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Day at the Beach House (Quick Trip!) -- And Hours of Work Tonight

To start with, my poor EYES have been suffering. Marilyn and I talked it out today, and I probably used that 'new' solution for around a week. We bought the new bottle just before her birthday -- but I had my old solution at the beach house, so that's what I used while there. I wouldn't have started on the new stuff until we returned home to Portland on Sunday night. (That's a week from today, in other words.)

In the middle of the night I was so miserable I got up and used bottled water to wash out my eyes several times. And I took a Meclizine because I was having an allergic reaction, period, all over my body! I had broken out in rashes on the inside of both wrists and had an itchy scalp. Yes, I think all these things were tied to the solution.

When you look them all up, side by side, there's QUITE a difference in the ingredients one brand from another. There were numerous complaints about the 'new' brand. But it was by a MAJOR brand name -- one that used to be the ONLY brand around. (I used it way back when, in other words.) My other brand that I've used for years is a 'recent' brand by comparison.

I did wear contacts today, because sometimes when my eyes are irritated, putting contacts in is actually soothing. They felt MUCH, MUCH BETTER than yesterday, thank God. And they were so SWOLLEN in the middle of the night! The swelling had gone down and they weren't bloodshot at all. But they watered and watered (especially my right eye) all day long. They weren't as blurry, but I did have some blurriness, even so. I kept my sunglasses on much of the day, anyway, as they were very sensitive to light.

Again, I'm sure I would never have reasoned it out without Marilyn! That brand name is far too trusted. I'm so grateful to her!!! Poor, poor eyes... (sigh)

Before we did much of anything I went next door and picked up our walking sticks that Jim had been working on. They are just the right size now!!! They can finally ride flat in the back of the car, which they weren't even close to doing before. So sweet of him to fix them for us!!!

We had been planning to get pedicures and then drive down to the beach, but eventually the pedicures got shoved aside. We did need to drive down to the beach house, though. Marilyn's blood pressure cuff got left behind (along with a few minor items), so off we went!

Today was VERY HOT at the beach! Seaside was 85' for heavens sake! But the house was quite cool inside when we got there. I even turned on the fireplace at one point!

We had thought about taking sister Sue along. But she was still out at Larry's house, when we finally reached her. She's lost her cell phone. So I ended calling Larry's phone to reach her. She was tied up with them and having a great weekend, staying over there. So we just let that idea go for another time.

We didn't stay long at the house. But I did lie on my bed for a bit and had a short nap while Marilyn was fooling around on her iPad.

Then we drove to see the ocean at the turnaround. And ended up going to Sunset Beach where we took a very short hike, before driving back home.

In Scappoose, Oregon, we stopped at Fultano's Pizza and got a small pizza and some frickles (deep fried pickles) to bring home to eat. The frickles were SPEARS -- which are much more tasty than the chips. We really enjoyed that dinner treat, believe me!

When we finally got home we went over to see June and get Marilyn's birthday gift. June found a beach blanket that folds up and has a carrying handle. It was funny that Marilyn and I had recently been talking about having something you could take on the sand to sit down on. It's a clever gift! And she got another cute cat card.

Forgot to mention that we'd left a bunch of Marilyn's cards down at the beach, so I brought those back and put them on the mantle.

I had to WORK for two hours tonight. I was so tired that I was pretty cranky about it. And my eyes had had it for the day. But I needed to set up the Profile for the new hire who starts on Tuesday, so Donn could get the Profile done on the computer tomorrow. What a mess. I also set up her phone (hopefully it worked -- it's impossible to check without being in the office!).

Living History right here in North Portland first thing tomorrow morning! I'd really love to go to it... I invited June to attend with me, but she declined. I think I'll just go along with Marilyn and Adeena, instead. I can't wait to see them all do their thing! Very few people get the chance to see them perform, after all.

They are doing a public appearance on Wednesday night. But I suspect that will be packed! The last time we tried to attend an event there we had to give up and leave! Oh well.

I must get to bed, so that's it for today! Sweet dreams!
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