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Beach House With Jeff -- Great Friday!

Marilyn had another early morning. Lucky me, I got to SLEEP IN. That is such a luxury around here! Hahaha.

Spent time on laundry and website -- and Rich and I chatted for around an hour about this and that. AND about work, too. We went over a press release he was getting ready to send out. (He likes to get my tweaks. And he had several of his OWN today! I was impressed!)

I talked to sister Sue this morning. She was at Larry's house. She stayed over night because she and Larry were leaving early today to head for the cribbage tournament in Lincoln City. She took third last night at local cribbage! (Don't tell ME she's confused -- because counting cards for cribbage isn't easy!) She said people were really nice about her hair.

I guess she might see Larry H. there, too, as there was some talk in an email from him about him being there...

Anyway, Marilyn didn't get home until around 2:00 p.m. Then I washed and did my hair while she did the treadmill (she's currently involved in a Fitbit challenge with some other people). Then she did her hair while I made some screencaps for her -- and started packing and so on.

I really held us up, I have to admit. We didn't leave for the beach until around 5:00 p.m. (rush hour!). And there were several accidents in town, so it was hard to even get out of north Portland at all!!!

We drove the 'fast' way (which only takes around 90 minutes) and got here around 7:00. Jeff had gone to golf and got back at almost the exact same time!

Poor Colin! He literally threw up in his carrier two minutes before we got to the house. (sigh) Anyway, we got the cats unpacked and I cleaned up the mess. Then we got the car unpacked, too.

Then Jeff, Marilyn and I had some drinks. And finally we drove over to the Shilo Inn (right by the turnaround to get a bite to eat and have more drinks. I suggested shots of tequila and beer back, so that's what we ALL ended up having!

We all love the atmosphere there. There was live music and a good and lively crowd. The food and drinks are good and we chatted and laughed and had a good time. And we call it a 'work meeting,' because (of course) we end up talking a TON about the festival and work (surprise).

After we went for a walk on the beach. It was chilly and blustery, so I gave in early and headed back to the car. Then we drove home and I was fading, so Jeff and Marilyn went for a walk and I came upstairs and got in my night clothes and unpacked my clothes.

So I'm blogging and they're watching a scary movie. Maybe I'll go join them. Otherwise I'll probably pass out upstairs. Hahaha.

Colin is pretty nervous, so he's hiding upstairs. But he'll come out and eat during the night. I might bring him up a bowl, actually. We'll see...

I did fill their water bucket, which is on the staircase. I was OUT (!!!) of 'cat water' (big jugs of bottled water) and had to use our small bottled waters (darn) to fill the bucket. How did we let that happen???

We decided NOT to haul a bunch of food down here, so there's really nothing much in the house to eat. But we're not hungry, considering we went out to eat. There's been talk of going to breakfast in the morning...

Jeff has to be home by 1:30 tomorrow.

I should be plotting what to put up at How To for Seniors, darn it all! I had an idea at one point, but it's gone out of my (kind of drunk) head. Hahaha. Maybe it will come back to me!

Marilyn and I love spending time with Jeff! He's really a great friend.

I sure hope SUE has a good time this weekend!

We were sorry Adeena couldn't come down, but totally think it's for the best. She needs to support her family in their efforts this weekend.

I wonder what I'm forgetting to share?

Well, it's been a great day. Looking forward to this 'vacation' weekend (we'll head back home to Portland on Sunday).

I don't know how many steps Marilyn and Jeff got. I took mine off when I was changing (!!!) and missed a bunch of steps, darn it! But I did manage to get 5,000, anyway. Not bad for somebody dealing with a sore hip, huh? (grin)

Pleasant dreams, everybody!
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