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Work on Saturday. Plus Mexican Food for Dinner!

Marilyn was up early enough to leave the house by 7:30 (!!!). She had Court Orientation this morning.

I slept in, thankfully! Gosh, sleep is a lovely, lovely thing! (grin)

After her Court deal, Marilyn went to the office to get some writing done. She needed to write the Mayor's message for the souvenir program today.

I spent a bunch of time working on the website. I was going crazy with the banner on the Royal Rosarian knighting page. The picture being used was a few years old, so that's immediately an issue for the Royal Rosarians. The PM in the photo has certain people who aren't fans, so that's another issue. I wanted a generic image that could be used for ANY year. So I used a rose backdrop and put the scepter on it and called it good. (Marilyn agreed this was a good idea, reminding me of someone who is really not a fan of said PM. Hahaha.)

I also made sure we had an image up on the Band page linking back to which Ken owns and operates. That used to ALWAYS be true with the old website. But I guess I never checked it when we went to the new site! (My bad!!!) This was one of those things I personally decided to add to the site, so I'm glad it's there again. I had to go look for the animated gif I'd previously used, which looks great there...

I also did a bunch of household chores I really (really!) needed to get done. Go, me.

I chatted with Adeena about website at one point, too.

I'm trying to remember what all I did, but I'm tired and it's just not coming to me right now...

Marilyn and Adeena went over to Clown school to watch "From One Rose" with the clowns. Adeena had never seen it before! We'll need to watch it together sometime so I can share all of the photos that they used that are ours.

That was created in 2007 (our Centennial year) by the Student Film Project. They needed a bunch of historic photos and turned to ME to help them out. (Don't get me started about the Oregon Historical Society! They were no help at all that year! And wanted to charge us to use festival photos.) Anyway, I put in THREE really full days (like 6-8 hours each day) going through photos and preparing them for use for the film. I'M SO GLAD I DID THIS, by the way! It was a great use of my time and I'm proud of my involvement with the project.

I was actually SHOCKED by how many they ended up using in the film! (If any of you would like to see the movie, I could probably send you a copy. Marilyn and I bought quite a few copies that we've yet to give away. She was listed as the Producer of the film, if I haven't mentioned that...)

When we watch it I'll be saying, "There's Grandma Elsie." And "There's Aunt Mabel." Like that the entire film. They used a number of photos of our Mom. There's a cool one of Dad and Mom sitting on the front of a car kissing. There's even a photo of Marilyn and me as kids. And our cat, Jack, from years back. Hahaha. They used a photo of Grandma and Grandpa's house (from Minnesota), too. Seriously, I should COUNT the number of photos some day. I really should.

When Marilyn was heading home she phoned to have me pull myself together so we could go out for gas and food. So I rushed around and put in my contacts, brushed my hair and got dressed. Yeah, I often just hang out in my pajamas and glasses when I'm working from home. What the heck.

We got the car gassed, then went over to get takeout from the Burrito House (tacos and rice). We ate that and watched some TV -- it was 'like a party' (as we frequently like to say). Then we napped.

When we got up we decided to have the beers we didn't have with our meal. We had Bud Light, and again they were very flat!!! That's part of why I'm so sleepy now. Even half a beer will do that to me when I'm already tired.

Clown Corps Graduation is tomorrow. Then we'll go to dinner with Adeena and head to see "Newsies." That should be great fun!

No. I couldn't get myself up for shopping, even though we REALLY NEED TO GO. We're out of a bunch of stuff. (sigh) But I just didn't feel like it, even though Marilyn suggested we go. Oh well.

I need to wash my hair, but couldn't get myself up for that, either.

GOOD NEWS!!! Marilyn had sister Sue set up her hair appointment for next week with Kathy. It's for Wednesday. Candy will drop her off, and Marilyn will pick her up and bring her home after. She's getting a cut and color, as Kathy won't perm at the same time. (We'll have to set that up for later.) It was nice of Candy to offer to take her. Marilyn couldn't do both, so she'd told Sue to find someone to get her there. And while she was looking, Candy volunteered.

I think that's pretty much our Saturday, anyway.

I finished the book I was reading. Such a disappointment! I liked the concept. I thought the writing was pretty good. I liked the characters. But it was the first book in a series -- and it absolutely could NOT stand alone! So it left off with a cliff hanger. And I'll NEVER READ THAT AUTHOR AGAIN. I've been there before, and I always feel highly annoyed and cheated out of my time. I should have read a different book with my free time, which I hold very dear.

I don't mind series. Some of my favorite books are part of series. But they MUST stand alone! If I never read any other book in a given series, I'd want to feel I'd read a COMPLETE story in the one book. I could give tons of examples. But that book certainly was NOT one of them.

I'll probably take time to review it at Amazon, just so I can 'warn' others. I certainly wish that I had been warned! I always read the reviews before I even download a book at Amazon for my Kindle. Such a waste. Seriously! The author hurts himself -- and the reader -- with this crap, that's for sure.

You know, this man not only wrote good male characters, but did a good job with the women, too. Again, it's a shame...

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention: I did my Extra Userpics (icons) package for another year. It's not inexpensive, so I was thinking maybe I wouldn't do it. But Marilyn said I use my blog every day, so that was crazy. I guess she has a good point! Hahaha. What other things do I do almost every day of my life, after all?

Well, off to bed! Sweet dreams, dear friends.
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