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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
A Really, Really BUSY Friday Doing Festival Work 
This was a CRAZY busy day.

Marilyn had set herself an alarm for 7:30 (it was supposed to be 6:30) -- and it woke me up (she was already long gone to work by then -- without the alarm).

Anyway, I was working shortly after that, pretty amazing considering we were awake until around 4:00 a.m. Hahaha.

And I worked through until around 3:00 p.m. when I stopped to fix and eat some lunch. I did stop (briefly) to get myself tea and pop -- AND to take care of Henry and give some attention to Colin. I also ate my leftover sandwich from last night for a late breakfast (around 11:00) at my computer. Anyway, I took half an hour for a lunch break, which was LOVELY.

And I did talk to both sister Sue and Adeena during the day. Marilyn was so busy we didn't speak until afternoon!

Of course, I was on the phone about work several times. But that was work-related (obviously).

I got an enormous quantity of work done, which was cool! Some of it was complicated, mainly because we had to reason out exactly HOW we wanted to do it. But I created a total of five brand new pages, aside from all the other page changes I did. I feel very accomplished, to tell you the truth.

I also talked to Donn about IT (he did the setup at CityFair today -- which was appparently a big mess).

Marilyn got home around 7:30-ish tonight -- which seems EARLY compared to her late nights recently. We ate POPCORN for dinner (!!!) and had chocolate cake with milk on it afterwards. (It made me think of Dad, who always loved eating chocolate cake with milk... smile...)

We watched "The Middle," then Marilyn went downstairs to have a nap. I'm headed there any second!

I'm reading "A STRANGE BEGINNING: A Novel (The BYRON Series Book 1): (The Byron Series: Book 1)," by Gretta Curran Browne. I'm really enjoying it, so far, and can't wait to read more.

I'm excited that we just bought "The Novels of Alexander the Great: Fire from Heaven, The Persian Boy, and Funeral Games" (for Kindle) -- the wonderful series by Mary Renault. I LOVE these books, so it's wonderful to have them on my Kindle!!! We got this series for an amazing price ($3.99!!!). It's normally $29.99 and has gone to the sale price of $16.19 now -- so you can see why I snapped it up at that price! These books are 'comfort' reading to me, like my Merlin series that I read over and over again. I don't know how many times I've read these three Alexander the Great books (in paperback).

Well, off to nap and read!!! Can't wait!

Pleasant dreams!
May 21, 2016 (Saturday) 12:47 pm (UTC)
The Alexander book sounds interesting. Hopefully it will be!

Hope you got some rest!