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Adeena Turns 21 -- Henry Isn't Doing Well...

It was a CRAZY BUSY day again today! At 11:00, I finally broke away from my computer (in my home office) to doctor Henry's eye -- and to do my blood sugar and eat some yogurt. Yeah, I was that busy doing festival work.

I still haven't reasoned out the Grand Floral Walk eNewsletter issue!!! (sigh) It's just so complicated. I even tried buying a software that was supposed to help. But I couldn't get the damn thing to download!!! What was that about? So when I got to the office I spoke to Sheila about challenging the VISA payment (I'd used Marilyn's festival VISA to buy it). The software had recommendations (I never buy unless they do). Maybe they'll end up helping me figure it out, who knows? I'm anxious to hear back from them... (I did try to contact them first before stopping the payment.)

I got a bunch of calls and had piles of work to do, anyway.

Adeena came by to pick me up at 1:30 to head to the office. Then I had people constantly coming to see me about one thing or another. There's so much work...

MARILYN had her oral surgery today, poor thing. She was pretty miserable at one point. I brought her ice packs from home and she used them for ages as she continued to work! You know, most people would have gone home after oral surgery. She's such a trooper!!!

Adeena and I walked up to get McDonald's, then got Starbucks. Gosh it was a HOT walk. Really uncomfortable! I didn't hear, but it was supposed to be in the high 80's today.

Marilyn did a great job decorating Adeena's desk! And we'd gotten a bunch of fun cards and a cute plant and balloons and magnets. Very fun! Everybody kept wishing her happy birthday.

At around 4:00 we headed over for her birthday drink (her first legal drink). Most of the staff showed up (including Jeff), Carla and Gary and Roger and Candee and David (Candee and David do Living History with Adeena and Marilyn). Angel was there, of course (he's staff). And our friend Mark came -- it was HIS birthday, too (he turned 51 today).

Such fun drinking punch bowl drinks and having snacks and food and everybody laughing and chatting. Marilyn had made a reservation, and they'd had a couple of tables -- and had to keep adding to that. We were a pretty big group!!! And we sang to her more than once. Really a great party!

(I don't know if Marilyn gave her our presents, which I hadn't managed to WRAP... sigh... But there was an Oregonian Sunstone crystal necklace, some small bottles of booze and other cute stuff. A rose shaped leather purse Marilyn bought somewhere. Damn! I think I forgot a couple of items. Well, we can give those late. They're just small things... And maybe Marilyn waited to give those, anyway. I never heard.)

Mark brought her some gifts, too. He's such a sweet guy. And he thinks the world of Adeena. I guess it's obvious that we ALL do! (smile)

I don't know Marilyn's steps for today, but I got 7,806 today. That's the best I've had all week.

Anyway, I think I really need a nap now. So I'm off.

Marilyn had told me we weren't going to the St. Johns Parade tomorrow. But tonight she sounded like she actually wants to. So I'm not sure if we will or not.

I need to remember to put the FOOD OUT for the Postal Workers annual food drive!!! I've had it ready for weeks and weeks!

We take Henry to the vet in the afternoon. I wonder what we'll find out???

Marilyn and I both have PILES OF WORK to get done this weekend. We can't go to the office tomorrow (there's a race near the office), so we'll probably go in on Sunday. And we must do our pedicures and manicures this weekend (that we failed to get done last weekend).

And we need to VOTE this weekend, too! It's the Oregon Primary!

Time to go give Henry more medicine!!!

Sleep well, friends.
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