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Wednesday: Heading to the Beach House!!!

Marilyn and I did sleep in, first off. Which is always lovely! But not terribly late. We got up and pulled ourselves together, because we wanted to get to the pharmacy to check on prescriptions BEFORE heading over to get our nails done.

I had my new prescription from my dentist Mary (more about THAT later), and Marilyn had new prescriptions that weren't on automatic refill and needed to be filled before our trip. (Plus I had a bunch ready to pick up).

Then we tried phoning to get an 'appointment,' but nobody picked up the phone. They were open when we got there and PACKED WITH PEOPLE! But we didn't have to wait that long. Marilyn had Jenny (the owner) doing her nails, and I had Ivy. Ivy was having a bad day! First she charged a man there for himself and the woman next to him -- even though these two didn't even know one another!!! She'd observed them chatting (they were seated side by side) and assumed they were together! Good grief. Really???

Then she does my nails. We get outside and I mention to Marilyn that my nails don't seem to be dry. She says they have to be, because they've been cured and that's how shellac nails work. We get back to the pharmacy to pick things up and my left hand is tacky to the touch! So we have to drive all the way back to our nail salon to have her fix the issue.

It turns out she forgot to spray them and wipe them clean, which is a final step. She'd done the right hand, but not the left. Marilyn wasn't thrilled that we had to go back there during lunch hour traffic, and Jenny did at least apologize. But WTF? Ivy was a mess, there's just no doubt about it... I guess she was having a bad day. I didn't give her a hard time, but I was anxious to get this fixed and get out of there...

We went home and fooled around a bit. Marilyn was watching a movie on TV and I started in packing things. We didn't leave the house until past 4:00. (I did get my recycling out in the rollcart, and got the mail in for Wednesday.) I called my friend June as we were just leaving.

The cats did howl a bit at first. But soon they settled down and we never heard another peep out of them the entire trip! What good boys!!!

We'd had some celery and cheese at home, but were hungry, so got sandwiches at McDonald's on our way down.

The drive was amazing, due to the beautiful, sunny day! There was some traffic along the way because of our timing, but it was too bad. And it was quiet in both Astoria and Seaside! We'd expected it to be pretty crazy in Seaside, considering it's spring break for Washington.

We unpacked the car and dropped off the cats and enjoyed a little time at the house. We ran the fireplace (gas) to take the chill off the house, but didn't need to turn up the furnace. The cats settled right in -- they really love the beach house! (Just like us!)

Then we went out. First we drove down to the turn around to see the beach. After that we went shopping at Safeway. (You do not want to know how much we spent at the store! We needed a case of water, a case of Diet Pepsi and some other pop, plus beer. And milk, vanilla milk and half and half. Plus a bunch of groceries, like fruit, yogurt and so on.)

We packed everything into the house and enjoyed a special treat: This Safeway still carries the Olive Bar, so we got our fave olives! (Our local store doesn't have them anymore, and we always loved them.) And Marilyn got some yummy red peppers, too. So we ate those for dinner.

We watched some TV. And Henry (our cat) was lying in his fave spot in front of the fireplace. (He got up there when we arrived and we let him have the fire while we were out. He was still there for ages!) Then we headed up to Marilyn's room to lie on her bed and watch TV. Marilyn crawled into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

She's still a little puny from her recent flu. She's having a few issues (mostly intestinal, plus the coughing), but is much better than before. She needs to get her strength back, because it's so draining being sick and staying down. I know she feels bad that she's not totally over this for her birthday, but she's getting pretty close. Hopefully she'll feel even better tomorrow!

I logged into work and checked my email. I was proud of Kate and her efforts with the eNewsletter today. She did a good job. Hopefully she won't have any problems sending it out tomorrow without me.

And I was THRILLED with the work that Adeena did at the website! I spent some time writing back to her so I could explain some things. For those of you who have worked with Wordpress, you know how difficult it can be to use. She really made some headway tonight. (But she stayed until nearly 8:00 working on it, which is probably a bad thing. But you have to admire her dedication!)

Seeing these two women succeed really makes me HAPPY! It just adds to what a good day this has been for Marilyn and me.

And on another front...

I got text messages from both Candy and Larry. So Marilyn decided she wanted to stop by Candy's store (where she's the manager) and talk to her briefly. So we did that on our way to get our nails done.

Apparently Sue was sent home with the WRONG mask for her CPAP machine! And it takes six months (!!!) to order a new one! WTF??? If somebody screwed up and got her the wrong mask, you're telling me she has to just live with it for six months? That's ridiculous.

Anyway, Sue can't put this mask on by herself, because it doesn't fit! Makes sense. She's been struggling with it constantly since going home. Neither she nor Candy can get it to work. Without having the CPAP on at night, Sue's back to being very confused again.

Marilyn thinks she needs to go back to assisted living. Candy has taken away her car keys and has had to throw the breaker to the dishwasher as Sue keeps running it all the time!

I guess Sue is back to bad habits. No one expects Candy to be a full-time caregiver for her. She needs professional help. Marilyn wants to set up an appointment with Dr. Young, Sue's primary care guy that she'd be able to attend. She thinks Dr. Young will need to get her back in to a facility...

Meanwhile, we decided to go on vacation to the beach house. There's nothing we can do this week, so why change our plans? We'll be back in Portland on Sunday.

Next week is a VERY BUSY WEEK! But I'll wait and go into that later on. For now, it's all about Marilyn's birthday (!!!) and our vacation to our beach house! We're both so excited to be here!!!

It's now past midnight and our friend Mark has texted her. She's awake and downstairs watching the TV. I'll head down there when I'm done here.

I could hear frogs outside earlier. What a lovely sound! And of course we can hear the ocean here, even though we can't see it from our house.

STUPID THING I DID: It's been ages since I forgot to bring along my GLASSES to the beach! Dummy. I wear them whenever I take out my contacts, which I do every single night. I usually take them out in the evening and just wear my glasses. But I left them home. (sigh) So right now I have my contacts still in. And when I take them out I'll be half blind. Thankfully I can read my Kindle without them! I guess I need a spare pair here. I do have a spare pair, but I keep those at the office, just in case... (sigh)

Well, I think it's time for bed soon. Marilyn is probably answering bday wishes at Facebook (she gets a ton of them).

I couldn't find my card for her! I bought it ages ago. And I knew EXACTLY where it was before I started cleaning in the office. (sigh) I hope I find it sometime! I'll need to get her a new one. They have cool beach cards here in Seaside! (I should get cards for Rich and Merlin, too.) And I have no idea what I'm going to give her as a present!!! She got me my wonderful iPad! That will be impossible to match...

Happy dreams, my friends!
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