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Really Tired Tonight.

I'm so tired tonight that I keep doing clumsy things and hurting myself. I cut open the cuticle on my thumb and it bled, and I've done a dozen other less-bloody things, too. Good grief. I can hardly keep my eyes open to type this -- plus I still need to go and DRY MY NEWLY COLORED HAIR. (heavy sigh)

Marilyn, Adeena and I skipped dinner and went to a movie, instead, seeing "The Jungle Book," which was AMAZING! You totally should consider seeing it. However, it's really NOT for little kids! It's a very scary film and made a lot of kids cry tonight.

The place was PACKED with people there to see it.

Long and very busy day. Nice talk with sister Sue this morning who was WONDERFULLY clear (not at all confused!!!) and warm and sweet to chat with. She was going to Larry's house for the day and excited about it.

Saw June and Jim. Jim's going to cut off our walking sticks for us to make them a more ideal size. Looking forward to that!

But I had brought the 'broken' lamp upstairs. And suddenly the switch was working just fine!!! No idea if I just banged it around the perfect way or what. I'll keep an eye on it -- just in case -- but there was no point in taking it to Jim when it was working! Hahaha.

Marilyn and Adeena had Living History again for the first half of the day. Then were very busy in the afternoon, too. Marilyn had Executive this morning quite early, too. (She has to be even more tired than I am!)

I had a BEER at the show! Can you believe they're now selling beer at normal theaters? I wonder what happened to make that okay? It was just a small glass of Bud Light, but I really enjoyed it. And I had a large popcorn that I ate almost every bite of (I was really hungry, and that was 'dinner').

Talked to Christine, Adeena and Rich about the website today (more than one time for all of them). We're trying to figure who is doing what and get it wrapped up. Wrote to Kim from Rose Cup -- she told me two weeks past that she'd get right back to me. Sure. And I called and left a message for Prime Minister Rick (of the Royal Rosarians) who got back to me in around 15 minutes. Impressive! He was walking on the beach in Seaside (where they, too, have a house) and he asked why Marilyn and I weren't there to have dinner with him and Marie. (smile)

Also chatted with Q from Atmosera -- the interesting news is that Dean is no longer with them! I was surprised. That's the second Dean to go in recent years, by the way...

Q is always very helpful and sweet with me. And always says they don't like to make a move without talking to me first, which is very flattering. They're so nice! I really enjoy working with them.

Talked to Angel and Donn about Angel Remoting into his work computer. I don't know if that got resolved or not... Hopefully so!

Took Adeena to meet June -- and June showed off her beautiful paintings in the front room. And shared blackberry Canada Dry ginger ale with us -- very yummy!

Busy, busy day coming up tomorrow. I need to dry this hair and get to bed. I don't think my uniform is ready for tomorrow, damn it. I should go check on that, too. Annoying.

I'm a tad cranky. I guess because I'm so tired.

Poor Adeena got bad/sad news today. I feel awful for her. She's such a dear. I want everything to go just right for her.

On the good news side, she's going to go to the Blessing with us tomorrow! Isn't that great???

Gotta dash!!!

Sweet dreams!
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