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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Vertigo and Flareup? Both? Good Grief. 
gag, alfred - gag
Let's make this a QUICK entry, as I need to wash my hair before dashing to BED. (And it's late -- nearly 1:00 -- and I'm late blogging, as usual. Hahaha.)

Sister Sue got her HAIR DONE today! (Cut and color.) Marilyn headed to St. Johns around 2:00 (that's when Sue had her appointment) to be there to take her home after. (Candy drove Sue there and dropped her off.) I don't know what hairdresser she had (not Kathy), but it doesn't matter. What matters is that it's done -- and it looks great!!!

The next step is a PERM. I guess that has to wait another week or so, anyway...

Marilyn is so SWEET to pay for all this for Sue. I'm telling you, Marilyn is an amazing sister. No doubt about it! She's so generous with both Sue and ME, too.

Anyway, the BIG thing for her is giving up hours of her TIME -- especially this time of year when she's so busy! She skipped the trip to Spirit Mountain that she was supposed to make (she sent Jeff in her place). That's one of our main sponsors for the festival, so I hope it went well!

I was still fighting vertigo today, but it seems much BETTER tonight. My neck is only a little stiff. That Meclizine is amazing! And Frank? If your wife can't get a prescription, she can buy an over the counter version -- it's the main ingredient in lots of stuff sold for motion sickness (for traveling). I'm very sensitive to it -- it always makes me super sleepy and out of it. But Marilyn has taken it and had no reaction at all, so I don't know if the side effects bother everyone (probably not). It's WORTH IT, though. When you feel that dizzy and so on, you just want to feel normal again...

I did do a little festival WORK today, though not much. I just read where Ashley was asking about the Starlight After-Party page. That's something only I can do -- so I guess I'd better get on it tomorrow! Yikes.

Adeena is really grinding out the pages for Sanctioned Events! We should be pretty good there, now. I'll try and meet with Rich about it in the office tomorrow.

And I'm still playing around with that new blog for seniors that will be a How To help site. I'll let you guys know when I really roll it out. I want to actually start adding some HELPFUL stuff there, first. Hahaha.

EXCITING NEWS: Marilyn got 15,000 steps today (she got some walking, plus did the treadmill). Go, her!!! I've been so laid up with my damn right hip again that I can hardly walk. But I'll get there again, for sure. (Maybe when it finally warms up again. It was a bleak day and quite cold.)

Well, that's short, but I think I'll wrap it up for today.

We have jurying for IYSFF tomorrow night again. Looking forward to it!

April 28, 2016 (Thursday) 10:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you! If she gets it again I'll suggest that!