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We Get Our New Car!!!

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, Marilyn and I got our new car today. I love this color we now have -- KHAKI (which is apparently 'award-winning.' The image I've linked doesn't do it justice. Seriously, this is one awesome car. Aside from the new color, this car has a lot of perks: Power moonroof, navigation system, keyless access (push-button start), eyesight system, steering responsive fog lights, charge-coupled device cameras, lane departure warning, pre-collision braking system, heated leather seats, alloy wheels, all wheel drive and back-up camera. The interior is black leather with orange stitching. It's beautiful and amazingly functional.

Marilyn had (as I also mentioned yesterday) one of her busiest days of the year, including meeting with the Coronation judges, plus her full-committee meeting for Grand Floral Parade. She was literally in meetings almost all day long, and went to get the car (with Adeena) after her work day was done. I didn't go along to get it, but after she dropped Adeena off, Marilyn came straight home and took me for a ride. It's really a wonderful new car!

I'm not going to go into to much detail about my own day. It was yet another busy day (all our days are very busy now), mostly focused on the festival website -- but including work on the eNewsletter (which was sent today), and some IT work, as well...

I kept a close eye on Henry today (and spent a lot of time with both him and Colin). I'm optimistic about Henry's eye -- but don't want to assume anything. We'll find out soon enough how he's doing (our next appointment is Saturday at 3:20 p.m.).

We decided to have McDonald's for dinner while watching "The Middle" and then "Leave it to Beaver" on TV as we ate.

After that we had 'naps' -- I just woke up around 1:00 a.m. and needed to blog. I also need to take the recycling down to the curb. (At least I got the garbage taken out and the recycling done earlier today. It's not 'real' garbage week, so only the recycling and composting needs to go out...)

The weather was NASTY today. But early on I went outside to chat with Hector and his son Jessie when they were here to do the lawn. Hector is MUCH IMPROVED after his severe stroke (back in February/March) and looking very good (as well as talking GREAT). It was barely raining while they were here, so we chatted quite a bit (under the trees).

Later in the day it POURED down rain! I can't tell you how it sounded while I was in our home office working. There were two major downpours, aside from other rain.

June and Jim will be driving the Toyota RAV4 (wrapped) with the Green Stooges (who will walk by it). The truck is the branding. (Jim will probably drive and June will be his navigator -- which is common for many of the drivers in our parades.) Exciting and fun!!! The Green Stooges are an awesome new addition this year.

Marilyn brought home WRISTBANDS for Opening Night that Steven gave her to give to me! Isn't that WONDERFUL??? I was going to phone him about them, then forgot. But he did it on his own, to be sure I had them... (Now I need to reason out how to get them to sister Sue, who wants a bunch.)

Well, that's it for today. I need to dash!

Good night and sleep tight!
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