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Website and Other Festival Work

I talked to both sister Sue (in the morning) and my friend June (in the evening, briefly). And I wrote a couple of emails to my friend Shari -- finally! I've owed her emails for ages now.

Then I took the time tonight to carefully type out the instructions for downloading a book on to a Kindle Paperwhite (and had Marilyn test my steps). Now if June can't remember how -- and loses these notes -- I'll have them to send to her again.

I was actually thinking I should have a blog where I help people -- especially seniors -- with really basic instructions for various devices and so on. I'm pretty fair at writing up such instructions, and I know a lot of people have nobody to turn to for help. I often wonder what they do when they get stuck with some little problem.

The thing is, sometimes the small things are what get us down!

Anyway, just in case I need those instructions myself (you never know!), now I have them.

The annoying part? It's hard to find a place that tells us the actual names of the icons/buttons used on the Kindle. I like to use the proper names for things in my instructions. But I guess we're just supposed to GUESS what these are! (Really???) I spent more time hunting names than I did actually writing things up. (sigh)

Anyway, my day was spent on the festival website, for the most part. And emails I needed to answer. I had plenty to do, that's for sure...

I have news from work that Marilyn told me that I can't share here, yet. I'm not even sure why I'm bothering to mention it at all, seeing as I need to wait on details. Hahaha. I guess I'm just reminding myself that it actually happened today. (And took up a good portion of Marilyn's day, dealing with it. Poor Marilyn! It's so difficult for her to get to actually tackle her personal workload, what with things like this -- which are constant -- plus her many, many meetings and so on.)

They met with The Oregonian today at 1:00. She told me it went really well, which I'm glad to hear!

Tonight after work Marilyn came home and got me and we ran to Freddies to buy a few items we didn't manage to get at Walmart last night.

It started out with my NOT being able to get our brand of soy sauce -- which they have always carried in the past! Since the remodel (that I hate), they carry fewer brands of many items. (sigh) It makes me nuts. We like La Choy, for the record -- and, yeah, I know many people hate it. To each his own!

But we did find the Power Cups for our popcorn popper (you use one each time you pop a batch or two). I got three packages, as these were on sale. And we found the popper on sale ($3 off), so we got one to replace the one from the beach house that I brought home last time we were down there.

We also found a new hot pot for heating water -- a Sunbeam like the one I used to have that burned out (at the beach house). I'm so pleased!!! And Marilyn got her Chromium Picolinate that they didn't have at Walmart!

What else...? Oh, yeah! We got filters for our coffee pots (home and beach -- we have the same pot both places). And I got vacuum bags for the vacuum at the beach (we were totally out).

We came home and had dinner, then I made popcorn and we watched some "Leave it to Beaver." Now Marilyn's napping and I'm blogging (soon to nap).

It was cool all day. Actually, so cold this morning that I had to turn on the heat! (brr)

I guess that's pretty much my Monday. I'm tired, so I'll wrap up for today.
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