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HOT Day -- Living History ROCKS!

I missed the weather report on TV for today. You'd think that wouldn't matter, wouldn't you? It should be EASY to find the information online, right? Wrong! I believe that I've seen it reached 89' today, but I'll be damned if I can confirm that information. Oh well. I'm telling you it was VERY, VERY HOT today! I'd heard on the noon news that we might break our record high for today. Not sure if we did or not, but it was hot.

Here's the problem...

Yes, we have air conditioning in our Portland home. But if we RUN it, then it gets way, way TOO COLD downstairs in the family room and Marilyn's bedroom. So all day long while I was home I kept changing the thermostat. I wanted it to run, but not so hard that it was a meat locker downstairs. What a bitch it is to maintain. (sigh)

I was upstairs, so I was pretty miserable. If I'd gone downstairs I'd have been equally uncomfortable, however. I'd have been too cold!

I guess when we had the air we put in too many vents downstairs (my fault, I think). And there's no way to shut them off (believe me I've tried several things). It's stupid, huh? It seems like you should be able to redirect all that cold air to the upstairs where it's needed! And totally avoid the downstairs. But hell no...

When Marilyn got home I totally turned the air off. She was downstairs coughing like mad. She can't seem to shake that cough -- and getting cold certainly doesn't help, poor thing!

Speaking of her getting home, she didn't make it until well past 7:00 tonight.

I made no dinner, because I sure as hell wasn't going to cook in this hot house! She ate some veggies and dip. I ate a few veggies, too. But I wasn't all that hungry, probably due to the heat.

We watched an interesting film tonight. "Pinky" is a 1949 film that deals with a woman (Pinky) who is black, but is so light-skinned that she can pass as white. She went away to school in the North to be educated as a nurse and returns back South where she is ill-treated as a black person.

Marilyn and I enjoyed it very much. It was a controversial film, partly because a white woman played the part of Pinky. I understand why some people object, but I think that's called acting (like men or women playing the opposite gender or so on). I highly recommend it, personally. Worth seeing!

Marilyn didn't wake me this morning (she said I was sleeping so soundly she just couldn't do it!). That was really kind of her. I've been so tired. But she did text me that she'd come to get me before they went to the SECOND performance of Living History for the day. So I got up and got ready to go (in my uniform).

It was at The Madeleine, a Catholic school located in historic Northeast Portland. (The first performance today was at Holy Redeemer, here in North Portland.) Interestingly enough, I went to the SAME school last year to see the Living History for 2015 (before Marilyn was part of it). Roger (Candee's husband) was there last year -- and it was his school as a boy! It's really a lovely school.

I LOVED seeing them perform! They were all very good -- and Marilyn and Adeena are especially good!!! I know, you think I'm biased, but seriously, they stand out for how well they do.

It was nice of Marilyn and Adeena to get me, take me there and then bring me back. I could have gone to work with them, but wanted to take today off. Tomorrow will be another very busy day for me. I'll be training new staff person Ana...

My eyes are still bothering me some (especially my right eye). I noticed they were worse when I was on the computer, so I spent a lot of the day 'resting' them -- either sitting around with my eyes closed, or reading, watching (mostly LISTENING to) TV or using my iPad. For some reason my iPad and my Kindle don't seem to bother my eyes (anyway, they don't water the way they do when I'm trying to use my desktop computer!).

Talked to Donn several times about IT. Another computer went out today! He had to pull a spare and set it up for Ana. (sigh) Now he'll need to reformat that one. Good grief. It's a hard IT year.

Adeena and I did do some website stuff together this afternoon. I really enjoy it. She follows it so well and we enjoy a good team effort between us. If I'd just write this stuff down!!! Well, maybe I'll try doing some of that tomorrow... (sigh)

I talked to sister Sue today -- and she sounded WONDERFUL, by the way! I can't speak for others, but she didn't seem AT ALL CONFUSED to me! I think she's doing really well. She's been making a strong effort with weight loss and exercise and can get around really good (from what I've heard). I'm so proud of her!!!

She found her missing cell phone, thankfully! And had a good time visiting with her son Larry and his family this past weekend.

We'd been going to invite her to drive down with us to the beach house, but she was still out at Larry's so we didn't bother. I just miss getting to see her! It's hard on both Sue and me, as we're very close...

Well, I need to wash my hair and get to bed! Work tomorrow!!!

Good night, and pleasant dreams!
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