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Accomplishments at the Festival Today!

As mentioned yesterday, today I trained Ana.

But before that, a HUGE group of us headed over in the morning to get Starbucks (I had a dark cherry yogurt and my beloved Flat White). Jeff was home sick (he's been fighting a bug for some time now), so I had Donn park in his spot this morning when he came in around 9:30-ish.

Marilyn (Rich goes with) had a speaking engagement this morning. In fact, Sheila and I ended up having a discussion in her office and she sent us packing, reminding us that she needed to prepare for her upcoming speech (duh, Charlie!!!).

Sheila wanted to start discussing computers on site for CityFair -- but it's really too soon for that. I gave the accounting department two of my old laptops at some point in time, and they use these when they move on site. Donn agreed that she should be able to Remote back to her desktop and use Quickbooks from CityFair -- we'll see how that goes...

Anyway! Ana got in just before 10:00. Marilyn and Rich were gone for the speech. Jeff was out sick. Sheila was running Staff meeting. I started training downstairs and the remaining staff went to Staff meeting (Christie and Ariel were both out, too).

Ana was a JOY to train!!! It's funny, I'd told Marilyn I'd had a good feeling about her just hearing her name. She was so GOOD that she was telling ME things before I could get them out! Amazing. And she was so warm and outgoing! It turns out her boyfriend does IT, so she's miles ahead of most people for knowing proper behaviors, like not clicking links, care in installing applications, care with email use. She mentioned RansomeWare to me (!!!), which is one of our current concerns on the IT level -- but is rarely something anyone else in the office would be aware of. We finished up between 11:30 and noon -- not bad when you consider we didn't start until 10:00-ish.

Donn was working on some on-going projects. And he brought in some new hardware, including a set of speakers we needed and some surge protectors (!!!) that he got on sale. We've been trying to get these in place for YEARS -- especially on Marilyn's side of the building where we've had ongoing issues...

Go, Donn! (woo hoo)

Jeff came in later in the day. He was still clearly sick, but said he felt much better. That he had slept in and sat out in the sun. He leaves for Fiesta San Antonio tomorrow.

In the non-IT department, I made some SIGNIFICANT strides with our website today! Steven had had a request from the Portland Marathon for us to put the Point One Run in the footer menu at our website. He was actually forwarding said email to let us know our email blast was coming soon. But I decided to investigate until I could reason out HOW to add an item there (I've never been able to do this before today). I didn't want to have to contact FISH, so I just kept poking around. And within half an hour I'd figured it out and done the work!!! (woo hoo)

Later on I was working on the Rose Cup Races -- and needed to eliminate some sub-pages from that event. In the past it had a total of five pages -- and we were talking it down to two, instead. I had believed from the appearance of said pages that this was related to navigation (meaning the menu). So I just kept looking, thinking I should be able to reason it out! I'd already had luck with the menu earlier in the day. But it turns out it was NOT the menu! I finally got it -- without making a phone call for help. Again, this took me around half an hour to accomplish it, so I was pretty damn pleased. Go, me! Hahaha.

Adeena and I spent some time working on website together. This is such a delight! We really make a good team on website, I have to say.

Adeena also took me for more Starbucks (I had a iced tea lemonade). Yummy!

I need some time to start writing up HOW all of this stuff is done. Adeena and I had made some strides yesterday and continue to do so. It's actually a real pleasure...

Then I spent some time on the transfer of the RoseCup.Com domain from doteasy to godaddy. That's more complicated than it sounds, I'm sure! Hahaha. But I'd love to finally get it done! I got a couple of emails from doteasy (they are a continued delight to work with -- and always have been). So I'll continue the process in the morning...

My eyes (especially the right eye) were driving me crazy again today. I was really squinting and suffering by afternoon.

Oh! Marilyn gave me $$$ to get lunch. So I went over to the Turkey Place to pick something up for both of us. Today I had the chicken yakisoba. Yummy! And I got whatever it is Marilyn likes for her.

We left around 7:00-ish to come home, stopping at Arby's to pick up dinner (I certainly didn't want to cook in the heat!!!). We got our fish flatbread sandwiches and the peach tea we love.

It was VERY, VERY HOT when we got home tonight! I had turned on the air in the morning, but I had it set way, way too high! Yikes. Miserable. I turned it on for a time as we ate. Then after dinner I shut it off again before we both took naps.

Now we're awake and Marilyn needs to wash her hair (I did mine last night -- but she never got to her hair). So I'm giving us another shot of cold before I shut it down for the night...

Finally, Marilyn and I watched a film from 1952 called "Red Planet Mars," a RED SCARE propaganda film. Neither one of us had EVER seen this before, and we were fascinated by it, even though it was shocking religious propaganda. I can't say I'd recommend the film, exactly. However if you, like us, have never seen it, you might find it equally fascinating to watch. Interestingly enough, it has received mixed reviews over the years! There were critics who liked it a lot, believe it or not.

Oh! I did TRY to phone my sister Sue so we could chat, but didn't reach her. I only had a short free period at that point during the day. Later on I thought to myself 'I should try and call Sue' -- then remembered I had tried! Hahaha. I was sorry to miss talking to her. Maybe tomorrow.

We're giving the house a shot of cool right now, thankfully! Marilyn is washing her hair and we'll head to bed soon.

Marilyn has more Living History tomorrow. I'm staying home and giving my poor eyes a day off from wearing contacts -- and as much rest as I can, poor eyes. I have more website work to do, but it's going to need to wait...

Well, good night, all! Sleep well.
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