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Monday at Home. Important Errands and Cleaning the Family Room.

Monday, and Marilyn was off VERY EARLY for her Living History day. Adeena drove here and rode over to the first school with Marilyn (who was in uniform). They were meeting Angel with Mayor Harry (David) and Queen Thelma (Candee) there.

Marilyn said both schools went really, really well! I'm sorry I was there to see them perform...

I started my day with a IT issue -- for a change. Hahaha. I wonder what it would be like to NOT start a week with yet another IT issue??? Anyway, Rich's computer was 'out' -- so I spoke to him and it sounded like he was completely without a box. So I contacted Donn to go in. Donn had an appointment and planned to go in directly after that. In the meantime, Rich got back up and working again...

This was possibly related to trying to open up an Excel spreadsheet directly from inside an email, rather than saving it first and then opening it. (A common error.) I guess I need to remember to add that to my instructions somewhere...

Part of me actually wanted to lose his machine. He's still on Win XP and could use a Win 7 machine! But the timing isn't really great for ANYBODY to have a computer out right now.

Donn will be in tomorrow and look it over. But I think he's fine now...

I had a number of errands to get done today. First off, I needed to phone the Oregon Health Plan about my insurance coverage! I'd received a letter from Health Share last week and talked to them, and they had recommended I wait until this week to phone OHP directly. I was on the phone nearly ONE HOUR on hold. You know how THAT goes, of course! I get other calls and so on. I had to text Donn to call me on my cell so I wouldn't drop the call. Hahaha. But eventually I got through to them.

I mentioned the Health Share letter and the woman sighed and said she wished they'd quit sending out letters that worried people! Anyway, I gave her all my info and she told me I wasn't due to RENEW until February of 2017! That was very good news! So all in all it was worth the hour on hold, believe it or not. I said I'd talked to Health Share and didn't mean to offend anyone, but they hadn't known anything. She laughed and said it was okay, they DIDN'T know anything! Hahaha. That made my day!

I spent ages in the morning looking for the info I needed in order to call about our garbage at the beach. As stupid as this will sound, at first I couldn't find the ADDRESS of our beach house! No, I don't know it by heart. Stupid, I know. I know the street and even the cross street, but not the house number. (Really, Charlie???) I did finally find that (on my iPad, of course). I had the house papers for our other houses (Buchanan and Washburne), but not the beach house, for whatever reason. (And I do mean a TON of house papers!)

I located a billing for the original garbage service -- before it changed to a new name. And then one for the NEW name. By the way, neither had the address of the house being serviced!!! Only our Portland house (where they send the billing). Weird, huh? But, anyway, I got the phone number and all the billing info (account number and service district and on and on). I'd called Marilyn who was going to give me the most recent bill. She needed to come home before going to our Tax Service today to get our taxes done (she had forgotten some papers she needed). But she ran out of time to get the paperwork anyway, so it was good I had what I did.

Oh! The good news is that our TAXES are DONE for 2015! And we have to pay in one instance, but will get money back to cover the cost (plus). So we're good for another year, thankfully! She had a raise last year, so there was no telling for sure until these were done whether or not we'd get any refund at all... No raise this year, so it should be fine in 2017. But taxes change all the time, so who knows?

I did have a nice conversation with my sister Sue this morning! She seems to me to be doing really well right now. She was very clear on the phone. It looks like she and Candy near a 'come to Jesus' about Sue's car -- and Sue being allowed to drive. Her doctors say she CAN drive -- but Candy says she can't. Sue thinks Candy is acting like Sue's car is HER car. So I guess it won't be pretty... Poor Sue.

I tried to phone my friend June in the afternoon, but didn't get an answer at her house. Later on her husband Jim called and told me he had mail (they were picking it up for us while we were away). So he brought it by. So kind of them!

By the point I was pretty tied up, as I decided to clean the family room in the afternoon! What a mess. We had wanted to tackle it last week, but ran out of both free time and energy. So it had to wait. But the DUST on our TV unit was AWFUL! It's made of wood and glass and really attracts and holds dust something terrible. Ugh. And the carpet really needed cleaning! Plus there was dust on all the furniture. I cleaned and cleaned and was a total sweat ball. It's only a start, really, but looks so much better! I was really proud of myself.

And I did tidy up the kitchen and wash a load of dishes and take out a bunch of garbage here (that can is quite full, what with all the garbage we brought back from the beach!).

Oh!!! I never finished my story about Recology -- our garbage service at the beach! I did reach them and explained all about our recent service (or lack of same). And told her we wanted a new, larger can. I'm excited about that! They only have two sizes, and the larger one is much larger than we've dealt with all these years! (woo hoo) I don't know about anyone else, but worrying about getting garbage into a too-small can is annoying. So this will be really nice, especially when we're going there more often.

She also gave us a $25.00 credit on our service. Yeah, yeah: The cost of garbage pickup at the beach is MUCH cheaper than here in Portland! Our new monthly billing is still under $15.00! The new rollcart is the same size as our recycling rollcart, which is quite big. Again, I'm excited about that. They'll bring the NEW cart this Thursday -- and take away the (full) old one. And then our service is pickup once a month, every third Wednesday. Good deal!

I felt pretty accomplished today with all I got done! Marilyn felt the same. She stayed at the office until past 7:00 -- poor Adeena! She'd told Adeena they'd leave at 6:00 -- but that's how time often goes for us... (And Adeena had been up since very early! She needed her ride back to her car at our house. Then has her long, long drive back to Battle Ground, Washington!)

Marilyn needed to really tackle her email after being out of the office that many days! And she had a bunch of meetings in the afternoon (aside from her tax appointment).

I fixed hot dogs and fried cabbage for dinner. Marilyn said the cabbage was a real treat -- better than chocolate cake! We've loved it since we were kids. I can remember cutting up whole heads of cabbage to make it back then. But it's so much easier now, when you can buy bags of it already cut! I just put some butter in a fry pan and away I go. It was a good dinner and I had it nearly done when she got home...

We watched a little bit of TV, but didn't last long after eating dinner. We both fell asleep napping, and then I had to drag myself up to blog.

I should be cleaning the cat boxes (sigh) AND washing my hair for tomorrow! But I'm so tired (same song, different day).

I didn't even mention the work I did for the office on my home computer (desktop) and iPad! There's all a bunch of stuff to do. I have a long list for in the office tomorrow, that's for sure!

And with this long, long blog entry (!!!), I still feel like I'm forgetting things! Hahaha.

Wednesday is the next Living History outting. I'm disappointed, because I have the dentist (!!!) AND my hair cut that day! I need to talk to June about whether she can take me. Sister Sue said she would -- but heck, she doesn't even know if Candy will give her the car keys at this point. I felt Sue drove GREAT when I was last with her (after she got back home). And Candy certainly never rides with her, so how can she judge? Oh well. I suppose I should stay out of it. But it is up to Sue, isn't it???

I'm sure I'll get to both appointments one way or another, anyway...

I need to tell Mary that I can't afford to use the EXPENSIVE stuff she gave me a prescription for, which is NOT covered by my insurance! In fact, I got a bill today for something else that isn't covered by insurance (I don't remember what, but that was something Leslie prescribed). I need Mary and Leslie to quit giving me prescriptions I can't afford, that's for sure!

Busy day, as you can tell! And a busy week in front of me. Bedtime! Tomorrow will be another very busy day, I'm sure.

Sweet dreams, all!

Edited to ADD: I FORGOT to mention climbing up on the ladder in the garage to replace three different light bulbs!!! One wasn't quite out, but the other two were -- and it was DARK out there! Just getting the ladder DOWN from where it hangs is a chore. I have to hold it up above me head and shift it down (and then back UP again). Glad I'm strong enough to do that!

Also, our lilac is already DONE for this year! And so is our tulip tree! And get this: Our pink dogwood tree is in FULL BLOOM -- one month earlier than normal! Amazing.

I did the cat boxes! (woo hoo)

And now, to bed! I'm tired. (Poor hair did not get washed... sigh... But can't wait for my hair cut on Wednesday!)
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