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Another Very Long (Wednesday) Day...

Marilyn didn't get home until past 9:00 p.m. tonight. I stopped work around 8:30 so I could go shower and wash my hair (I was such a sweat ball -- it seemed really muggy to me today).

Marilyn had an incredibly busy day today! Tons of meetings and other work. And she had to drive out for one meeting and almost ran out of gas! I was on the phone with her as she drove in terrible traffic, trying to find a gas station... (Very tense.)

My day was full of work-related phone calls, work on the website and organizing my email accounts. I'm under 100 emails in my Outlook email at the office (!!!), which is really pleasing. (Marilyn and I both look at our Inboxes as 'To Do' lists in a way. If an item is still there, we need to work on it. Otherwise we file it away.)

Honestly, I had TOO MANY phone calls today! I was frequently interrupted when I was in the middle of something complicated I was working on. (sigh) But what can you do? I can see on Caller ID when the call comes from the festival office, so I always need to pick those calls up (no matter what). Of course, I always look forward to Marilyn's calls (which aren't that frequent, really -- she's too busy to call much). It was just one of those days, phone-call-wise. (sigh)

Donn got down to CityFair today only to find out they were NOT doing the install today. I told him to charge for his minimum two hours (plus travel time), even so. (It wasn't his fault the work didn't happen, after all.)

I'm logged in to my computer at work (Remotely) -- and something weird just happen with the Exchange (which controls our email). Good grief! I hope I don't have to restart the Exchange again... (sigh)

Marilyn and I went SHOPPING (!!!) the second she got home -- she didn't even come in the house! We went to Freddies and got cat food and a case of bottled water and sundry other items we needed. We were supposed to stay under $100, but went over a tiny bit. (We needed a lot of items, really!)

We picked up some deli food to heat and eat, and I made green beans to go with. It was a yummy dinner! We watched back tonight's episode of "The Middle" (the season finale) while we ate around 10:00-ish. And we each had a brownie (from those I baked last night) after dinner.

Now I'm blogging and Marilyn is downstairs. Hopefully we'll head to bed soon.

Exciting News: We're getting our NEW CAR (!!!) tomorrow! Our lease is up soon, so Marilyn arranged to get another lease and the car will be ready tomorrow. I'll stay home in the morning, but Adeena will pick me up and take me to the office in the middle of the day. I'll be able to attend the full Committee meeting for Grand Floral Parade (which I never normally do). Then after work we'll head out to get the car.

It used to be that sister Sue always drove Marilyn to things like this. But this time we're dropping off the old car and getting a new one right away, so we don't need a ride this time around. (In the old days we used to get a car during festival season, and both Mom and Sue drove us to get those...)

Steven sent home some bottles of Pepsi for ME (!!!) today. I figured it was for Marilyn, as getting Pepsi is part of her contract. But Steven brought it to Marilyn and when she asked why, he said it was for Charlie, who hadn't been around much lately. How sweet!

Steven actually arranged for us to have pop in the office this year. There's a cooler (just like you see in the stores) outside Jeff's office! It's great to have a fix there when you really need one!

Henry Update: Both cats (Henry AND Colin) are very, very needy these days. Henry was following me around all day long -- and rarely more than a few feet away from me. Fortunately he has his own chair in our home office, so he sits behind me in that chair. He was howling a few times, too, when I was on the phone with work! He really wanted my full attention. Hahaha. I think his eye seems much better. But I don't want to get my hopes up, just in case. We'll know more on Saturday. But he had the eye open several times today. He was very sleepy and slept a ton today...

I try to focus on Colin part of the day, so he won't feel left out. He's such a good boy! Frankly, they're both really good boys.

My legs, ankles and feet are very swollen today! I wonder what the heck that's about? I don't normally have an issue with that.

Marilyn has one of her BIGGEST DAYS OF THE YEAR (very, very busy) tomorrow. I hope everything goes well!!!

Can't think what I'm forgetting. Time for bed soon! Sleep well, friends!
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