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LONG Day -- Board Meeting

I had a hard time getting up this morning. Marilyn and I were up in the middle of the night for a few hours...

My main goal today was to COLOR MY HAIR. I didn't have new color, but had some old color that I could combine in order to cover my hair. It worked out fine...

But before I could get around to doing it, I had to face festival work! And doctoring Henry, of course.

He's been wonderful. But today he was really tired of putting up with being medicated, poor guy. Thankfully Marilyn gave him his pill today.

Adeena had offered to take me to the office so we were texting back and forth a lot. Then I got really tied up with another video needed for the PowerPoint for the Board meeting. That took literally hours of my time in the morning and early afternoon.

SPECIAL MOMENTS TODAY: Adeena was wonderful, taking me to the office and buying me Starbucks (which I hadn't had in days). Such a sweetheart! Speaking of sweethearts, my dear friend June phoned just to check on me, Henry and Marilyn -- I thought that was really lovely of her! And sister Sue called late tonight (around 9:00) when Marilyn and I had just gotten home, to tell us she was praying for all of us -- and to ask about Marilyn's appointment for tomorrow and see how Henry was doing. People being so thoughtful really help balance out all the craziness, that's for sure!

I ended up BUYING Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7 today (the festival paid for it, actually -- which Marilyn had okayed). It was the only way I could figure out to download the video we needed. It worked quite well, eventually. Mostly I was trying to decide WHAT to buy and so on. It's hard to decide...

But the cost was reasonable. And I know the brand, because we had some other software by them years back (I can't even remember exactly what right now).

Then I finally (!!!) put the color on my hair and started to make some lunch. I got a call from the office (annoying -- I'm not going to name any names) that ran longer than I'd hoped... (sigh)

Ultimately I decided I WOULD go to the Board meeting. I'd gone back and forth all day long. (I hadn't felt that well in the morning, but felt better in the afternoon.)

I wore one of my favorite pairs of jeans, plus my brown lace top and my sheer long jacket (with blue roses). I got a lot of compliments on my outfit, which was nice (and surprised me!). And I do think my hair turned out nice, too...

It was SO HOT downtown! We walked from our office to the venue which was several blocks. I actually got some steps today! (woo hoo)

Part of the event was outside -- the announcement of the Grand Marshal for the Starlight Parade. It's the Portland Police Bureau.

And we had an appearance by the Green Stooges (our three 'green' clowns), the four Living History characters for 2016 (which includes both Adeena and Marilyn, as 'Parade Queen'), plus the 2016 Court did their routine (which involves introducing themselves and each of the 15 girls talking a little about herself, then describing one of our main festival events).

There were beverages and food (!!!). And after that we went to another room to sit and see speakers and Christine's PowerPoint (that I'd helped with).

The meeting went well and the announcement went well. Then we ate more and finally walked back to the office.

On our way home Marilyn and I went shopping (to pick up some balloons and a plant and a few other things) -- and got a few minor groceries.

Finally I fixed some food and we ate dinner. Now Marilyn's having a nap -- and I'll join her shortly!

When I wake up from that, I'll need to do the garbage and recycling (real garbage week!). So I'm off to nap.

I'm so GLAD I decided to go to the Board meeting!!!
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