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Another Fabulous Day at Our Beach House!

Marilyn and I got home to the Portland house just past 9:00 p.m. tonight. (We stopped for gas and to pick up a couple things at Walmart -- I stayed with the cats while Marilyn shopped.)

We didn't sleep too late for a Sunday. First we went to get Starbucks -- it was great to get a coffee fix. Then we took a ride over to Fort Clatsop so we could hike the trail headed to the ocean (the Fort to Sea Trail). We went far enough to get around 5,000 steps.

On our way back to the house we stopped at the grange (we've never been there before!) at a 'garage sale,' and picked up a couple of items. It was SUPER HOT outside and we were pretty sweaty from hiking! So it felt great to go inside the grange, where it was very cool.

When we got back to the beach house we watched some TV. Then Marilyn fell sleep on the sofa and I went upstairs to nap. Later in the day we wanted to go walk again, so we went up to the abandoned development area that's just off Wahanna (where I walked on Saturday morning). Marilyn's walked there many times in the past, too. We went up S not quite to Roosevelt (the highway) before turning around and heading back.

I'd already done most of my packing and was getting ready to start doing the garbage so we could pack up the car and head home. Suddenly Marilyn and I realized we hadn't seen Colin ANYWHERE. So we start to hunt around the house for him...

There really aren't that many places he can hide from us. So after checking every single place we could think of, we're starting to get very worried! We had the door to the garage open at one point, so we're afraid he got out there (and maybe climbed up into the car somehow). And we're also worried he snuck out the front door when we went for our walk! That would have meant he'd been outside (!!!) for an hour or so!

Marilyn goes to look outside and I keep searching the garage and house. He's nowhere to be found. She comes in very worried. It's a VERY SUNNY AND VERY HOT DAY -- and there's really no place to hide right around the house! Seriously, there's really no bushes, under the porch is not concealed and so on. So she goes to check inside and I'm going to go door to door now and ask if anyone has seen him.

I'm at a neighbor house when Marilyn phones. She's found him under her bed.

I go back home and we're both looking at his tail sticking out. I'm telling you, we both checked there several times. So he was somewhere else and moved there. But I have no clue how he managed it.

Marilyn was VERY angry with him. We were panicked and very upset -- and we know cats are psychic. So she's convinced Colin should have known and shown himself. Anyway, we finally drag him out from under the bed and get him into his carrier. And load both cats into the car while we finish up packing and doing the garbage and so on.

By now we're terribly hot and sweaty again, little wonder! The house was very uncomfortable from the heat.

Heading home Henry is howling like mad and Colin is complaining, too. But we're annoyed by now, so we just ignored them, and they finally settled down just fine... Hahaha. Cats.

As for our steps, Marilyn go 11,159 today and I got 11,585. Pretty good, huh?

I had noodles for dinner (I make a package of beef noodles to which I add curry and tomato), and Marilyn had a frozen burrito. And we watched some "Leave it to Beaver" while we ate.

Funny Note: Henry has gone into Colin's cat carrier and curled up and is SOUND ASLEEP!!! No, I can't make this stuff up! After all that complaining, now he's snoring away inside a carrier.

There was an awful accident on the way home -- which is what was going on Friday when we were headed there! We got tied up a bit, but not for too long, thankfully.

It was 79' at the beach today! What a surprise! We weren't expecting that at all. Little wonder we were both in such a sweat after walking both times -- and after searching high and low for Colin.

The house was REALLY HOT when we got home, so we cranked up the air conditioning while we were unpacking.

We had a LOVELY mini-vacation. We really enjoyed our short time with Jeff. And it seemed much longer than just late Friday, all day Saturday and much of today. We really made the most of our time.

Marilyn's baby birds appear to be thriving, by the way! All day long you can hear them crying for attention whenever Mommy or Daddy bird bring them food. And it's funny to see those birds dive toward the window whenever Colin or Henry are sitting looking out! Hahaha.

I guess sister Sue had a really good time at cribbage, too. I didn't talk to her directly, so maybe I'll find out more tomorrow. (I wonder if her friend Larry ended up going or not?)

And that was our Sunday!

Pleasant dreams, everyone.
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