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Busy Day -- Cleaning and Festival Work

Sister Sue went to see Dr. Young this afternoon. She said he was very unhappy about everything, but I'm not sure what exactly that means. Sue is terribly bruised from taking that fall around two weeks ago. But he didn't do anything to the leg that's bothering her so much. Sue said he took blood...

In other sister Sue-related news, it looks like she WILL get to go see the Living History performance tomorrow night, after all!!! Angel has kindly offered to drive her there (he'll pick her up on his way from Vancouver). Marilyn asked him when she found out Sue just couldn't get anyone else to take her...

I'm excited to go myself and see it again! I think it's really a wonderful show. This will be the adult version (last time I saw the version for children). These vary a bit.

Today I started my day working on festival projects. I needed to take the new Sponsor logo for PGE and resize it, then upload it. Then I had to go in and change all the various templates (there are six versions) and save them. Then I had to FTP them so I could Remote in and download the proper templates at the festival office (put them on the Server).

I was also working on an additional Sanctioned Event that had multiple pages. And we really didn't have all the information we needed. But hopefully that turned out okay, anyway (at least it's DONE).

I was again working in my bedroom. Going through more clothing to discard. I need to do a bunch of laundry (I'll get to it). I pulled out a dresser drawer and entirely emptied it, then re-organized it (with less items, of course). And then I did a second drawer.

I also reviewed the letter Christine did to get me excused from jury duty. She did a really good job (basing it on an earlier letter). And Marilyn looked it over and made some suggestions, too. She's very anxious that I get excused. At that point -- TWO DAYS BEFORE OUR FESTIVAL (!!!) -- I'd be in the middle of so many projects that it's really difficult to even list them all. Our Opening Day is always crazy, by the way -- as are the days leading up to it.

She did another version that I looked over later today. It's EXCELLENT! Hard to believe it's even better than the first one she did.

I'm TIRED today. I spent a lot of time walking around the house today, getting steps. I have sore hips (both of them) and a sore back, too. And I could almost sleep sitting up right now.

It was really humid today. Not as hot as it has been, but still hot! I was crazy sweaty working. So I finally washed and did my hair right before Marilyn headed home. I was drying it while she drove home.

After Marilyn finally got home from work (very late), we needed to go shopping. So we went to both Safeway (first) and then Freddies. One of the things we were trying to buy is La Choy soy sauce (my favorite brand). Neither store carries it anymore!!! But I just saw online that Walmart does, thankfully! I was actually afraid they weren't making it anymore.

Some of this shopping I used to do with sister Sue, back when we'd go shopping together. I really miss that. We'd get a lot of time to talk and catch up with each other. And we'd have Starbucks and sometimes go to lunch. (I miss seeing my sister...)

When we got home we had soup for dinner while watching "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Middle" (both are favorites). Then I did the treadmill, because I really wanted to get to 10,000 steps. Marilyn's on the treadmill right now.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 12,221 steps and I got 10,230 steps. Not bad at all!

We were just talking about it again. This thing about getting 10,000 steps a day -- very day??? Seriously? Maybe if you don't have a more than full time job (which is pretty common these days). Maybe if you're not stuck in meetings all the time, or in front of a computer. (Even if you stand up at your computer, you can't walk around and work!) We both make a pretty serious effort, but it's very much an effort -- it doesn't just happen. And we're lucky because we have the treadmill to turn to.

I think 6,000 or 7,000 is a reasonable amount of steps -- but not 10,000. I suppose if you've got a lot of free time during the day -- or your job involves a lot of walking -- then it's different.

In my group of friends, I'm way down at the bottom with my 51,000-some steps for seven days. (Out of a group of 11 people, I'm 8.) This doesn't matter, really, as the person I'm trying to 'beat' is myself, of course. Of my group, Marilyn is 3! She's really been working hard on this. And Jeff is 4. Pretty amazing when you consider the kind of work these two do.

Well, I'll be at work tomorrow and probably Thursday, as well. So I should head to bed soon.

Hector mowed the lawn today. It looks great!

We just had a really terrible downpour of rain! I was sure glad our tarps were up!

Did I mention the Press Release that Rich and I went over today? Announcing our Grand Marshal for GFP on Thursday -- we'll either go with it around 9:00 that night, or wait until Friday morning. Another task I put in time on...

Damn! I need to put in a load of laundry right now! I'd better finish for today...

Again, I'm really worn out and so sore. And my neck is stiff on the left side. I'd better not be getting vertigo again!!!
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