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Long Day? Long WEEK!

Yesterday was our first Grand Marshal announcement for 2016. (You can read about it online HERE. Amusing note? I got an email from LinkedIn sending me that LINK and telling me there was 'News about Marilyn' -- really? Very cool!)

I didn't quite get that item up late last night as planned, so I had to rush it up first thing this morning. I was on the phone chatting with Rich, because for some reason I didn't get the Press Release when it went out...

Marilyn and I were up VERY, VERY LATE last night (until around 4:00 a.m.) When I woke to blog and do the garbage and recycling, we both just stayed up and watched a bunch of TV before finally lying down. She had to be up again by 6:00 for Executive this morning, so she only got around two hours (if that) additional sleep. You can see why our naps are so important to us! Hahaha.

It's difficult, because now and then we want to have a life mixed in with working. So we do that in the wee hours.

I got up early with her to make sure she had band-aids for her blister. It was better today, probably because she wore shoes that weren't rubbing it.

I did festival work in the morning (just like yesterday). And I had a really GRATIFYING conversation at one point with Christine! She was just praising me for the amount of work I'd gotten done in the past couple of days. She said she knew most people would have no idea how much it was, but she'd seen the emails and had been really impressed. I'm telling you, that made me feel very good!!!

So after my talk with Marilyn about my room, I had a bee in my bonnet about the closet in our office. This is a good-sized room with three big windows (so it's nice and bright). We have a bank of file cabinets on one side of the room and a chest of drawers on the opposite wall for supplies. Our computer desks are side-by-side on the wall facing the front windows. And the desk that belonged to my Grandpa Harry, and then Mom, is on the final wall -- the same wall where the closet is located.

I ended up pulling a TON of stuff out of that closet. And getting rid of a bunch of items I didn't need. Clearing things out and rearranging them meant that I could take a bunch of the stuff off the desk and put it in the closet, so there's far less clutter on the desk now! It has our new (fancy) Fitbit scale, plus Colin's pillow (and containers of scissors, pencils and pens and so on). Henry's chair is pulled up to the desk, but will have to move frequently so he can sit in it (as he's done ever since we've had him).

The office and the living room both looked like bombs had gone off in them today. But the office looks pretty nice now! And what's in the living room are all the bags and boxes of things that need to go to the Goodwill (hopefully tomorrow -- well, today, as it's well past midnight now).

I have a pile of festival work that didn't get done today that I'll need to consider doing over the weekend. (sigh) I just never got back to a bunch of it later in the day!

When Marilyn finally got home (7:30-ish???), we had dinner and watched "The Middle." Then around 9:00 we went to have a nap, as we were both beat. She was planning to do the treadmill and I had some chores that needed doing -- and I needed to wash my hair before tomorrow. But neither one of us woke up until past midnight...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn go 7,729 steps today (her seven-day total is currently 61,609). I only got 4,134 steps (for a seven-day total of 44,725) -- but at least I made my personal goal of 4,000 steps a day... Pretty good when you consider I never left the house except to take a box over to June and Jim's house.

Marilyn and I have PILES of errands to run this weekend. We need to get manicures and pedicures. We're taking Henry to the vet (I hope they can do something about his poor eye). We need to take stuff over to Sue's house. And deliver a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill!!! (I can't wait to get it all out of here!) And I'm forgetting a bunch more stuff right now. It's the LAST free weekend we'll have until after the festival, anyway.

Last year we WORKED IN THE OFFICE both days -- and went to Cinco.

Speaking of Cinco, Marilyn got to go over with some staff people and see the butterflies! I'd done that before. You go into an enclosure full of butterflies that you can feed nectar, and they come and land on you! It's really very cool. (They have to check you before you leave to be sure no butterfly is sneaking out on your hair or clothes. Hahaha.)

We have free passes to get in to Cinco and might go down on Sunday. I guess we'll see...

Marilyn's looking forward to SLEEPING IN tomorrow, understandably! What a killer week this has been.

Marilyn said everybody at work was just hitting the wall today. She could barely get through the day. Even Carol had to take off she was so tired. Jeff, too. I think it's amazing how people manage to hang in there, actually.

Adeena's 21st birthday is coming up next week! How exciting! I guess tons of people were suggesting places she could go to have her first legal drink! It should be fun!!!

Interesting Things I've Found While Cleaning: I found four FASCINATION coins while cleaning! They haven't used coins in years and years, so I have no idea how old these are. Now it makes sense just to use quarters. But the coins are pretty darn cool! I should make sure the Seaside museum gets at least one of these (I can't recall if they have others on display there). It would probably be neat to blow one up on a poster for the Fascination parlor!

I should do a photo share of both my bedroom and the office. I'll think about that this weekend.

Colin is on his stool in the office right beside me, sweet boy! He spent a bunch of time lying on bed today -- he seems equally excited about the improvements to that room. He often likes to lie on my bed during the day.

Sister Sue and I did have a nice talk today. We'd both love to go to Costco -- but it doesn't sound like she can get her car for even a one day trip shopping. (sigh) Poor Sue.

Oh! And I had a lovely chat on the phone with June today. We hadn't connected in a while. She's been working on her closets, too. Good for her!!! She said I'd inspired her. Hahaha.

Well, I'm off to wash my hair! Then we supposed to have the carrot cake we've been waiting to have since dinner. Hahaha. Those treats always mean a lot!

Sweet dreams!!!!!!!!!!
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