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Wednesday: Office and Living History in Lake Oswego

I'm so tired.

So I just spent AGES trying to wake myself up so I could blog!!! It's nearly 2:00 a.m. (obviously well past midnight), and I was so dead beat that I could hardly open my eyes. This was a very busy day, to say the least!!!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did the treadmill -- and that's pretty incredible after this really long and tiring day! Anyway, she got 12,000 steps for today! (woo hoo) Isn't she amazing??? As for ME (sigh), at one point in the late afternoon I was going to check my steps -- so I took my Fitbit OFF to look at it. AND FORGOT I HAD IT OFF! Then Adeena and I walked to Starbucks for Frappy Hour. And back to the office. And back over again to get fraps for Jeff and Frank! AND I MISSED ALL THOSE STEPS. (no!!!) So I got 8,310 steps (and probably should have had 10,000). (sigh)

It was an extremely BUSY day, I'm telling you that! I got a TON done at the website today. Took down Awards entirely, added a Sanctioned Event, and made a bunch of complicated corrections that Aby had sent me, including Treasure Hunt and more.

We went to Starbucks in the morning. And up to McDonalds (Marilyn, Adeena and me) for lunch. Aside from two more trips to Starbucks...

It was raining at lunch. Basically, it was a very gray day...

At 5:30 we headed to Lake Oswego for the public showing of our Living History. Angel took sister Sue there with him (!!!) so she could see the show. I don't think that I said that I wore my uniform today (so did Marilyn) because of this show.

The show went well -- and when the time came to use her scepter to knight someone, Marilyn had sister Sue step up and she knighted her! Very fun!!!

We ended up home at 9:09 tonight and just exhausted. (I was actually tired all day long, though.)

Aside from website, I did some IT, too (as usual).

I never DID phone Donn (which I need to do tomorrow!!!). He needs to come in on Monday and move Marijke's computer from her current spot to the back (Ariel's current location). Marijke will be assisting both Marilyn AND the sales department for the rest of the season.

Oh! And Christine did another version of my letter for being released from jury duty. Marilyn felt the first one wasn't strong enough. I still can't believe I got called TWO DAYS before the start of festival for 2016. Seriously???

Well, this isn't the best blog entry ever, but I'm really TIRED. So I'm off to bed now...

More tomorrow.
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