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Monday: Cleaning My Bedroom

I should update about sister Sue. She said she had a very good time at Lincoln City (her cribbage tournament this past weekend) with her son, Larry. But she had gambled at the casino and then went over to cash in some coupon -- instead of eating. And ended up gambling some more. Then went she and Larry went to cribbage, she got confused and wasn't counting correctly. I guess it was pretty bad.

She knows she needs to eat and take in nourishment. She did great at cribbage just last Thursday. So...

Anyway, I felt bad for her. And Marilyn said that Candy texted her that she's taking Sue to see Dr. Young about her leg. Looks like he's about to decide she'll NEVER be able to drive. No surprise there, right? Funny thing? Larry let her drive at the tournament and it went fine...

I think it's too late now. Candy has Sue's car -- and Nicole has Candy's car. And that's just the way it is. There's no reason to think that's going to change.

I'm sitting here in our upstairs office with the air conditioning turned off. (When it's on it gets way too cold downstairs.) It's 82' in the house and I'm in a total sweat! (Little wonder.) I just spent time walking around to get to 6,000 steps.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn made her 10,000 steps today, partly on the treadmill. She actually LOST all her morning steps, because the battery died on her Fitbit. She had to come home here so I could put a new battery in it. Imagine how many steps she'd have ended up with if she had those missed steps. As I mentioned, I walked more tonight around the house to get to 6,000 steps. I'd managed to get my 4,000 steps today walking around the house in between working on my bedroom.

I just decided I couldn't stand it and I had to tackle my bedroom again! I'm not sure why, but it seems like my bedroom always takes the brunt of cleaning up any other part of the house. Anyway, I actually pulled EVERYTHING out of my large closet (there are two in my room -- one really small and the other much bigger -- but not a walk-in). I have two shelves up above. The top one can't be reached without a stool, so it only makes sense to store things you rarely need to get to up there. I had a couple of big boxes of clothes and got rid of almost everything in those. I used to keep a lot of it for sentimental reasons, which now seems ridiculous! If I'm not going to wear this stuff, why keep it???

I ended up with two boxes full of stuff to go, and four brown shopping bags full, too. One of the boxes has a bunch of tee shirts (some are brand new and have never been worn!). I'm going to give those to June and Jim in case they want to wear any of them. And I set aside some clothes for sister Sue, too.

The rest can go to the Goodwill this weekend.

I also cleaned out the fridge and did a load of dishes.

I called the garbage service (Recology) in Seaside again. Our recycling hadn't been picked up since our early April trip. She tried to give us a credit, but I refused it. I mean, it's not a big deal. I just want to make sure they start picking it up again.

I also called the vet and set an appointment for Henry to go in. I want his left eye to be looked at (it's pretty bad). Plus he needs a blood test to get his prescription filled again. It's for 1:20 with a Dr. Henry (hahaha -- Henry seeing Henry!).

I spent HOURS AND HOURS working in my bedroom. Sorting through clothes, mostly. Gosh, I have a lot of clothes! Many are really old and I never wear -- so those are gone. But some are new (as I said before). Go figure! All I know is, if I haven't worn them, I'm getting rid of them, even if they are new.

My room is far from DONE, but it is much better now. I'm pretty excited about it. You know what I mean? It just feels GOOD to go in there, with things picked up and organized and less messy. The top of the closet is really improved. And many of my clothes are either folded in drawers or hanging in the closet.

But I need to do a pile of laundry that I didn't get to today.

I'll probably need to go through my clothes again once I get all the washing and drying done. Because I can't figure out WHERE I'm going to put all of these clothes!!!

That's the whole thing, right? We can't stay cleaned up if we have too much to organize and put it all away? And the goal should be to just keep chipping away at all the stuff and getting rid of more and more. I really want to embrace that, even though it's totally contrary to what I've lived my entire life.

I'm so attached to THINGS. I'm very, very sentimental. But I realize that much of this stuff has no real purpose. So why keep it all? If I'm not going to use stuff or even look at it, then it's just a waste of space.

And I want very much to be picked up and organized! It's just very hard some of the time.

Marilyn is very supportive. She doesn't want me to get rid of things and regret it, which is very kind of her. I'm sure she's felt buried by a lot of my many, many things forever. But I'm trying very hard to change.

So far, so good.

Anyway, I'm REALLY TIRED tonight. So I guess I should wash my hair and head to bed soon...

Can't think what I'm forgetting to include, to be honest...

I decided NOT to wash my hair tonight, after all. I think I'll stay home again tomorrow and get some more work done in my bedroom. Maybe finish it (or close).

I plan to work Wednesday and Thursday in the office, so...

I almost forgot! I got CALLED FOR JURY DUTY yet again! I get called CONSTANTLY, it seems. And the date? Two days before the start of the festival! In May, no less. Are you KIDDING ME??? And why am I so lucky I get called over and over again? I know lots of people who have never been called, or who have never served, unlike me!

Marilyn is convinced that I get called because I don't have a paying job!!! Because I'm a volunteer (unpaid) worker. She also feels that volunteerism isn't respected. Well, I can tell her from my personal experience that this is true. The last time I served on jury duty was A REALLY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. One of the worst experiences of my entire life. And I was treated with a total lack of respect by the other people serving -- and by a lawyer and a judge, as well.

Even if I wasn't totally needed at work (I am) because of my role, I hope to NEVER serve as a juror again. Funny. When I first served (when in college), I loved the experience. Now I despise it. I was treated very well back then (as a student). Not so as a volunteer!

Christine has my letter from before and is starting to type it up for me again. As I said to her, perhaps my work on the website wouldn't be consider 'essential' to the courts. (I've seen them be extremely dismissive of what appeared to me to be VERY IMPORTANT WORK that others were doing -- where they forced people to serve who couldn't be replaced!!!) But my IT work??? Let's see the festival get by EVEN ONE DAY without that! And would the courts really do that to the organization right in the middle of the annual festival??? I certainly hope not!!!

I guess we'll see if I get dismissed or not. (sigh) The timing couldn't possibly be worse!

Off to bed. I'm so worn out tonight. And sore all over.
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