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Back to Portland -- A Lovely Sunday

Marilyn and I did sleep in this morning. We got a lot of sleep while at the beach house, I have to say. It was nice to do pretty much nothing during our vacation. I think we both needed the rest and relaxation, frankly.

This is a busy week coming up for Marilyn! She's directly involved with Living History this year, and tomorrow is the first performance. So Adeena will meet her here and they'll head directly to the school to meet up with Angel and the other Living History performers.

Marilyn is feeling much better today, I'm happy to report! I'm so glad.

Ralph (our beach handyman) came by this morning as we were packing up to head home. It was great to see him! It had been ages. He was there to mow our lawn. I mentioned the porch light, as I'd tried to fix it myself but it requires a LADDER (and we don't have one at the beach house -- just a step stool).

The hardest part of packing? We had to bring a ton of garbage (!!!) home with us (because our damn garbage at the beach was full). What a pain! I did a great job of packing, I have to say! I got everything in that I needed to (even though we had our walking sticks in the back and they are awkward to pack around). We had four bags of garbage! One bag was just the contents of our two vacuums. I guess we hadn't emptied the bag from the upright since moving in, I swear. I may be exaggerating, but I somehow doubt it. Hahaha.

The cats were really good for the ride home -- just as they were good for the ride down. Colin did hide under Marilyn's bed when it was time to leave, but that's okay. He just wanted to stay. We all get that!

After we got home and unpacked, we went over to 82nd Avenue and got the car washed. Boy, did it need it! It looks much better now, inside and out.

Later in the day we had to head down to the office to get the supplies Marilyn needed for Living History tomorrow.

And at one point I had to Remote in to the office and the Exchange and get it running, yet again. I don't know what exactly is going on with the Exchange right now. But it's gratifying when I'm able to fix it myself, without turning to Kris. And fortunately enough, I was able to do that today! (woo hoo) I'm glad I've learned as much as I have about the SBS (Small Business Server) and the Exchange (which handles email). It's more about saving time and trouble than about saving the money -- but that doesn't hurt, either! Hahaha.

Well, we're off to bed now. More soon.

Sleep well, all! Happy dreams! (Marilyn and I both did a lot of dreaming while at the beach -- another healthy thing!)
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