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Good, Good Cats!

This is an old icon, when the boys (our cats) were much younger. Unfortunately, they don't ever lie close to each other like that anymore. I guess they're just too jealous of each other and how much attention they get. But I'm never really sure of the dynamics of how they feel about each other, to be honest.

Sweet Henry is being VERY cooperative with his treatment. (No scratching, even when I don't use the towel to wrap him up.)

Colin has been very good, too. Following me around like crazy. He's starved for attention. He knows something is wrong and is being very careful around Henry. He's been sleeping on my bed a lot to day. It's adorable.

Also, Marilyn wants me to make it clear that we have NOT made any decisions about what we're going to do with Henry going forward. She doesn't want to decide anything serious between NOW and the end of the festival (understandably so). Right now we just want to concentrate on trying to help heal him, if possible. We'll know more (we hope) after this coming Saturday.

Marilyn did a lot of research about Henry's medications -- and got a better idea of the best way to administer things. Right now we're trying to give him the drops that are antibiotic as close to every two hours as we can manage. Her research showed that this is especially important during the first couple of days of treatment. As I said, he's being very good about it, poor guy.

Some of the time he closes that eye. Other times he seems to be looking with the eye. We just don't know. We also don't know how much pain he's in (it's not like he can tell us).

If he does still lose the eye, we'll deal with it then. There are options. We could price the surgery with another less-expensive clinic, for one thing. Or just let the eye go and see what happens without removing it. And, who knows? Maybe the eye will actually HEAL. It's too soon to say.

Marilyn has continued to do laundry. She's just been working through her huge list of items and checking things off as she goes. But we were both really tired today. It was a hard week. And it's lovely to spend at least part of either Saturday or Sunday trying to sleep or just lie around. Get as much rest as we can.

We tried to go over to get pedicures and manicures. They were still open, but PACKED WITH PEOPLE. So they couldn't fit us in. We'll figure something out. We both have nails that are messed up, but we'll live with it until we can get them done.

I did shave my legs today, which I so rarely do anymore. Seeing as they work on our feet and legs when we go, I do sometimes like to shave before getting a pedicure. And when it gets warmer we wear shorts or shorter pants, so...

I'm enjoying my bedroom and the office being so much nicer since I worked on them. I'm hopeful I'll be able to KEEP them that way.

I have festival work I need to do. I'd thought about doing some of it this weekend, but that was Friday night. After everything that happened Saturday, I just decided to skip it until Monday. I'll manage to work and care for Henry -- but my FOCUS will be on Henry this week!

We took a short ride after going grocery shopping (we needed cat food!!!) for a few items. We drove down to and around Sauvie Island. Today was still a nice day, but cooler and blustery. We enjoyed that ride, which let us both relax.

It's Mother's Day and I'm sending out greetings to all of you mothers celebrating. (It's interesting that a few people wish the two of us Happy Mother's Day -- I guess we have had an impact on people as if we were second mothers to them...)

I'm not even bothering to put a Fitbit update today, as neither of us got any steps to speak of. We just haven't been able to focus on it this weekend. It is what it is.

Oh! We did see sister Sue briefly. We were dropping by the two bags of stuff I had for her and Candy. She told me that the other clothes I took fit her nicely, which I'm glad to hear. She called to tell us they had three baby geese outside the house today. Sweet!

I guess that's it for now. Sleep well, friends.
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