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Resting My Eyes (Kind Of) -- Website Stuff (Cool!)

Marilyn and Adeena left the house early -- leaving me sleeping (such a luxury!). They had Living History again today.

Not sure if I've explained this or not: Adeena lives in Battle Ground, Washington. It's quite a ways to come. If she's going to work at the festival office downtown, she drives directly there. If she's going to one of the Living History performance venues (which have been schools, recently), then she comes here to our house, instead. She parks her car out front and rides with Marilyn until they come back home at night. Then Adeena hops in her car and heads back home again. Actually, that saves on parking, which is not true for her when she's downtown! (And downtown parking isn't cheap, by the way.) For the record, parking is one of Marilyn's job-related benefits (part of her contract). We realize how lucky we are to have that, believe me. Like getting our gas provided for us, we don't ever take it for granted. (Believe me, Marilyn earns all of these things and then some.)

I got up around 8:00-ish today. But my goal was to really, truly let my eyes rest for a good portion of the day. Especially when it came to being on the computer. So in the morning I tried not to go near the computer much (after checking my email, of course).

Today was another warm day, but nothing to the past two days, thankfully! Still, it was in the 80's in the house upstairs (!!!), so not very comfortable. I did run the air a little, but did NOT want to get it too cold downstairs...

Sister Sue and I talked this morning. She's doing okay -- and seems VERY good to me! Not at all confused like before. I have to believe that one medicine that they've taken her off of had a lot to do with her confusion.

I guess she and Candy have been talking about her going back to Marquis Care at Piedmont again (where she was when she got out of the hospital). I'm not sure how that could happen with her in good health, though. Covering the cost would be difficult, I'm sure.

And Candy and Sue together pay for their current home -- so I don't see HOW Candy could expect to pay for it alone if Sue's money was going for some other place...

Anyway, I was surprised to hear Sue talking about going there. I certainly hope she's able to remain home! I'd like to see her get back to having her own car and being able to drive. I'm not even sure WHY she hasn't been able to, as TWO DOCTORS cleared her to do so. (I don't know why Dr. Young got involved in that decision, considering he really doesn't have the background on what's been going on with her recently...)

Of course, I guess if Candy is determined to KEEP Sue's car, it will be hard for Sue to get it back again.

I miss my sister.

Sue and I can at least talk on the phone. But we used to see each other all the time! Even during my busy time of year. It's just not fair.

I'm really sweating sitting here typing this. It's too hot upstairs. I just turned on the air, so I could give us a shot of coolness. I need to wash and dry my hair, and I'm not sure I could stand to do it otherwise.

I did do some festival website work today. Rose Cup was one focus. Plus some other things.

The exciting thing I did? I created a Member Login page at our website! In order to do any website work, you have to log in at a certain URL that offers you a login Username and Password area. Previously there was no easy way to access this. But now you just go to our website from wherever you happen to be, then sign in! It's amazing easy. I don't know WHY we haven't had that from the very beginning...

Part of the idea came from my learning to access the footer menu area yesterday -- which is where I put the Member Login link (it just wouldn't be appropriate anywhere else). The other part just came to me when I was messing around with some How To pages that FISH had set up for me at some point. We never really went over any of it, so I had no idea how much they'd done until yesterday and today. I started thinking of ways I could utilize this, anyway -- and the login idea just came to me.

I think I should recommend it to them for future sites they set up for others. It's certainly convenient! And you see this at many sites, of course -- a place for 'members' to sign in. The public isn't put off by it, because it's commonly used.

This sort of tinkering is really make me more creative about the website, anyway. I still want to make notes that we can all use that tell us HOW to do things at the site. And it looks like I can do that right at the site! Very cool, huh?

Marilyn got home very early for her -- and what would be a normal time for most people! Hahaha. She was worn out. The Living History stuff is hard work, I'm sure, performing twice in front of groups. You have to be pretty on for that. (Plus she's still trying to get over the lasting effects of her last bug, I'm afraid.) I think Adeena was tired, too. She's been getting up very early and working late. And she still has school and her other job to worry about, aside from Living History and being a festival intern...

We ate very little for dinner. Some frozen food I heated up.

I did text for awhile tonight with my friend Mark. I miss him! It was nice to catch up a bit... But finally I just drifted off to sleep in mid-text.

I'm working tomorrow -- and tomorrow night we have jurying for the International Youth Silent Film Festival, so a big bunch of us will be working late. They don't even provide snacks or beverages for that, if you can believe it! I mainly think that's odd because it falls during what would be dinner for hard-working people like us from the festival. Oh well.

I'll make sure I have a bottle of pop to take along, at least! Hahaha.

Then I'll have garbage and recycling to do when I get home! I should have put some of that out today, but I didn't even think about it. (sigh)

Well, time to go wash my hair! Then head to bed!

I do think my eyes are better. I guess we'll see what happens when I'm back on the computer all day long. I need to remember to take a flash light tomorrow night! It's dark in the rooms where we vote and that was a pain last year...

Oh! Almost forgot! We got a severe weather warning around 6:00 that was to run from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and could include thunderstorms with lightning and hail! As far as I could tell, we got some thunder and wind and some rain. I didn't see any hail or lightning, though. But Adeena did, heading home!!!

Well, good night, and sleep tight!
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