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Long Day? Yeah.

We're home from work! (woo hoo) And we've had dinner.

Thankfully Marilyn is feeling much better now. She's still coughing, but it's a vast improvement. I'm so happy for her!

I felt kind of crummy for much of the day. Tired and sore (maybe from cleaning yesterday). And I had what Dad used to call a 'sour stomach' for much of the day (sigh).

I was doing both IT and website today. Very, very busy! I still need to upload the News item we're sending out tomorrow, as I forgot to do that this afternoon... (Really, Charlie? You worked on it for ages today! Good grief.) Rich and I reviewed the whole thing and made some Copy changes. Anyway, it's good to go if I can just plug it in...

Marilyn and I stopped at Safeway on the way home to get more cabbage we could fry up. Yummy! So it was leftovers plus the cabbage. Tonight I want to make popcorn. We'd planned to do it last night, but just didn't get to it.

Bad News: Sister Sue would really LIKE to be able to take me to my two appointments tomorrow. But it's unlikely she'll have her car available. Candy has taken her keys away and is currently driving Sue's car. Not Sue's fault, obviously. It would have been nice to see Sue as I haven't for some time now. Normally Sue and I see each other at least a couple of times a week.

It was RAINING when we got off work! I had sandals on, so my feet got pretty wet. Well, it was my own fault for wearing them today. I just didn't believe it would rain. Suddenly it got VERY DARK OUTSIDE and started to rain and rain.

I guess I need to walk and catch a bus to St. Johns tomorrow. The annoying thing is that my appointments have a GAP between them. One is from noon to one. The other isn't until nearly two. I guess I can go hang out at Starbucks between them.

I got the NEW charity page completely DONE today for the website! I had faked a banner image, but Jessica from SMART had one for me to replace it almost immediately! So unexpected and good. I was impressed.

I tried working on another multi-day event and was annoyed how it went. I need to send an email to FISH to try and figure it out. (sigh) But it could work, if necessary. I just don't end up with a clean page with a permalink (URL) without any numbers. That sucks! But I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

I did manage to fix Marissa's new iPhone so it's synced to the Exchange. And after I spent ages trying to reason out Steven's Samsung issue with the Exchange, he reasoned out his problem and fixed it! Amazing! Anyway, that was two cell phones up and running today.

Donn got GOOD NEWS today! He's out of his cast and his wrist is healing!!! He needs to be careful, but I'm so happy for him!

He was on Katie's computer and discovered a TON of malware today! He had to spend ages removing it. That computer belonged to Mariah last year, and apparently she downloaded a nasty malware that opens the door to tons more (!!!). What a mess! So now Donn wants to check things out on more computers, just in case. So he didn't get to my list. Well, he did check out Rich's computer, at least. And talked to Sheila about her Quickbook issue. There's always so much going on with IT in our office...

Sorry I'm jumping around so much. My mind is just going about a million miles a minute right now. So many things!

Marilyn, Angel and I went to the Turkey Place for lunch. I got some soup, a couple hard-boiled eggs and macaroni salad (bland foods). Got back to the office and the eggs were missing. Marilyn had apparently planned to walk back and get them, but Angel went, instead! How nice. I would have just skipped them entirely (I sure wasn't walking back there again!). I ate the food really slowly over several hours. I still have the soup, actually. I guess I'll eat it tomorrow.

It's nap time, I think. It's now 8:30 and I'm bushed.

Part of me wanted to just DITCH my two appointments tomorrow. Can't wrap my head around getting there and I'm too tired to even think about it. I wish I still had my BIKE. I used to ride it there to the dentist some of the time (and I loved riding it!). I miss my bike.

Just looked at my steps for today and I have more than 5,700 steps! I didn't think I walked that much today. I felt like I was trying NOT to do my usual up and down stairs, but I guess that's not true. It's hard not to go up and down in the course of a day for me, so much of my work is downstairs -- but I also need to sit at my desk, which is upstairs.

Heading down to the family room now. I'll see if Marilyn feels like popcorn, or wants to wait a bit.

Sleep well tonight, friends! Hugs!
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