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Blessing and Sing-Off -- Busy and GOOD Day!

Marilyn is currently in the living room snoozing in front of "Spartacus" on the TV (she taped it when it played recently). And I just forced myself to get in here and blog...

I finally got my hair done last night. (woo hoo) And my uniform was fine, so I just finished up and headed right to bed. Marilyn was sound asleep on the family room sofa when I checked on her.

"Spartacus" is one of our all-time favorite movies. (I've also read the book and enjoyed it.)

We did sleep in this morning. Lovely! I sometimes feel sleep is just a wonderful luxury. This time of year it is for sure!

Anyway, we got up and got ready to head to the office, where we met up with Adeena, Jeff, Christine and Sheila to walk up to the Blessing of the Festival (which was being held at a downtown church this year).

Speaking of walking, I got 7,000 steps today (much better than yesterday). That's in spite of having leg pains today. (You have to keep on walking, as I always say!) Marilyn has 6,800+. Not sure how I suddenly have more steps than her, as she was ahead of me earlier today (???). I'm only 38,000-something for the seven day count. My friend Devon has 79,000-something (and Jeff has 69,000-something). I'm proud of June who has 7,000-something, which means she's averaging 1,000 steps a day! Cool!

The Blessing was really good this year. Marilyn and I liked Rick's take on things. Rick is a good guy. His wife Marie had on a lovely vintage outfit that included lovely pumps and cream-colored gloves. I think I'd say her outfit was off-white or cream. Anyway, just beautiful. Frank spoke really well (the speech Marilyn wrote for him). And the minister was quite impressive. I thought the singer did a good job, too (and I'm picky).

Adeena got loads of photos! Good deal!

After the Blessing we had the Rose Planting over in the nearby park blocks (by the statue of Teddy Roosevelt!). And I controlled all the photos being taken after that... (I've been doing that quite a bit since Centennial year...)

Then we walked back to the office. We didn't stay long, as we wanted to grab a bite to eat and change clothes before the next event.

I put food on but it was barely done in time to eat something quickly, change and take off. We were nearly late for the Sing-Off, so I'm glad we left when we did!

We ended up sitting in the FRONT ROW (!!!) for the event -- which we've never done before. (Usually we sit way back.) But the place was packed, so we were glad they'd saved seats for us (reserved). Jeff was on the end and Frank next to him, then Marilyn and me. So I ended up next to the three Princesses who attended -- and when Kahedja arrived (Queen Kahedja, wearing her crown), she sat next to me.

Speaking of Queen Kahedja, she wore a BEAUTIFUL lace dress with lovely blue pumps to the Blessing. And had on a nice watermelon shade blouse this evening.

The Sing-Off ran long and late. But it's a wonderful event! There were nine (!!!) groups performing tonight from all over the state.

Marilyn was introduced at both events -- I should mention that. (As COO that's appropriate.) Jeff as CEO is announced. And the staff is mentioned, as well. Frank (our president) spoke at both events.

I'm sorry to say that there was some confusion and Kahedja did not get introduced this evening. She was gracious about it, though.

After that event we were VERY THIRSTY and went to McDonald's to get something to drink -- and ended up getting sandwiches, too. Then we went directly to Wallmart so Marilyn could pick up some blue (medicine).

My eyes had been bothering me all day long and I was squinting and blinking and everything was blurry. I know I need to see my eye doctor, so I was figuring my prescription might have changed, or something. (Eye strain, allergies or who knows?) But Marilyn -- of course!!! -- reasoned it out! I needed my soaking solution recently and decided to try a different brand! If she had mentioned that, I don't know if I would have ever figured out the issue. Clearly I'm sensitive to whatever is in that bottle. So we got my 'old' solution while at Walmart (thank God!).

It was such a relief to take out my contacts and put on my glasses. (whew) My eyes feel much better right now!

I saw tons of friends today. It's amazing to have people come up to 'get a hug from Charlie' -- (or a hug and kiss) -- which I'm actually known for among all these individuals. Yes, I'm a person who loves to get in your space and share hugs and kisses! (grin)

By the way, I saw my friend Kris (he's a Royal Rosarian) today. And my friend Bill is on Council now!

I wore one of my nice pairs of pants this evening (when we changed out of our uniforms). But they kept falling off me. Marilyn says they're too baggy now. I was going to try wearing a belt, but I guess I should just give them up... (sigh) I really like those pants, so it's disappointing.

Well, I'm probably forgetting a lot of things, but that's because I'm tired. We should head to bed, I guess.

Marilyn wants us to get go our pedicures tomorrow. And we need to drive down to the beach house and pick up the stuff we left behind last week (!!!). It's not always easy to remember everything.

So I'm off! Goodnight and happy dreams, my friends.
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