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Years Later: I STILL Love to Code! Hahaha.

To be clear, it's around 1:00 a.m. now... Marilyn and I were dead tired around 10:00 p.m. -- and had finished our late dinner with some chocolate cake (well deserved, I think). So we decided we needed a nap (as usual). And until minutes ago, that's what I was doing (and what, hopefully, Marilyn is still doing).

She had so much going on today that she was supposed to be in more than one place at a time! Some days it's nearly impossible to imagine her schedule. I'm not kidding. So many things simply can't get done without her being involved. She had another speech today, which was quite successful from what she told me. I'm glad!

But she had a lot of frustrations, too. I'm sorry about that.

I spent more than half my day on festival work -- some of it very intense. I had a bunch of deadlines that I wasn't hearing about UNTIL TODAY (seriously???). The fact that I miss Communications Team meetings all the time is a bad thing. There's no easy way for me to catch up. Marilyn apologized that she hadn't done a recap, but it seems to me SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES HER could manage to send that out! Does she have to do everything, for heavens sake??? I'm not sure who should assume that task, but it's unfortunate nobody seems capable of managing it.

Anyway, I got a bit burned when decisions were made that impact the eNewsletter without my participation. Look, all I'm saying is that I'd like to see the eNewsletter being done without my participation on at least some level. I believe I have quite a bit of expertise and experience when it comes to the subject. Maybe I'm wrong. What the hell. Anyway, that was a bitter part of my day...

Sometimes I feel like throwing up my hands and telling people to just do it without me, if that's the way they want it. Go ahead, do what you want with the eNewsletter -- but don't come running to ME with your various issues and problems. If you can figure this stuff out by yourself without consulting me, how about you do it all on your own? Of course, I'd never do that, no matter how annoyed I get. Or how I end up feeling I'm not being respected. Because I would never leave them struggling (and never have). Every time there are deadlines that need to be met -- or problems that have to be dealt with -- I'm there. Just as I was today. With the same level of professionalism and concern that you'd find from any of the paid staff. Because, after all, it's my job. And I take it very seriously. And I know I'm counted on, regardless of the rest of it. And, okay, no pity-party, because I'd like to think I'm above that. It's just that this time of year things can be annoying (which means people can be annoying). And this might not be intentional, but I suppose it doesn't matter if it is or not, when you get right down to it. I just need to suck it up.

I'm VERY PROUD of the way I did one of the pages that I felt needed an additional layer of offset to the Copy. I decided to use the GREEN color that appears all over the website. It meant inline coding, as I don't have access to the style sheet for the 'new' website (the way I did for the old one).

If you understand coding at all, using CSS generally means creating a style sheet. Inside this, you design the 'pretty' part of your website that will be applied -- the way you used to style in the old days using HTML. I love CSS. And style sheets are pretty damn awesome! But there are ways to still apply code by using inline coding -- the way I did today.

Most of our staff can't read code or really write it. And that's fine. But it does mean I'm the only one who can easily do what I did today -- without turning to FISH for their help. And, frankly, we're simply not going to go to them for every little bit of special code we might want to add. It wouldn't make sense financially! Or time-wise, either. So while it's really no big deal to turn some of the text green as I did, I think it looks quite good and stands out nicely -- and helped make the intent of the Copy more clear. And it doesn't take long to do it.

And, again, I do love to code!

I don't get many opportunities anymore to do raw coding, so it's actually fun to do! I want to add this to my 'cheat sheet' so others can use it. (A few people on our staff enjoy trying this stuff, and could learn if I'd show them. And WANT to learn, too. I just haven't had TIME lately to write up training things...)

I also got another chance to be 'creative' with a banner for a deadline page. For the concert pages, we MUST HAVE the banners (feature images) that we've been trying to add to ALL pages. There's no choice, as these are pulled all over the place for concert events. It's difficult to explain, really, but that featured image will automatically display on other pages for a given concert event.

I had a CRAZY BIG poster to use to make a banner 645 pixels wide (and ideally no more than 300 pixels in height). I had to get damn creative to make this. And do some serious cutting around part of the image to include a clean logo for the radio station. But it turned out okay.

Then I had to research like mad with various people to get the information I needed to even create the Event. In doing so, you MUST KNOW the start and end time, for example. Sounds basic, right? Tell me about it as I call and email and so on to get what I need, while on a major deadline.

Then I get another page that Katie wants me to do. I didn't realize this was tied to the eNewsletter, because I had no clue whatsoever about the content for this week (!!!). I'm wondering if Katie would prefer not to work on website pages -- which would be fine, but I do need to know that. So after talking it over with Christine, I just phone her and ask her. That's when I find out it's not that -- it's the fact that there's NO TIME for her to learn how, when the whole eNewsletter is waiting on linking the page that needs the work. Oh!!! Duh, Charlie. Duh, indeed.

The deadline items got done before 3:00 (barely). And the actual eNewsletter went out shortly thereafter. We changed the subject line naming to a more 'catchy' title -- meaning the name of our festival, the word 'Newsletter' and the DATE are no longer included there. That might sound like a little thing, but some people were finding their eNewsletter was suddenly in the Junk mail. I imagine it could now be caught by SPAM blockers, as well. But sure, go right ahead and do that. Don't ask me WHY we've always used the name we have in the years I've been involved (which I changed when I took it over in 2007). Let's see how many subscriptions will never get to the people they're supposed to reach. I'm too annoyed and tired to go into it further.

Ultimately, I was pleased with my own work and felt it turned out successfully. And I enjoyed doing it, even if I was really under the gun to get it done suddenly. Hell, Marilyn is under the gun like that every single day! I really don't mean to suggest I'm being treated differently than anyone else on our staff. We all have constant deadlines to deal with.

I did talk to Donn today about Monday. He'll be swapping out Marijke's computer for Ariel's -- as Marijke will be sitting in that space so she can more easily assist the sales team. I also want Donn to try and resolve Sheila's issues about the laptops that will go on site for CityFair to be used by finance. (I'd thought that was taken care of previously, but Sheila came to me about it again this week.) Donn has been a delight to work with recently -- even moreso than usual. I don't know what I would do without him.

I spent a bunch of time in the late afternoon and evening working in my bedroom again. First I went back through ALL THE BAGS AND BOXES of stuff to see if I had t-shirts or other clothes that sister Sue and Candy might want (after Sue asked me for these). And Colin (our cat) had been in the box for June and Jim (sigh), so I had to re-fold some of those clothes! Hahaha. I have a couple of bags now for Sue, which Sue suggested Marilyn and I could deliver to her house. I guess we'll do that when we're getting our pedicures and manicures that we must get this weekend.

We have a huge list of errands we need to get done this weekend, which includes taking Henry to the vet on Saturday. (sigh) Last year we WORKED the entire weekend, but we've simply got to get some of this other stuff out of the way while we can...

I was in my small closet, sitting on the floor, dealing with stuff. (My right hand just cramped up so bad I could hardly keep typing! Don't go there, hand. I don't have time for this crap!!!) And I needed to stand up and move some things. I could barely get up off the floor. I thought I'd start crying I was in so much pain -- and was so frustrated. But I finally got up and went back to cleaning again.

I showed Marilyn what I'd gotten done and she told me it depressed her. She said there's no physical way I can ever put all my clothes away.

Yeah, I have too many clothes. No doubt about it. I need to get rid of more stuff! And, no, I can't just empty the closet in the office and use that for clothes. What in hell would I do with the TONS OF STUFF I keep in there right now???

Again, there's no doubt that the NEXT room I need to tackle is the office. But I don't see that happening until AFTER the festival is over for this year. It's difficult enough to work on my bedroom right now! But I'm doing it to make life easier for me. I must be able to find my clothes and so on without driving myself crazy. I'm already really happy with the changes I've made so far. I just want to stick with it.

I need less stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting rid of all these things is HARD.

Well, I've spent an hour on this blog. Are you kidding me??? Really, Charlie?

I have to go do the recycling and clean the cat boxes. It's not 'real' garbage week, so if I don't get the garbage out tonight, the world won't end (thank God).

New Thing: Marilyn wants us to sign up to turn in our empty pop cans for money to be donated to the festival as a non-profit charity. This will mean more work, I suspect -- mostly for her. Meanwhile, I'm going to need to figure out WHERE TO PUT THESE CANS until we can take them. (Previously I've been giving them to a neighbor. I'd bag them up and put them out on the porch, then phone him. And he'd pick them up, usually within minutes of my call...) I think it's a great idea. Now I need to make it work. Our garage is full of stuff. Again, I need to get more organized!!!

On that note, I'm off to do what I need to do before bed.

Fitbit Update: I almost forgot!!!!!!! That's mainly because I just didn't focus on this today. (I was too sore, too tired and too busy to worry about steps... Whine, whine.) Marilyn got 7,332 steps (IN SPITE OF HER BUSY DAY, CHARLIE!). And I got 4,040 (which surprises the hell out of me).

Sleep well and have pleasant dreams, friends!!!
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