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Ken Called -- We're Going to "Newsies" -- Adeena Came By

Adeena contacted Marilyn and me about going to see "Newsies" on this coming Sunday. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie "Newsies," it's from 1992, a Disney film featuring Christian Bale as Jack Kelly -- and based on the actual newsboy strike in the 1890's in New York City. The movie is a FAVORITE of Marilyn's and mine -- I don't even know how many, many times we've watched it! We really love that film.

Anyway, it was turned into a Broadway musical -- and is currently here in Portland. The musical is different from the movie -- the female lead is not the sister of Davey and Les, but a newspaper reporter that Jack falls for. Apparently the songs differ as well. And Pulitzer is not the awful bad guy he was in the movie, as Jack ends up WORKING FOR HIM at the end of the musical! It should be interesting to see the differences. Bryan Denton is the reporter in the movie (played by Bill Pullman, a favorite actor) -- clearly replaced by Katherine Plumber, reporter, in the musical (there apparently is no Sarah, who Jack fell for in the film).

When we saw "Mame" (on May 10, 2015) the musical was obviously different from the movie "Auntie Mame" that we've always watched and loved.

We've seen very little live theater in our lives, but always enjoy it when we do! And we're really looking forward to this.

We have the Clown Corps graduation on Sunday, but that's earlier in the day...

I can't help wondering if Jessica is going to see it (she was Marilyn's assistant during the Centennial year at the festival and is a HUGE "Newsies" fan)...

I worked on the website today, but didn't get everything done I'd planned to. Oh well. It will all get done eventually! Hahaha.

I was going to Remote in to Katie and have her try doing the Float page -- with me walking her through the code. Christine had wanted to sit with her and observe, as well. That page is more complicated than the other pages because it has a heavy amount of code.

Adeena came by on her lunch break. But unfortunately she and I didn't get to talk much, because Ken phoned me while she was here and talked for half an hour (!!!). But I really needed to catch up with Ken, so that was fine.

Amusing note: Rob and Jeff are Marilyn's and my friends -- and I originally met them because they're friends of Ken who live here in Portland. Rob was telling all of us that Ken would turn 50 on Grand Floral Parade day -- so we've been planning accordingly. It turns out Rob got the date wrong! Ken will have his birthday on June 11 -- but he's turning 49, not 50! I thought he was joking when he told me today. Hahaha. Poor Rob! He's going to be so disappointed.

Anyway, Ken and I were discussing whether or not he should judge bands for the parade or not. He decided to do it. I love him for that. I totally understand WHY. He's an events person -- and that's what we do! Hahaha.

I talked to sister Sue this morning, who is really suffering from her fall. (sigh) Her daughter-in-law Tammy didn't manage to make an appointment for Sue's hair, so I'm going to try and do that tomorrow. Marilyn thinks she and I could take Sue next Saturday, if Kathy has an opening...

I think Sue will feel much better when her hair is done. And Marilyn feels it's imperative to get it done. She doesn't even want to take her to another doctor appointment until after that. (She feels Sue appears too 'old and frail' with her gray, un-styled hair. I think that's very true, by the way. Doctors treat you very differently when they see you as 'old.')

Spaghetti for dinner (no garlic toast!). Marilyn ate the sauce (no pasta). And we had homemade popcorn after that. We've been planning to have the popcorn all week long, so I'm glad we finally did.

Marilyn needs to be up VERY EARLY tomorrow for Court Orientation. I'll probably start doing some more website work at that point. I also have some chores around here I MUST tackle. We need to go SHOPPING at some point, as we're nearly out of several things.

Say, by the way, if you don't drink pop, that's fine. Or coffee. But PLEASE don't try to tell ME not to drink them! I can make a list as long as my arm as to why coffee is GOOD for you, by the way. (And I've done it before.) And maybe diet pop isn't great for you, but I don't give a damn. Got it? I'll drink what I want to, and you drink what you want to. I won't go into WHY I'm mentioning this, but boy was I annoyed today to get a 'lecture' about drinking those beverages. Spare me, please. Everybody is an 'expert' and thinks they need to tell others what to drink. Geez.

I'm forgetting to share things here. But it's late (again). So I'll take my meds and head to bed, I guess. At least it's not 4:00 in the morning! (Only 2:00.) So it could be worse!

Happy dreams, all!
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