So...

We know what will be said in advance: Keep giving him drops every day while he heals. That's pretty much a given. It's clear the drops are good for him. In fact, his other condition seems much, much better right now, so maybe there's some added benefit from the drops! It certainly seems that way, anyway. We'll save the $80 to put toward the NEW prescription of those drops (which it won't quite cover) -- that was called in today...

We're going to do the best we can with giving Henry drops when we have the time. But we've also got to do the best we can just to get by during the next several weeks! We've got three very busy weeks facing us. But we'll be fine (we always are).

After we brought Henry back home, we decided to go to Costco. We've needed new PHONES in the house for a couple of years, actually. Our last set of Panasonic phones did a good job for us when you consider how long we've had them! Hahaha. Those batteries don't last forever. And my poor watch (also old) needs replacing (Casio). So Costco seemed like the place to go.

The only Casio watch they had was HUGE. So we didn't get that. But we did find a phone set -- another Panasonic (love that brand). It has FIVE (not kidding!) phones! So we put the main one back in the living room (I still have done the recording for the answering machine). And we've got one in the family room, one in Marilyn's bedroom, one in the office and one in my bedroom. (The only rooms that DON'T have them are the two bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry room... Hahaha.) We're used to having only two phones that we have to move around the house wherever we happen to be, so this will really spoil us!!!

We also got a couple of new throw blankets for the living room. (We love the ones we got for the family room right before Christmas.) And some Chinet paper plates (we like the Lunch size -- but I screwed up on the dinner plates and got the one with dividers, yikes), which we use a lot. Plus garbage bags (great price), Ziplock storage bags and several other minor items. Then it POURED DOWN RAIN again when we were headed to the car, and we got drenched! The blankets were so wet I had to put them each in the dryer when we got home!

We got sundaes and pizza at Costco to eat at home. And we watched some TV and then crashed for long naps.

I did have a nice chat with both sister Sue and June today ON THE NEW PHONES!

I also Remoted in and set up our PHONES for next weekend. (woo hoo)

We got a bottle of Sangria (which we've been going to make forever now) to have tonight. So we're probably going to have popcorn and Sangria before heading to bed.

TOMORROW IS A WORK DAY. There's a lot to do!

Bad News: I've got ANTS to deal with again. (sigh) I had a bunch in the spot in the living room where we feed the cats. So I moved their dishes. NOW I have a lot more in the new spot! Damn ants. It's not like I have a lot of free time to be fighting them right now.

Did I say it's really LATE right now? No. Well it is. Oh well! Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, friends!
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