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So Calm Here at the Beach House!

Marilyn and I were talking today about how relaxing it is to be here at our beach house. How calm it is and how we can just disconnect from everything. We don't have to worry about anything or think about piles of work and deadlines that are looming. We can just enjoy each day for what it is.

We even agreed that it seems a little strange, we get so used to our lives being busy, busy, busy all the time. And always intense. What a lovely change!

Today was overcast here in Seaside. But we took a more than one ride and found blue skies and sunshine not far away. It's just been BEAUTIFUL while we've been here.

We went over to Ross in Warrenton so Marilyn could look for a new jacket. She's had the one she wears all the time for ages now, and it's just wearing out. (One of those soft tennis or workout type jackets.) Unfortunately she couldn't find what she wanted. But we did get Starbucks before returning home.

We also had seafood cocktails from Bell Buoy (we've been going there since we were kids). Jon had been working earlier but left for 'poker night' before we dropped by.

We had the Tuscan Tomato Basil Bisque Soup from Safeway for dinner -- we both really love it! Very yummy.

We watched a bunch of HGTV today. Lot's of "Love It Or List It" and "Love It Or List It Too" (we love both shows!).

We drove down to Sunset Beach in Warrenton, but didn't stay long. I forgot (!!!) to take my jacket, and it was a bit chilly today when we were there. That's where the trail is that goes from the beach to the fort that we love to hike so much.

Speaking of hiking, I did manage to get my 4,000 steps (just barely!) today. Pretty amazing when you consider we weren't out and about all that much. But put me in any building with stairs and I'll go up and down, I guess. Hahaha. We have two stories at the Portland house and two stories here. And my desk is upstairs at work, too. So up and down I go!

Marilyn and I have been using our masks while we've been here. These are light therapy masks (the brand we use is illuMask). We always try to listen to classical music while spending 15 minutes under the mask, in a reclining position. Very relaxing! We frequently fall asleep during this. You're supposed to do it every day, but we're not that good about doing it regularly, I'm afraid. I only know my skin does feel softer and smoother after I take the mask off after a treatment.

Light therapy is the real deal, by the way. NASA has been using it since the 1990's to help astronauts heal in space! Skin regenerates rapidly with red light treatment, and red light therapy can help clear up eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other skin problems. Red light therapy makes collagen and elastin form more quickly -- and these two things make your skin look and feel younger. Interesting, isn't it? Anyway, Marilyn read about the masks ages ago and got them for us. But, as I said, we're not good about using them frequently... (Which is why we haven't used them up, yet.)

Well, that's it for this lovely Friday! I hope you all have wonderful weekends! We plan to!
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