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Newsies Was AMAZING!!! Had a WONDERFUL Time!

Maybe I should explain: My icon 'friends' is from a scene in the movie "Newsies." (grin)

So, Marilyn, Adeena and I went to see "Newsies" at the Keller tonight. We sat in Box 14 (and I've had a lifelong dream to sit in that box someday, so it was COOL to be there!) and had front row seats. (Box 14 is way on the side toward the very front of the room, so you do miss a little of what's happening on stage. But it was still AWESOME! It's wonderful to be that close to the stage. I always felt it was glamorous because that was the box people sat in when they did it in the movies... smile...)

I cried a ton during the show, I was so delighted by it! I probably didn't stop crying for the first ten minutes, I was so moved. Just a joy to be there! (Adeena bought the tickets, but I need to pay her back for mine. She's giving Marilyn her ticket as a belated birthday gift. Adeena is incredibly GENEROUS all the time.)

We did attend Clown Corps Graduation today -- and Jeff was back from Fiesta San Antonio and also was there. It's a good group of clowns for 2016 (all women). And Marilyn did her usual great job speaking to them. (Jodi was there helping, as was Carol's husband Brian. And Aisha, Carol and Brian's daughter, was there, too. She's such a sweet girl.) Kate attended, too. I thought that was really good of her!

After that we went back to the office and met up with Adeena. We hung around for a bit then headed to Mandarin Cove to have dinner, which was REALLY YUMMY! They aren't very good for lunch anymore (sadly), but do wonderful food for dinner (a totally different menu). We each got something different and ate them family style, sharing. And the tea was strong and hot. We ate a ton! (Marilyn was kind enough to pay for our dinner. She's always generous.)

After that we walked to the Keller. I got a glass of champagne (don't ask how much that cost!) and we all three got souvenirs (I got a tee and they got hoodies -- plus Marilyn and I got mugs). Fun!

The show was just WONDERFUL!!! There aren't words. The Keller was PACKED with people! I know there were a few empty seats, but it was really a pretty full house! And the crowd LOVED the show! They cheered and clapped constantly -- which the performers deserved! At one point after the newsies had been dancing the clapping just went on and on and on!

Marilyn and I both posted to Instagram from the event. And I sent mine out to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well. And get this: Disney's NEWSIES at Twitter REPLIED TO MY TWEET!!! How cool is that? I was pretty impressed that they're that on it when somebody Tweets about the show. They wrote: Enjoy the show and never forget to #SeizetheDay!

I don't Tweet all that often, but I suppose this should encourage me to do so more frequently. Hahaha.

After we got home, Marilyn and I grabbed our list and forced ourselves to head to Walmart to shop. We needed a ton of stuff. I put on my Newsies tee and she put on her hoodie! And we listened to the Newsies sound track (from the movie) all the way there and back home again.

We had a very full cart of groceries and supplements. If you guess that it cost us more than $200 you'd be on the money... The car was full to the rafters coming home.

Now I'm blogging before we head to bed.

We both got more than 6,000 steps today (but I don't know the exact number and don't have it here right now).

Marilyn did get the Mayor's statement done for the souvenir program, by the way. And started on the president's message.

Tomorrow afternoon Marilyn and Jeff meet with The Oregonian (newspaper and online communications) about the festival for 2016. They plan to get together in the morning to play what they'll cover and who will say what in the meeting...

Adeena Photoshopped a picture of the Court for the website and other uses. She took people out and filled in the background with trees -- it looks great!!! I'm really pleased with her work.

Can't think what I'm forgetting to mention tonight. I know there was something I wanted to say, but it's not coming to me...

Marilyn said Sue was GREAT when she talked to her this morning about tennis. I'm so glad to hear that.

Well, off to bed! Sleep well, all.
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