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Marilyn is Amazing (Kitchen Keeps Me Busy...)

It was really COLD in the house this morning! 65' -- so I turned up the furnace. I was freezing! I can't believe I'm running the furnace in April. (sigh)

Marilyn did her Living History performances, then faced one of the most stressful meetings of her year: Grand Floral Parade (GFP) Lineup!

And THEN she's literally running out of that meeting to head to sister Sue's doctor appointment over in (of all places) Vancouver, Washington! Let's just say it's often close to impossible to get to Vancouver in a reasonable amount of time.

She was on the phone with me and pretty upset. It's stressful to deal with these performances. It's stressful to deal with the Lineup meeting. And sitting in terrible traffic is stressful, too. Besides that, she'd never been to Dr. Young's before, so I had to give her directions during this awful traffic...

I phoned Candy to tell her Sue would be late. Candy had picked up Sue and took her there were Marilyn met them. Fortunately Marilyn was only 15 minutes late -- and they hadn't gone back, yet.

Marilyn is amazing to be able to do so much in one day! I really admire her and am proud of her.

I guess Candy managed to convince Dr. Young that Sue shouldn't be driving. Again, unlike the rest of these people (including Candy), I've actually been in the car with Sue driving. And I think she was driving better than she had in MONTHS -- and nobody was trying to stop her back then. (Hell, Candy was having Sue take her daughter to and from school every single day at the time...)

Perhaps this is about Candy having Sue's best interests at heart. I'd like to believe that. But considering Nicole is currently driving Candy's car (she now has a license), and Candy is driving Sue's car, it's hard not to at least consider that there is another motive going on here. Ignore my personal opinion. I'm not a professional. However TWO other doctors previously cleared Sue to drive. And NOBODY was trying to influence them one way or the other. (And Marilyn was staying out of this today. So it was all about Candy's opinion and Dr. Young -- who at one point was giving Candy a hard time for taking Sue off a medicine he said he'd given her. Not so! It was a medicine she was given in the hospital -- one they wanted her weaned off of. Hey, Dr. Young? How much exactly do you know about Sue's current condition? Just wondering...

Okay, we can at least pretend we're all on the same page. That's difficult, because Marilyn has been actively tracking Sue's various conditions for YEARS now -- with all her doctors, not just Dr. Young. Candy and Larry have NOT been in the loop with all of this (nor, frankly, have I -- though I imagine I know more simply because Marilyn and I discuss it -- and we've also discussed it with Sue).

I was the one that was at the hospital when Sue 'died' during a procedure, by the way! It wasn't Candy or Larry. Just sayin'...

I guess I won't be seeing much of Sue going forward. Because I don't imagine Candy will be going out of her way to take Sue to see me. (sigh) At least she and I are talking on the phone most days. And as I told Candy at one point, Sue doesn't seem all that confused to me! I work with people all the time who are easily as confused as she is. Yes, I said that to Candy. I'm not living there with Sue, but I'm also more accustomed to older people. And to memory issues that come with aging. We're all forgetful (by the way, that includes a lot of young people, too!). So what? That doesn't mean we should be treated like children.

Apparently Candy was very unhappy that Dr. Young didn't immediately put Sue back in the nursing residence. If she's going to end up permanently in assisted care, somebody needs to start making financial plans. That will mean that Sue's money will now go exclusively to support her -- and not to help keep their home going. (Both Sue and Candy provide for the three of them to live where they do.)

But I suggested to Marilyn that Sue could perhaps find an actual LIVE-IN CAREGIVER who could maybe share some of her expenses and live there with her, helping her out with the house and her health. Nobody expects Candy to become her mother's caregiver. But there are people out there who are trained to do this work and want to do it... Sue has some options, anyway.

My day was spent partly on the usual festival work. And I got a bee in my bonnet and was working in our kitchen -- yes, again. The goal is the same as before: Get rid of more things and continue to further organize the space. I made some GREAT headway today! I have several boxes of stuff to go to Goodwill in the garage. And I love how the cabinets are looking all through the kitchen. More stuff put away, less clutter on counters and around the room. I'm happy with how it's going.

I also spent time in the living room doing the same thing. It's pretty good as it is, but got a bit of clutter over the holidays that I still needed to deal with. I have some belated gifts to deal with, too. But it's pretty nice, as well.

And I did dishes and started working on the garbage and recycling for this week (it's garbage night).

June and I talked several times today. And I was over to see her and Jim twice. I was trying to figure out her problem with Gmail, which suddenly wouldn't load on her iPad -- but would load on her iPhone and computer! Go figure. It's a KNOWN ISSUE (do you ever get tired of me saying that???), but the fix I found didn't work. So eventually I had to uninstall and reinstall the App to get it back.

I'm NOT an expert on Gmail (nor do I want to be). Donn is the one who is crazy about Gmail. So I was close to contacting him. But I wanted to see if I could resolve the issue. And I believe I did. June was telling me there were emails 'missing' from her iPad that she saw on her iPhone. So eventually I went over and looked. I didn't find anything on either her computer or iPhone that weren't on the iPad. So I think it's good to go. But I think we need to keep an eye on it for a few days, just to be sure!

Annoying, isn't it? Why can't some of these Apps and softwares just WORK as expected? Without constant issues that people suddenly have to figure out. What do people who don't have somebody like me do when this happens? What if they aren't able to find the answer for themselves??? Heck, I do this stuff CONSTANTLY, but it's not that easy for me to do, either! And I can be plain STUPID about these things, believe me. I'm just stubborn about wanting to find the answer, if I can...

Well, I only have part of my garbage and recycling done. And it's a big mess this week, because of all the extra damn garbage from the beach. I guess I should go finish up. (heavy sigh)

I've been sore and tired all day long. I don't know how many steps I got for today -- but it was far less than yesterday, for sure.

Marilyn did go to her massage therapy session tonight with Amanda. After that she picked me up and we went to Freddies for a few items (I forgot a bunch of stuff, of course, not working from a list). And before she left for Donald, Oregon, we did have some soup and cornbread for dinner. (That's all Marilyn had to eat all day long!)

I think I'm staying home tomorrow and concentrating on the website. There's still a lot to do! I need to color my hair (I didn't do it today) and get my uniform ready for this weekend!!!

I feel bad for Marilyn dealing with this cough. What an awful bug! And it seems like I know a lot of people still coughing after long periods of time.

OH!!! I almost forgot! Today was our friend Rich's birthday! Marilyn and I gave him and his wife Merlin cards and some cash to go to lunch on us. He was off today, but dropped by to pick those up. I hope they had a good time.

My friend Mark sent me a couple of text messages today...

Whatever else I planned to blog about has gone out of my head. I'd better get to work so we can get to bed! Marilyn has a very early day tomorrow!

Good night, friends! Hugs!
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