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Nice Day - Plus: Cleaning Our Beach House

We had another lovely day. Every day at the beach is nice, after all. (smile)

But we did get in and do some cleaning, as we hadn't done it recently. (Heck, we hadn't been to the house that much in the past six months, so that makes it hard to clean...)

We dusted and vacuumed up and downstairs and I cleaned the cat boxes.

Here's a major aside! We discovered this trip that they neglected to pick up our garbage. Actually, I'm guessing the last time they did pick it up was in NOVEMBER, of all things!

Here's the story: When we came down to stay in February, there was garbage in our can. It was clearly from our November trip (Thanksgiving). I was surprised, but figured they just missed us somehow (not even thinking we were talking about two month!). But here we are again with a FULL CAN in April! That's SIX MONTHS. (They certainly have been billing us, however!)

Anyway, I went to take garbage out to the can and had to place the bag outside. This morning I find some critter has broken open the bag and scattered garbage that I have to now clean up. (sigh) I did manage to shove the bags of dirty kitty litter into the can, though, somehow. Talk about a stinking can!

We're going to have to haul a bunch of our garbage HOME this trip, which makes me unhappy and angry. I'll be phoning them Monday for sure to figure out what the hell went wrong. It seems to me that they owe us some free pickups! But we plan to increase the size of our can, which we've wanted to do anyway.

I was supposed to phone after February, but spaced it. So this issue is partly my fault. But seriously??? I just don't get it. They charge us but don't take anything away for months. Really?

After cleaning the house we both showered and washed our hair. Then we did go for a ride and picked up some takeout food (Mexican). Yummy dinner!

We watched a bunch of TV and had long naps (we were worn out from cleaning, I guess). Poor Marilyn is still fighting the end of her bug. She's still achy and puny.

I feel bad because I drug her down for a late night walk on the beach. What was I thinking? She wasn't up to that!

Anyway, we're back home and cozy and watching SNL -- Russell Crowe is on tonight (and we love him).

I got my 4,000 steps today (barely). We didn't really do much walking (we were mostly at the house).

Back to Portland tomorrow!
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