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Busy Tuesday -- Henry and Festival Work

Well, I'm still trying to take care of Henry's eye. I just don't know. I have no clue if it's better or worse. He seemed good today -- but then he seemed feverish tonight. So I really have no clue...

I should be in bed now (it's past midnight). I'm tired out. I had a lot of festival work to get done today...

I need to go into the Server and the Exchange tomorrow. I tried tonight without success. (sigh) I think the Exchange needs restarting. I was having trouble getting email late tonight, anyway.

I finished up the Grand Floral Walk eNewsletter today. And I've got a banner ready for the next one, too. (There are three in all.) After doing it, I decided it's difficult and confusing and I think I just want to do them all and save time and trouble. I was going to teach Adeena, but I think that would make a lot more work, in all honesty. The code for this was confusing. I guess I've forgotten, as I haven't done a zero item one in some time... (Hard to explain, but the template is tough to read.)

I called and left a message for the vet today when by late afternoon I still hadn't gotten the results of the blood test we were promised we'd have by Monday. She called late, but did phone -- and chatted with me for around half an hour. The interesting news? Most of his blood test results were excellent! He has NO SIGN OF KIDNEY DAMAGE, which is pretty amazing considering he's been on steroid pills every day for years now.

He's slightly anemic, believe it or not. But she doesn't want to treat it. I didn't really understand what the heck she was telling me about his version of anemia, aside from her not wanting to treat it. Confusing.

I had to phone David at FISH about the damn Fleet pages -- and still couldn't reason out what he was telling me. So I just deleted all those pages and started over again from scratch. I finally got the pages to work the way we wanted -- and to match the printed versions of our fleet info.

Rich contacted me with a mistake on one of the Sanctioned Events. I had used the information I found at their website, which is apparently WRONG. Um, so why don't you focus on fixing your OWN website, before you start bugging us to fix ours??? Typical. Anyway, I just went in (past midnight, mind you) and fixed it. So...

I treated Henry again all day -- but less frequently than before. I think he seems better, but what do I know? He and Colin are terribly needy and want my attention constantly. I'm doing the best I can with both of them.

Lovely day -- but I didn't get out.

Christine needed help with some video clips. It took me ages (!!!), but I finally got them done. Hopefully they'll work out okay, anyway. It's for the PowerPoint for the Board Meeting this coming Thursday night.

There's a big event tomorrow. Marilyn plans to go, but not stay (she has so much work to do). I don't think I'm even trying to go in for it. I think I should go for Thursday, though...

And Friday is Adeena's birthday -- she's turning 21 (and will now be legal). The plan is to go for a drink with her in the late afternoon. I'll be there with bells on (but don't plan to go in for the entire day).

I did get a lot of WORK done today, even if it doesn't sound like it. But I never even looked at my steps. I really have to let something go -- and that's it, for now. Sorry, Fitbit...

Skimpy info, I know. I'm just doing the barest outline of my day. I'm tired and want to head to bed.

Speaking of tired, Marilyn didn't get home until 9:30-ish tonight! What a freaking LONG DAY she had! And she was starving from no food to speak of all day long. Poor thing!

I did talk with sister Sue and June -- and I was happy to hear the clothes I gave June fit her! (Three pairs of pants I love.) That was good news!

Both Sue and June have been very supportive and encouraging about Henry.

Oh! And Marilyn told me this happened to Candee and Roger's dog recently!!! He ended up losing the eye, but is hanging in there three months later (without surgery to remove the eye, mind you).

I was candid with the vet that we would not have surgery on Henry. And she seemed fine with that. So I guess we'll just see how it all goes.

Bad news from Jeff tonight. Poor guy! I'll have to go into it later. But I'm praying for him...

Anyway, so much for today. Good night!
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