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The First Day of Spring -- a New Cat and Seeing "Ask The Dust"

Today is the first day of Spring! Happy, happy -- joy, joy!

We've had an unusually long winter here in Portland, with freaky and unexpected cold spells into March -- something that just doesn't happen here. Snow, hail and just plain freezing temperatures. Brrrr!

Anyway, we drove down to Ross yesterday so Marilyn mistressmarilyn could get a new pair of uniform pants. The drive was lovely! Slightly cloudy, but primarily blue skies with sunshine. A great sign of the approaching first day of spring, which came today.

Speaking of the weather today, it's entirely blue skies and sunshine! Lovely.

Here's our new baby!
Kittie Scarlett   Kittie Scarlett

We got the offer to get a new cat last Wednesday from our older sister Sue. Her close friend Greta had a cat that desperately needed a home. She lives in Clatskanie, which is here in Oregon (just around an hour to an hour and a half away).

The area she's in is pretty wild. They have coyotes and racoons, plus stray dogs. The neighbor apparently has large cats that had been bullying her, too. Greta's own outdoor cat was apparently drug off by a coyote at some point.

The cat had a 'protector' in Greta's labrador -- but they had to have the dog put down last week. (The cat was eating the dog's food and actually sleeping curled up next to the dog...)

Anyway, Marilyn and I have always believed that what's meant to be will be -- and that this was a sign it was time to get a new cat. After all, we'd be rescuing the poor thing!

Greta and I talked by phone on Thursday and she emailed four photos to us. I'd pondered names, thinking we might call her Audra. (After Audra Barkley on "The Big Valley.") But when I saw she was black, I thought Scarlett was the best name. Marilyn clinched that by saying we should call her 'Kittie Scarlett' -- a play on the fact that Scarlett o'Hara's full name is Katie Scarlett. (Seriously, if you're reading this Jim and Brian, I didn't even consider your baby girl when this all came up! For those LJ Friends who don't know these two, they have a daughter named Katie Scarlett...)

Actually, now that Tom has come back into Marilyn's life after all these years, "Gone With the Wind" has been on my mind a lot. Marilyn read the entire book out loud to Tom at one point -- and they used to always call one another Scarlett and Rhett. (Marilyn wore a Scarlett-like dress for her prom in high school. Very fetching!) But I digress here...

Sue had given us some of the facts on the cat, based on what Greta told her. (I'll post more on this later in a filtered post, friends only. Nothing world shaking, but things I don't want to share in a public entry.)

We knew Kittie Scarlett had been spayed -- and that she was around five months old.

I arranged for Greta to bring her to us at 7:00 pm on Thursday night. Marilyn had a meeting Thursday late afternoon. She didn't know how long it would run. Plus we needed to buy cat pan liners and kitty litter, two things we didn't have in the house. (I'd kept one cat box, however. And almost all the cat dishes, packed away.)

We barely got home before Greta arrived. She brought Kittie Scarlett in a small pet carrier -- the heavy plastic type. (She left it with us, as her own dogs were too big to use it anymore.) I got her out and she was happily sitting in Marilyn's lap. But Greta wanted to say 'goodbye' to her, so she picked her up and held her. After that Kittie Scarlett was off and running...

I thought I'd seen her duck into my bedroom, which had the lights out. (We'd been gone all day, after all.) The room was dark, which I figured would appeal to the poor thing.

Greta went back out and got the 20-pound bag of cat food and a sheet of paper. (Twenty pounds!!! What was she thinking? The cat only weighs five pounds! And cats don't like food that isn't kept fresh, like in the freezer. Who can get that size bag in a freezer? Not us -- we've only got the freezer space of a normal refrigerator... Shows that she'd a dog owner -- dogs will eat food that sits around in an open bag. By the way, the one food Scarlett hasn't touched since arriving is the food from Greta!)

The sheet of paper turned out to be instructions from the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO), with instructions about care after surgery. It turns out Scarlett was just spayed on Sunday! (Not even a week before.)

Anyway, Greta headed home and we spent the next hour hunting for the missing cat! Awful experience. But we finally found her and took her down to Marilyn's bedroom. That's primarily were she's remained ever since, though she did take one foray upstairs the night before last.

She's terrified of loud noises. Hates the sound of television, which makes it pretty tough for her in our house, where we've got TVs going almost all the time, in multiple rooms. She hates the sound of the noisy old furnace, too -- but it's cold and we've got to run it!

We know she'll eventually get used to things, but it's a little difficult right now.

Aside from her fears, she's a wonderful little cat!

She purrs at the drop of a hat -- very loud. She didn't eat or drink for 24 hours, but once she did she used the cat box entirely on her own with no accidents! (We originally had this right in the bedroom, but then moved it to the utility room where we keep it as a rule. She quickly learned to use the cat door to access the utility room and find the box, no problem.)

She answers to her name and is actually quite a talker -- tiny mews, sweet little trills and so on.

She barely seems to use her claws at all and hasn't even come close to scratching anyone. Nor does she bite.

She slept all night with Marilyn last night, right on top of the bed! That's great news, as she's been spending part of her nights hiding under the bed to sleep.

Obviously I could go on and on about her, but I'll stop for now...

Yes, after going to the office to work for short time yesterday we did make our way to the downtown theater to see Colin Farrell's "Ask the Dust." I won't spoil, but only say that we both loved it! It reminded us of old movies, done in black and white. (Even though it was in color.) It just had a marvelous feel to it.

It's only playing in that one location (!!!), which is somewhere we never go to see a movie. (You have to pay for parking, for heaven's sake!) But it was worth paying full price and parking to see it! (You'll notice my current default icon is my new "Ask the Dust" one... I'll also put it on this entry!)

For future reference (if I ever take it down), here it is:
new "Ask the Dust" icon!

I also made this one for Marilyn:
'dust this off' icon - Marilyn's

I used the logo text (the official movie logo is text of the title) to create a text brush which I used making my own icon. That was both interesting and fun! (I don't use text brushes very much, personally.)

How I continue to love Paint Shop Pro. Amazing software!

I worked Thursday and have things to post about that, too, but will get to it later.

Right now I need to tackle some housework! (grin)

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