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Busy Day at the Office -- Feeling Accomplished!!!

Way too much to report -- and I'm too tired for a long entry...

Starbucks in the morning (it's all about STEPS today!).

Website all day long -- finishing up Sanctioned Events at the website. And tackling some complicated things, including adding CityFair to the Buy > Tickets page (harder than it sounds). Plus fixing the issue with multiple entries per several days of Fleet Week (totally okay now!).

Adeena and I make a GREAT team on all of this! Making banners for various pages and so on. The website is really LOOKING GOOD this year!!!

And I got a little 'bitched out' for the delay on getting the Starlight After-Party page up, so I made sure THAT happened today, too...

So it was a really satisfying day!!!

So much PAIN this morning. I was up a lot in the middle of the night with hip pain. But it eased back quite a bit at the office, thank God. Maybe Starbucks is a magic cure? Hahaha. Well, who knows? I haven't had coffee in ages!

Lunch was walking up to McDonald's (more steps!) and back via Seven Eleven (for soda - more steps). Chicken sands.

Met with Rich and Adeena about Sanctioned Events in the afternoon...

Adeena and I went back to Starbucks right before 5:00 (in time for Frappy Hour -- more steps).

Then Marilyn, Adeena, Christine, Zander and I walked up to jurying for IYSFF again (and more steps!). There was one AMAZING film that was shown -- it blew my socks off! I gave it a perfect score!!!

A tiny bit of rain walking back to the office.

Then Marilyn needed to work late to finish up a bunch of writing for the souvenir program. So I went and did some more work. And tweaked the How To For Seniors website I created for free at If you want to check it out, go HERE. There's NOT much there yet, as it's only been in place for three days. But hopefully I'll keep putting things up all the time and then we'll see how it goes. Hahaha.

I've made a little logo (kind of cute!). And I've been playing around with the layout, which has been interesting and fun. It's far from fancy, though! So be warned. Don't expect much from me, yet.

Anyway, we left work just past 9:00 and got home by 9:30. Then I needed to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher and take out all the garbage, recycling and composting for the week (yes, it's garbage night -- more steps!).

We're thinking about making popcorn to eat for dinner. Hahaha. Well, why not? And we each ate one of the cookies Marilyn brought home from sister Sue's hair appointment yesterday! The 'cookie man' has apparently returned (he's been gone for ages). Yummy peanut butter cookies!

So that's my day (a kind of short version of a very long and busy day). Glad it's nearly over! I'm sore and tired. But still happy about today!

I got more than 10,000 steps today -- and Marilyn got more than 15,000 (the last I heard Adeena had more than 10,000). What a great day for steps, huh? Go, US!!!

Tomorrow we'll head down to the beach, where Jeff will stay overnight for the second day in a row (he's there right now). We'll come home again on Sunday. (Adeena couldn't join us, as she needs to help her family clean up for the upcoming wedding that's going to be held at their house. That's okay. We'll have her there another time!)

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