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More Than 11,000 Steps Today! You Bet! (Plus Dentist and Hair Cut)

Okay, so I'm NOT feeling all that terrific tonight. (I'm having some 'intestinal issues'... sigh...) That's NOT how I plan to remember this day. All in all this was a very productive and positive day! (woo hoo)

Sister Sue and I talked in the morning. I think things are going pretty well for her, all in all. But Candy is still not letting her drive (and Candy is driving Sue's car). Sue told me she wanted to take me to my appointments today, but I had to ask her HOW she could do that, as she didn't have a car. She said she'd use Candy's car -- but I mentioned that I was sure she didn't have the KEYS to that car (she didn't). I guess Sue and Candy will have to figure this out between them. But two different doctors said Sue should be good to drive. I'm curious as to what Dr. Young will say tomorrow...

Speaking of TOMORROW, it's a very BIG DAY for Marilyn! Tomorrow is Grand Floral Parade Lineup day! Every single item that will appear in the parade is listed on color-coded cards (according to what it is). These cards are spread out on the conference room table as they place them in the order they'll be appearing on parade day. This is intense and takes some time to juggle properly. I know Katie (Marilyn's assistant) seemed very excited about it. It's pretty special, all in all. But hard work!!!

Marilyn, Adeena, Angel and the rest of the gang had Living History again today -- which went well. Marilyn was saying that she and Adeena have to go to work after that (unlike the other three), and that it certainly isn't easy!

Back to today! I had decided this morning that I would WALK to St. Johns for my appointments. And I had bus tickets, so I could ride part of the way if I felt like it. I left the house between 10:30 and 11:00, giving myself plenty of time to get there. (My dental appointment with Mary was for 12:00 noon.) I walked part of the way, then hopped on a bus and rode the rest of the way. What a grumpy and unfriendly driver we had! Plus he was telling us about closed bus stops and couldn't convey the info decently for anything. Annoying.

Anyway, I got off and walked over to Starbucks, where I had a tall iced tea and played around on my iPad (doing work, answering emails and stuff). I took the last of my drink and went over to Mary's office.

She REALLY, REALLY numbed me up today! I can't remember EVER being that numb before! It was the entire front of my mouth from one side to the other on top. I can't even say how many shots she gave me, because I lost track. She did some AMAZING work that has made my upper front teeth look much, much better! I'm really excited about it.

After that I phoned Marilyn and reached her. I'd planned to go to Starbucks to get a coffee and hang out before my hair cut (I had an hour to wait around). But I'd tried to sip my leftover tea through the straw and guess what? I couldn't SUCK at all because of the way I was numbed! In fact, I couldn't just lift the cup and drink, either. This had me worried, because I took my morning pills (except for my Meloxicam) and needed to put something on my stomach. I was afraid I might get low blood sugar otherwise (especially with all the walking!). While talking to Marilyn my tongue was all over my teeth and I noticed a couple of 'rough' spots -- so I hurried back to Mary's and she fixed them easily within seconds.

After that I went to Burgerville across the street. I used to work there many, many years ago (it was one of my first jobs, actually). They have FABULOUS milk shakes. So I got a small fry and a small shake -- with a spoon. If I spooned the milk shake into my mouth I was fine and could swallow it. That saved me, I'm pretty sure! Hahaha. And was a real treat, too! (But I felt like I earned it.)

Then I went and got my hair cut from Kathy. She's such a lovely woman! She also does June's hair, so she asked about her. And she asked all about Sue, too, so I updated her.

When I was done I headed over to Safeway to pick up mustard -- something we'd forgotten to get! (Hot dogs without mustard are not a good thing. Hahaha.) I'd thought we might have hot dogs again (we didn't). But anyway, I knew we needed that mustard in the house!

Finally I started walking toward home. It had been really COLD when I left the house, so I wore my tights under my jeans. But now it was pretty warm! (I was sure glad to peel off those tights when I finally made it home!)

It was actually a lovely day for a walk. So I walked part of the way home, then finally caught a bus for the rest of the way. I had a very nice woman driver this time.

I got off near the park and walked the rest of the way home. Anyway, with the steps I got after getting home, I ended up with over 11,000 steps for today. I'm pretty pleased about that!!!

And I'm happy about my teeth and my hair cut! (I think I'll color my hair tomorrow -- depending on how I feel, of course.)

I didn't mention getting my work done on the website that was due today -- we had a News item for this coming weekend. Rich wrote the Press Release and I tweaked it (our pattern) yesterday. Then I put it up at the website and he sent it out to the media this afternoon.

We have TWO events on Saturday: The Blessing of the Festival and the Sing-Off. Marilyn writes the speech our president gives for the blessing and Rich is the manager of the sing-off...

I don't remember what all I did when I got home here. But at some point I fell asleep sitting up in the chair in the living room (!!!) and only woke when Marilyn got home from work and spoke to me.

I did eat some real lunch when I got home, though. And did more emails and other festival work. Donn and I were texting back and forth a lot today. We're trying to work out Remoting and also setting up the Exchange on phones... (I was playing around with that tonight, too...)

I never did make dinner. I was so tired. And Marilyn was just eating things around the house. I gave her some meat to eat that was BAD! I feel awful about that. (Considering Donn was in emergency with food poisoning last week!!!) She suddenly realized it and stopped eating -- then went and drank apple cider vinegar.

By the way, if you don't know that, apple cider vinegar is really a life saver when you have an intestinal issue. Drink it straight and chase it with water, or mix it in water and drink it. But get a good quantity down and you'll be glad you did! I can't tell you how many times it's been helpful for us... (We learned about it when we were teens and have been using it ever since.)

I suddenly got issues around that time. (sigh) So I took some apple cider vinegar, too (finally).

We did have popcorn, though! What the hell. And we each had a beer, as well, while watching old episodes of "Leave it to Beaver" that Marilyn had taped. (We still love that show.)

Well, we should head to bed! Tomorrow is a very big day for Marilyn! GFP Lineup and then sister Sue's doctor appointment. (And I'm sure a ton of other work, as well.)

Marilyn and I are both signed up to jury the International Youth Silent Film Festival submissions next Thursday and the Thursday after. Just an aside.

And tomorrow aside from coloring my hair, I have a bunch of website work to get done! It's LATE, so I really need to finish it up. I'll have to put my nose to the grindstone for sure!

My stomach seems calmer now. I least I didn't throw up or anything! No idea what had me messed up. I guess it could be a reaction to all the numbing that was done (and tons of shots), though that seems odd. I guess you never know.

I just don't want to actually end up sick! Sue has kept Nicole home from school all week and so many people at our office have been sick!

Marilyn is STILL fighting off the cough from her flu. Mary said she'd been fighting her cough since January!

Anyway, bedtime. I'm so glad I decided to just hoof it (and bus it) into St. Johns. Yes, I miss my bike. But I miss being able to get myself where I need to go WITHOUT ALWAYS ASKING SOMEBODY ELSE. It's such a terrible feeling to always rely on others. And it's not like I can't do it, when I need to. So I'm proud of myself tonight.

But it POURED DOWN RAIN tonight! I was sure glad not to be caught out in the rain. I really wasn't dressed for it! It would have been a different story if it had rained today, that's for sure!

Anyway, I should sleep well tonight! (grin)

Great dreams, my friends! Hugs!
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