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Another Lovely Day at the Beach House

I didn't sleep all that well. I don't know why, but I was awake once an hour all night long. (The strange thing? Always on the half hour, almost to the minute! Odd.) I felt a bit lonely, as neither one of the cats came in to sleep with me... And it seemed like there was a lot of late traffic out on Wahanna last night. (My bedroom is on the street side.) It doesn't matter, because in the morning I finally did sleep -- and I slept in!

Marilyn and Jeff headed out for a walk into downtown Seaside and down to the beach, leaving me dreaming away. (smile) When I finally woke up I did my blood, put in my contacts and got dressed. Then decided it might clear my head to go out and take a short walk, too.

There was some organized walk/run going on -- and there were PILES of people coming down the sidewalk side of Wahanna (with people on the corner guiding them where to go). So I decided to head the other direction on Wahanna. I went down to the abandoned housing area. It's been there since we bought our house. Apparently they were going to put some kind of development in there, and then quit for some reason. It's totally overgrown in the lots, but the streets are nice to walk on -- and safe because of no traffic.

I walked through there (which apparently lots of people do -- I saw two others while I was there), then ended up on S which heads back to Roosevelt (the highway).

I texted them while walking and Marilyn texted me back. Anyway, we wrote about going to breakfast. So I headed back to the house. They got back shortly after. We talked it over and decided Jeff didn't really have TIME to eat. He needed to be back home by 1:00, so he needed to leave shortly. So we just went over to Bagels By the Sea on Holladay. Marilyn and I went there for coffee on her birthday. We had their pumpkin cake and lattes and Jeff had regular coffee and a bagel. He had packed up and had his stuff in the car, so he took off from there to go back home.

We certainly had a nice time with Jeff! Can't wait to do it again.

Marilyn and I watched some TV, then went to take naps in her bedroom with both cats. I don't know when she got up, but I slept for HOURS. I was really worn out (and sore all over).

When I got up we decided to go into town and get some pizza for a late dinner (as we'd barely eaten all day). But first we went and played some Fascination -- and we were both on fire! We won three of the first four games we played! And I think we each won four times while there (and didn't even play for an hour). Great fun!

We also went and played the driving game twice. We each won one game.

We got two small pizzas and brought them home. We had taped the movie "H. M. Pulham, Esq.," with Robert Young, Hedy Lamarr and Ruth Hussey (we both love Ruth Hussey). It's a long film, but was more boring than we expected. We'd never seen it before...

It's been mostly a quiet day, which is just fine, by the way! We get so tired during the week that it's nice to just rest and sleep on the weekend, when we can (and aren't working!!!).

I'm worried about Henry's left eye. It's been bad for ages (part of his condition), but seems worse the last few weeks. We're going to try and get him in to the vet, but I doubt there's anything much they can do about it... Poor guy.

He's been very horny while here, dragging his rope around. And Colin is always really horny at the beach house, constantly trying to mount Henry (and mostly just biting him). I wonder what it is about the sea air? Hahaha.

As for Fitbit: I got 6,400 steps today, and Marilyn got 10,400 steps (I assume Jeff got at least that many, too -- he and Marilyn were around the same at one point, anyway).

I guess that's it for today. We'll be heading back to Portland tomorrow (for a very busy week coming up!!!).

Sweet dreams!
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