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It's Wednesday... and I Think I'm Fighting a Cold.

But I plan to battle it hard. I'm not ready to be sick again!

I finally finished this entry, by the way!

One of my Resolutions for the New Year was to quit starting entries but never getting them finished -- and posted! (smile) My new method is to actually put them here in my LJ as a private entry, figuring I'll get to them sooner or later... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. (It beats writing them up saving them on my computer -- but forgetting the date I wrote them. Among other problems...)

I just realized that I've posted an awful lot of private posts recently, though! (grin) I wrote two tutorials this month, plus I'm working on a couple others that I've posted privately. (It makes them easy to access during a break at work, which is more convenient than any other way of keeping track of them away from home...)

I'm going in to the office tomorrow and have a ton I'd like to get done around here today!

Then Marilyn mistressmarilyn plans (at this point) to take Friday off, which would mean a three-day weekend for her. We even talked about going to the beach and staying over one night. (Maybe. We want to leave it 'spur of the moment' if we do that...) Yes, we still plan to go in to work for several hours over the weekend. We really need to set up her files, which we never did back in December! It would make things a lot nicer and easier for her if we finally did that! We don't mind going in on weekends. Then we're entirely on our own schedule.

By the way, did you LJ Friends go and see the ice skaters as cowboys that I linked to? Nobody mentioned it, but personally I got a kick out of it in light of "Brokeback Mountain." (grin)

Time to get to my work!

Tags: 2006, march-2006, resolutions

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