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Long Day. So Tired.


It's actually ten minutes to 4:00 a.m. right now. Well into April 22 -- rather than April 21. (sigh) As you can obviously tell, I just never woke up before midnight to blog on Thursday...


The good news was that Adeena did come in time to pick me up so she and I could get down to the festival office in plenty of time to participate in the jurying for the International Youth Silent Film Foundation (IYSFF) tonight.

Actually, we got to the office by 4:30, so we walked over to get Starbucks (my treat this time) before going. On the way we stopped at Anne's so I could get a couple of bottles of soda. (JP never has ANYTHING for the participants. I remember last year he had one bottle of wine for all three rooms full of jurors! Hahaha.)

Everybody was saying he'd have soda or he'd have water. I was like, 'oh hell no.' So I suggested WE take along wine, which we did (four bottles -- 3 red and one white). That was pretty popular, actually! (grin)

Anyway, at around 5:30 our large group walked up there (it's several blocks). Good thing so many of us went, by the way, because there weren't a bunch of other volunteers -- festival people were pretty much it!

It's actually a WONDERFUL experience. I'd say around half of us had been jurors before. Marilyn has NEVER missed going in all these years. Anyway, they break us up into three different rooms and we sit in the dark with our score sheets. Knowing this, I brought along a bunch of flashlights for people to use. I should have brought PENCILS (I'll do that next week for sure!). Fortunately I had my fave mechanical pencil with me.

Then we have a batch of movies made by students that we watch (kids 20 or younger can participate). Some of the movies are pretty bad. Others are okay. And then you get one or two GEMS to see! We had two really good ones in our room.

After we're done they thank us (more than once) for coming, and we walk back to the office and head for home...

It was Adeena's first time. And Christine had brought her son Zander (whom I love -- he's a high school student). Rich brought his wife Merlin. And it was the first time for Katie and Kate. Everybody enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to doing it again NEXT Thursday night.

So Marilyn and I came home and threw baby tacos in the microwave, and I put on cabbage to cook for our dinner. Then we napped almost immediately after that. I was so out of it from my half a cup of wine and a long day that I never woke until just before 4:00! Good grief.

Today I focused a bunch on website stuff. I think we may have FINALLY finished the domain transfer for RoseCup.Com (at long last). (I wonder if they get that they ALSO own RoseCup.Org or not? They haven't done ANYTHING with that! Oh well. I'm not sure I'm going to make a point of it, frankly, after all this long, long mess.)

I called my friend Rob to talk about the visit this year of Ken (from Marching.Com). He turns 50 on GFP day! I guess he's going to be one of the band judges for the parade. Marilyn wanted to know if he was staying with Rob and Jeff (Ken is how I originally met these two years ago) -- or if he needed a hotel room (I guess he might want one for Friday night before the Saturday parade day).

I spent AGES (hours) on the eNewsletter today with Kate. And finally called and reached my friend Oliver to have him check things out. I had thought it was the engine (the service we use) that had the problem. But it turns out that Kate had made an error during the upload. Anyway, we finally got the eNewsletter out just fine. Hahaha. (Hours of my time later. But that's okay.)

Bad News: Sister Sue was staying overnight Wednesday night at her son Larry's house. She was in Levi's room, got up in the dark to go to the bathroom and stumbled in the dark, taking quite a fall!!! Poor thing!

I had phoned to talk to her, and she told me about this and that she was pretty bad off. I'm asking frantically whether or not she's been to the doctor. So finally I call Larry (who is at work) to find out what's what. He says she wounded herself in a couple of places (broke the skin and bled) and he bandaged those. She HIT HER HEAD (!!!) and had a bump and she was very bruised. Sue has ALWAYS bruised easily -- but now she's on blood thinner all the time, so that's even worse. She was in pain when we talked, but I had IMMEDIATELY phoned Marilyn who said we'd go by Larry's assessment (he was there, after all). Larry said he didn't think she needed to see a doctor, so there we are.

I always panic and think a doctor visit sounds like a good idea. Hahaha. But I'm just worried about her. As long as she's okay, I guess it doesn't matter... I just worry.

I did talk to Tammy more than once (Larry's wife -- Sue's daughter-in-law). Tammy was wonderful with Mom years ago during her cancer treatment, so I feel she's bound to be a big help with Sue.

Marilyn asked me to arrange for Sue to get her hair done -- and we'd pay for it. Funny, because Tammy told me they'd been thinking the same thing. But they were going to take her to a beauty college (it's far cheaper that way). I told her the number of our salon (Sue and I go to the same place) and to set it there. So she's going to get the works: Color, cut and perm. I'm sure that will make Sue feel much better (it certainly makes ME feel better after I get my hair done!).

Marilyn also feels it will make her DOCTORS look at her differently! There's something about not being gray and looking OLD that might influence how they perceive her. Very good point, Marilyn!

I wish it wasn't true, but it is! The older a doctor thinks you are -- and thinks you act -- the more they'll treat you differently than someone they think of as 'younger.' If you think there's no age discrimination when you see doctors, then you aren't older! I can't tell you how many times I've noticed a change in attitude when they realized I was 50, for example (back in the day). And after 60??? Okay then!

Sue could use being seen as a younger old person, if that makes sense. Trust me, it does from my perspective!!! Hahaha.

Anyway, I was on the phone for several hours about Sue today.

Turns out that Marilyn and Candy were texting back and forth about Sue, as well! Somehow Sue had an appointment for tomorrow (!!!) that Candy couldn't take her to -- and that Marilyn didn't even know about. Marilyn manages Sue's website connection with her doctors, so she should get email messages about any and all appointments. So somebody screwed this up!!! Marilyn had to contact them and change the appointment, because nobody could go with Sue. Plus Marilyn doesn't EVER want to go in without blood work FIRST. They can't even discuss her condition without those results, so it makes sense (duh, doctor's office).

And I'd had an email from June that her iPad wasn't working. I didn't know what the problem was, so I phoned there early to find out (talking to her hubby Jim). June phoned me back later and we talked it through on the phone. She thought she wasn't connected to the internet (she was). This is something about Gmail where it stops working for some damn reason. God, do I HATE Gmail! It seems to have nothing but problems! I get that tons of people use it without issues -- and that Donn loves it. But I'm the person always dealing with those issues. Seriously. And I have it, but it's never worked all that well for me!!!

At least it's working on both June's computer and her iPhone (where I last had to do things to get it working, I believe). Or maybe it WAS her iPad last time, too! This could be about UPDATES -- but I don't like June to do any updates without my help...

I guess I need to get over there to see the issue myself. Not sure when I'll be able to do that. We're working this weekend both days.

Marilyn has Court Orientation very early Saturday morning. Then we have Clown School. And Sunday is Clown School Graduation (which we never miss).

Sue B. was in town today! Her father hasn't been doing well. So she stopped by to see Marilyn today. I'm sorry I missed her. Sue's a former president of the festival (two year term) and friend. She was very active on the festival board for years, and now lives in Oklahoma. (Jeff and his family recently vacationed at Sue and Dennis' home.)

I'm sure I'm missing lots of what went on today, but I need to head to bed (it's well past 4:00 now!!!).

I finally took my night time meds. So off I go. Not sure if I'm going to the office or not tomorrow. I need to do more website stuff. Katie and I will tackle a VERY HARD PAGE together tomorrow. It's actually easier in some ways to do it from here. I Remote in to her computer and let her do most of the 'driving' on the computer. But I can step in when I need to. And I'm on the phone explaining things as we go. That works very well with Adeena and Christine, so I think that's maybe the best way with Katie, too...

I should try that method with Kate for the next eNewsletter, I think. So I can see how she does her work. There were a few code errors -- and I'd love to know how she got them.

Well, time for bed! More tomorrow. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

By the way, it wasn't such a good idea not to take my contacts out the second I got home from work!!! Yikes.
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