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Happy Birthday, Marilyn!!!

So lovely to spend Marilyn's birthday here at our beach house! It was a true pleasure to wake up here, just as Marilyn planned.

And I think the cats love it every bit as much as we do, by the way! (smile) They really seemed to be doing their 'own thing' today. They spent much of the day up in Marilyn's bedroom, even when we were home and in the living room downstairs.

Marilyn got a lot of text messages, emails, phone calls and online wishes for her birthday. Sister Sue did end up calling her. (I'm slightly disturbed by not hearing from our cousin Linda -- buy maybe Linda left a message on the home phone... It's been awhile since we heard from Linda, I'm afraid.)

The traffic here today was HORRIBLE! But I suppose that's only natural, with Washington's Spring Break in effect. It was hard to get across Roosevelt (the highway), that's for sure.

We took a drive to see the ocean and try to snap some photos (they didn't turn out). We couldn't stop, so that wasn't the best idea. And we never got a shot during the daytime. Oh well.

We stopped and picked up a few more things at the store (more milk, for one thing). Then we came back home.

We watched a bunch of TV, but mostly random stuff. And we both took long naps in the afternoon which were WONDERFUL!!!

It's VERY, VERY HOT in our house here. It's one of the drawbacks of our beach house. It's great when the weather is cool and cold and just a bit warm -- but pretty uncomfortable when it gets warmer and hot. Especially because our bedrooms are upstairs.

But honestly, who cares? We've been opening the windows and running our little box fans and it's fine. We had the window open in the living room tonight and I actually thought it got pretty chilly! I had a blanket over my legs! (smile)

We did drive into town tonight to get ice cream. Well, we both had rainbow sherbet (common spelled and pronounced as sherbert -- a secondary spelling in lots of dictionaries). It tastes like Fruit Loops if the cereal was made into a frozen dessert! Hahaha. It's our fave and we have it often.

Then we walked to the turn around and looked at the TONS of fires on the beach! The smoke was thick, I'm telling you. It always smells so good.

Finally we came back home again.

We watched a bunch of "Mysteries at the Museum" today, which we love. So interesting! And some HGTV stuff. Plus some episodes of "The Middle" (I can never get enough of that show).

The weather was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Really like a summer day, not spring.

Marilyn is hopeful she'll feel much better tomorrow. She was still puny today, poor thing. What a terrible bug she had.

Aside from vacation stuff, I did work a little this morning. Kate was having issues with the eNewsletter. So I took over and rebuilt it. She messed up the table code somewhere and it was easier to start from scratch with the code than try to find the error and fix it. And it was also easier to send it out myself, so I did that, too. Maybe next time I'll be able to walk her through how it's done. I just want to spend more time on it today than was absolutely necessary, with Marilyn waiting for me to get done for the day.

Still bugged by not having my glasses with me, but I'll live. I do hope this will teach me not to forget again, though!

I keep getting distracted by my work email (which I can Remote in and look at from my desktop computer here). I should just wrap up this post so I can head back to hang out with Marilyn!

Poor Colin and poor Henry! Colin seems to be so horny while here at the beach house! He's just more affectionate in every way while he's here, really. He likes to sleep ON MARILYN'S PILLOW (!!!) here, which he never does at home! And he's mounting Henry constantly! Because he doesn't get any 'satisfaction' from doing that, he just bites and bites him until Henry can't stand it anymore and shakes him off. I just had to go interrupt Colin as a matter of fact! (Yes, Henry has his rope here and does drag it around while moaning. They both enjoy a little something-something here, I guess!)

All in all, they mostly enjoy everything while here. I just turned to look at them and Henry was in the nearby chair, with Colin near him. Henry was actually licking Colin's head! You never know...

Anyway, we enjoyed our day. There are no bad days at the beach, after all!

And we're looking forward to tomorrow and this weekend!
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