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Henry's Vet Appointment

Don't you love this icon of Henry as a kitten? What a sweet boy! He was then and he STILL is today! Marilyn and I love this cat!

We BOTH slept in today. There was no going to the St. Johns Parade, as we had too much to get done this weekend.

The day was overcast and gray -- and there was drizzle for the parade and rain on and off all day.

We went over to Hayden Island to get our pedicures and manicures, but they were full and needed us to wait. We went and got Starbucks for sister Sue and dropped it by the house.

Then we decided to get our pedicures before heading to the vet appointment. (There wasn't time for both.)

They're using some NEW cream on your legs -- and it smells strongly of ROSES. Yuck. I tried to make it clear I was allergic, but they just don't understand English well enough to get it. (Or just don't care.) In the future I'll ask them to LEAVE MY LEGS ALONE -- just like I won't let them do anything to my arms (they often use a cream that smells of roses for that, too). WHY wouldn't a place like that get it that many people are allergic to various smells???

We got back home and packed Henry up, then took him (and all his meds) to the vet.

Marilyn had figured it would take an hour, but I thought that was crazy. Of course she was right! It's very hard to understand what the hell was taking all that time.

We saw Dr. Long (another female vet). She gave us good news. Part of Henry's cornea is dead and turned into something like a 'scab,' which should eventually fall off (if all goes well). This is a sign of HEALING -- which means things went well this past week (we think). I'd like to sound more certain of things, but like last week, the vet isn't all that sure.

She sent us home with an Elizabethan collar for Henry, to keep him from scratching his eye. I get why, but it's a big pain in the ass. I just discovered that he can't use the cat door to get back to the laundry room where his potty boxes are located, because the collar won't fit! We were told he could eat with it on, but he can't. (I'm assuming he can't drink with it on, either.) He just seems MISERABLE with it, period. Much more unhappy than he was last week!

He's down to only two medications now -- his liquid pain medication and his antibiotic drops (one version). He doesn't need the second version, nor the dilating drops. (And of course his usual daily pill, too, which makes three.) He only needs this stuff twice a day -- so we're doing it at 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight. (Works great by me!) He just had his midnight dose.

Both cats are currently in the office with me as I type this on my desktop computer. There was just a moment of drama! Some crazy big flying bug (like a giant mosquito) was in here. And Henry went for it, while Colin was apparently afraid of it (really???). Anyway, I killed it, so all is quiet again. Henry is lying calmly in his chair, and Colin is doing the chicken-sit on his stool.

I had to take the collar off to do meds. Then I put it back on again and left him up on Marilyn's bed downstairs. But he got down and tried to go back to potty -- but couldn't make it back there! Then he went over again to try and eat. He just sits unhappily by the dish looking at the food! So I took the damn collar off. And he ate and ate. Then used the potty. Then followed me upstairs.

I know we don't want him to scratch that eye -- but he wasn't scratching it at all last week. He was barely even scratching, that I saw. Still, he's going to be itchy while he's healing! And I'm scratching myself all the time (until I BLEED). So I know how that can go! We want to save the eye so bad. But I figure as long as I can watch him, I'll keep the collar off... (for now).

After the vet we did leave Henry home in his collar. (I never thought about him not being able to get through the cat door! I only thought about him getting into the potty box (which has a cover). It was a big door, so no worries. But I'm not sure what we do about the door. Prop it open?

I know we used Eliabethan collars in the past for cats. They used to be bigger and heavier. But I don't recall ever having an issue with a cat not being able to eat or drink!!!

And if it was about the cover on the potty box, I'd just take those off for now. But the door is another issue entirely...

Henry eats ALL THE TIME. I don't even know how many times he gets up during the night alone to snack. But it's frequently. This probably sounds crazy to the average cat owner. But he's not an average cat because of his health condition. We worked VERY HARD to get this weight on him (and keep it). One of the reasons his eyes are so deep in his head has to do with him losing so much weight in the past! So keeping him eating is very important.

But it's ONLY A WEEK with the collar! And we really want to save that eye!!!

It's going to be another tough week, that's for sure. I think I'll have to watch him even more carefully than last week, to tell you the truth. Because last week when I'd done the medicine (which only took minutes), I had long breaks where he could just do his own thing (whatever that was).

Anyway, right now he's sleeping beside me in his chair. And Colin is lying sort of dozing (not really asleep) on his stool. There is no scratching going on.

But the infected scratch on my own stomach tells us that Henry will scratch sometimes! When I head to bed, that collar will need to go back on, I think... (sigh)

We went back to get our manicures after his appointment -- even though we were BOTH REALLY TIRED. We were tempted to put it off until tomorrow, but couldn't face doing that. We have plans for tomorrow and they didn't include time for our manicures. But we needed to get them done! So...

We called and knew they'd be open until 8:00. We got there and they were PACKED with people. They wanted us to wait around 40 minutes. So we ended up at McDonald's to pass the time.

We got back and finally got our manicures done. Marilyn got a very bright, hot pink color. Mine is copper -- very cool! I've never done copper before. (I was pretty sick of red.)

We ate some things when we got home, then I made popcorn and we watched some TV. Now Marilyn's napping on the sofa while I blog with my cats. (smile)

Both sister Sue and friend June checked in about Henry. And so did Jeff! It's nice how concerned they've been (they all ask frequently).

Colin just ran off somewhere. But Henry is fast asleep.

We feel BLESSED that Henry is doing so well (so far). We're not taking it for granted that the eye will actually heal, as that seems to still be up in the air. But the news today was good.

As for tomorrow, we plan to get up and go to work in the morning. (I need to get to bed soon!) Then we want to drive down to the beach house in Seaside -- and take Adeena along! Marilyn left her coat down there, and she really needs it. And we'd love the drive. Marilyn said maybe we'd go to dinner while we're there...

It's past 1:00 a.m. now, so I'm off to bed.

To collar, or not to collar? That is the question.

I wonder what Henry's thinking about all of this? It must seem like we're really torturing him, I guess. But even in the collar, he was lying by me on the bed purring. Sweet boy!!!

I certainly don't want to take any chances. And the vet really wanted him in that collar! (sigh)

Good night, friends.
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